Zionists warm up to wage nuclear wars across Mideast

truther April 19, 2013 7
The Zionist attack dogs are at it again. These creatures, of peculiarly vicious disposition, come in two main types.

Zionists warm up to wage nuclear wars across Mideast

There is the Zionist Israeli type, slavering and slobbering at the thought of killing somebody who is not capable of seriously fighting back. This type, for example, is very good at killing defenseless Palestinians and consists of Nazi fascists. Exactly like the German Nazis, the Zionist Israelis have aracial doctrine, a historical doctrine and a lebensraum doctrine.

The racial doctrine is that Arabs and Muslims are inferior. The historical doctrine is that, once upon a time, two thousand years ago, there was a beautiful fairy land….. And the lebensraum doctrine is that Israel has a need for more territory (extending from the eastern shore of the Mediterranean across to the River Euphrates) which justifies its continual expansion into the lands of others.

And, making a really big effort to ensure that they really are exactly likethe German Nazis, the Zionist Israelis are implementing genocide in Palestine. This genocide is, admittedly, so far, not as fast as that of the Nazis but – hey! – be fair, they’re only warming up, aren’t they?

Indeed, they are warming up. Just like Hitler they now want to attack other countries not just for sniggering fun (as when they attack Palestinians) but really BIG countries, like Iran!

And (roll of drums and blast of trumpets)the Zionist Israelis say they are going to do this all by themselves!
Yes, they are going to attack Iran all by –!

STOP! CORRECTION! SORREEE!! They don’t mean that bit about all by themselves! Like bullies everywhere, they are not going to attack unless they can guarantee themselves victory (maybe by using a brass knuckle-duster or a piece of lead). In this case, they will be making sure that the other type of Zionists will be coming in with full military support.

This other type of Zionist is the American Zionist. These people go to bed dreaming of drone attacks wiping out children and women, the more the better. They are all over the USA not just in the halls of power but in the hearts of the fifty to sixty million Christian Zionists who do not merely dream of drones but want fully-fledged nuclear war in the Middle East after which, they believe, they will be wafted up to Heaven.
The American Zionists are strong within the American government. For example, the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, in Resolution 65, has just vowed full diplomatic, economic and military support for Israel if it attacks Iran. And who was the last Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee? Have a guess – yes, former Senator John Kerry!

And, only one guess is allowed, who is now the American Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs?
If you did not manage to guess the correct answer (former Senator John Kerry) here is an easier question. Who won the Nobel Peace Prize and is now the President of the USA?

Answer, President Obama. The Noble Prize award happened because Zionists control the Nobel Peace Committee which, no doubt, starts its meeting by chanting meaty slogans (as in George Orwell’s book 1984) like Black Is White, War Is Peace etc.

As to how the first, Israeli, type of Zionist will succeed in dragging in the second, American, type of Zionist into war with Iran, the answer is a false flag attack. 9/11 was a false flag attack (think of Tower Number Seven, not hit by an aeroplane, mysteriously collapsing into powder) and the Israelis attacked an American ship, USS Liberty, in 1967. The Israelis are masters at false flag attacks.

The two types of Zionist are scum, despised by decent people everywhere. Zionists are swimming against the tide of history, although they don’t care. The lack of caring is the result of moral turpitude and stupidity, with the latter beginning to prevail over the former.

The stupidity comes about because the Zionists think the world likes them (when, in reality, it hates them) and that they will always win the wars that they start against militarily inferior, even defenseless, people. However, they are forgetting the defeats in Lebanon, Afghanistan and Iraq. And they forgetting that all sixteen of America’s intelligence agencies (as well as MI6, Mossad and the IAEA)confirm that that Iran is NOT building an atomic bomb while, at the same time, everybody knows that Israel has about four hundred undeclared atomic and hydrogen bombs.

Moreover, the Zionists forget that not only has Iran avowed a definitive, crushing military response but that anybody who thinks that the Middle East political situation will remain stable after an attack on Iran, is living in cloud-cuckoo land. Among the consequences of an attack will be the overthrow of the pet allies of the Zionists such as Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Everybody knows (think Wikileaks) that the Saudi regime (a contemptible bunch of gruesome ghouls and totalitarians) has been egging on the Americans to attack Iran. The Saudi regime, too, has a racist doctrine (that Shias are non-human) so it’s not surprising that it is allied with the Zionists who, of course, help the Saudi regime in suppressing the democratic aspirations of its own population.

Apart from the overthrow of autocratic regimes, the economic consequences of an attack on Iran are too horrible to contemplate. The Western economy is collapsing and nothing, nothing, that Americans could do would stop oil prices shooting through the roof which, in the present circumstances, would finally instigate a very long-lasting depression.

Source: presstv

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  1. Stan Sikorski April 25, 2013 at 3:40 am - Reply

    Zionists? Lets call them by their real name – jews. They have been plotting world domination since they authored the talmud 3000 some years ago.

  2. Bill Ford April 21, 2013 at 6:01 am - Reply

    Hell is full of anti-Semites like this

  3. sam101 April 20, 2013 at 5:26 pm - Reply

    i decide to kill every single jews but i left few because after me the world see why i am killing jews,(adolf hitler)

  4. Reverse The Ignorance April 20, 2013 at 2:29 pm - Reply

    Pakalert is owned by the Zionist too. But the facts are still here. It’s up to you to decide wheather it is true or not

  5. Trikzta April 20, 2013 at 4:04 am - Reply

    Freedom of speech is to be respected, as is right of reply.

    Play the ball and not the player. Poor show if that’s the best reply you can muster.

  6. Ltpar April 20, 2013 at 1:10 am - Reply

    Pardon me for asking, but what are the ravings of an ass hole doing on this site? His statements are too ludicrous to even comment on. I am not really for censorship, but articles like this have no place here.

  7. James67 April 20, 2013 at 12:57 am - Reply

    What kind of gibberish is this? General statements without any fact. The only thing I see here is hate the Jew. Appeal to the hate of simple minded useful idiots to promote your garbage.
    You need to get a life and do some thing useful.

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