Yuan Devaluation – Is this a Turning Point for Gold and Silver?



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  1. gRosh08 says:

    So does this mean Texas will receive their Gold soon?  I mean, Gold is so cheap, it makes no since to hold it…By the way, what happen to the dollar collapse?  Bloody pumpers win again…

  2. cabadejo says:

    GC almost up to the November 2014 low of 1130.40.
    Breach that and the big physical buyers will move their bids up from the 1110 area.
    As usual SI will lead the way…..

  3. Thanks a Luminati for another great video however I have to say I read all the responses and I am new at this and I'm getting the feeling the gold and silver it's just a worthless metal or at best it takes a third of your lifetime to make any money on it please find me a metal I can make some cash with I heard Donald Trump has 300 million dollars in a quote safe bank account does he have any gold or silver thanks again you been my best source for education

  4. So basically you have no clue whats going on like everyone else haha. Its like we are treading into new waters its almost scary to invest in anything right now.

  5. cabadejo says:

    Looks like it is starting to unwind.
    The anti plunge team can't stop the plunging.
    Risk off causing capital flows out of ES into GC.
    GC and SI on the up and up.
    Forced delta futures hedging is clearly happening in an attempt to avert options losses in the face of precious metal futures moving upwards.
    Shorts getting squeezed.
    The big physical buyers will shortly move their offers up.

  6. dave himlin says:

    some nice upswings this week in metals. is it a dead cat bounce ?  If we can hold at current prices for the next few weeks, ill be surprised.  Im expecting another downtrend in metals before years end.

  7. MoMo JoJo says:

    When the stock marketing start melt down, but Gold start rally from last week too. My question will be " Gold already become safe heaven" or Gold will expect a huge drop like 2008 before it goto a long term bull market?

  8. Observing the ignorance of the comments for this video, I have to say, The only hope for this world is a nuke.

  9. If you read this, You better pay attention. This AVATAR Illuminati Silver is to be The genuine article. If you found  this channel, perhaps divine intervention sent you here. Do not take what (THEY) say for granted.  They are the real deal. And they are telling you what happens before it happens. Its to late for prepping, Prep time is over. Its all over……….
    Yes your children will go to the light, But what about you? Ignorant, Arrogant,  and putting them in harms way, bringing them to this unstable world, Or what about your own vanity and self indulgence?  Are you questioning yet?

  10. taebaek says:

    Republic of China-R.O.C.=Taiwanese Coin. fyi, peace.

  11. Lisa R says:

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  12. Cezzaras says:

    Bitcoin is the way to go now.

  13. U.S. raising rates will hurt auto and home sales, mess up the bond market and screw up the interest rates derivatives of which there are many. Not a chance they raise.

    Dollar goes down as the EUR my guess goes to 1.20

    The thing I think makes gold go up (dollar denominated) is the announcement of QE4 in the states. My guess would at least double demand and sink the dollar.

  14. MrUlfang says:

    Great information.

  15. Richard Day says:

    Have you heard of bitgold? check it out, use it as a debt card or redeem for physical. Your account rises and falls with the price of gold. Heres the link- https://bitgold.com/r/nE9FT1

  16. Gioxtream says:

    Not for nothing……but..he has the voice if MARK FABBER

  17. trebledc says:

    it all about 1st controlling printing of money of the whole world. 2nd converting all agricultural land into private land 3rd devaluation money into just paper no value. if you still dont understand the last commodity they want to control is food water and air then thats it. end of evrything.

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