Третья Мировая Война The World War 3 Song


Песня о Третьей Мировой Войне.


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  1. hero5477 says:

    прикольное видео

  2. Gromily4 says:

    народ когда будет перевод, я не настолько хорошо знаю английский.

  3. Gromily4 says:

    Или хотя бы субтитры.

  4. you sir, are a genius

  5. funny in a sad way lol

  6. this is accurate but spain would never invade france

  7. American and I love it.

  8. Much better than End of Ze World if you ask me.

  9. This song makes Israhell seem innocent, like the victim. It ain't.

  10. XBOYS says:

    I watched this in 1st grade

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