by Gordon Duff



The standoff between the United States and Pakistan over the arrest of contractor Raymond Davis is not going to be solved unless both nations take a step into that “no man’s land” of trust and honesty.  There is no question about diplomatic status, this was a clumsy mistake made by State Department officials in Washington who had little or no understanding of the legal and political issues at stake.  Recent admissions that Davis is “CIA” mean nothing.  Nobody knows what “CIA” means anymore, not since the wave of privatization that has spread to many of America’s critical security functions.

Were America honest in this, it would admit the truth.  The CIA and State Department leaders had no idea Davis was in Pakistan or what he was doing.  During the Bush era, duplicate lines of command were created that are still in place.  Projects are “green lighted” and funded without oversight, projects that were and are not in the best interests of the United States.  Evidence thus far gives a strong indication that Raymond Davis was employed in such a capacity.  Moreover, he was obviously ill suited for his task and is dangerously unstable. There is little question of this anymore.

There are several ways to look at this.  The one I gravitate to is toward finding those who sent Davis to Pakistan in the first place, a highly dysfunctional combat veteran, exorbitantly paid and obviously answerable to an equally dysfunctional organization.  Davis was a ticking time bomb.  The proof of his phone contacts with Taliban terrorists who have been attacking, not just the Pakistani army but civilians, is well established. What kind of spy keeps “sim cards” in his pocket when arrested?  Aren’t supposed to be swallowed?

Davis was arrested as a criminal, a murderer.  Truth is, he is simply the one caught “holding the bag.”  Davis, now held in custody, those said to be rushing to his aid, his “friends” who killed a cyclist and fled, were actually his.accomplices.

They have fled Pakistan and are being sequestered somewhere in the United States, protected from extradition.  More like Davis are out there.  Working with them are corrupt members of Pakistan’s government and police organizations, enticed by money, some of it from drug operations in Afghanistan.


The $65 billion a year in narcotics being exported from Afghanistan hasn’t just destabilized the region.  Some of these drugs, formerly opium paste, not fully processed heroin produced with equipment and chemicals brought into Afghanistan by American businessmen with key political connections, are trucked into Russia and are slowly destroying that nation.  Most, however, is being flown west, Europe, America mostly, flown from airports controlled by the United States, airports where no uninspected and unapproved cargo ever leaves.

If America’s divided “chain of command” was “confused” before, billions in drug money has left it devastated and has made some aspects of America’s security, intelligence and special operations capabilities analogous with organized crime.

America’s “special operation commands” are a hodgepodge of duchies, some answerable to traditional command and control and some are not.  Some may well have fallen under the influence of Afghanistan’s drug trade or the globalist cabal that is trying to take down Iran and Pakistan as part of the globalist agenda oft spoken of by Council on Foreign Relations Director Zbigniew Brzezinski.

Terrorist operations by Americans inside Pakistan, operations against Pakistan itself, under the “cover” of “counter-terrorism” would be part of that agenda.  That agenda is real.  That agenda is “front burner” in Washington, New Delhi, Tel Aviv and Zurich.  Davis is little more than a tiny “cog” in that agenda, a tiny cog that unhinged and may well take the entire mechanism down.


About a year ago, Veterans Today staffers, Jeff Gates, Raja Mujtaba and I spent a long evening with Pakistan’s reformist political leader and world famous cricketer, Imran Khan.  The discussion was “no holds barred,” very much so, and Jeff and I were in clear agreement.  We left the meeting with the basis for a friendship in place, but there was more.  This was the only man we know of who could bridge the gap, not just between Christians, Jews and Islam but provide a voice Americans would respect.


Khan is the most trusted political leader in Pakistan though he has little real power.  The military accepts him, the majority of people admire him and, eventually, he is destined to lead Pakistan.  Were an “Imran Khan” on the scene in Libya or Egypt, he is the type of leader the people would be turning to.  I saw in him what I estimate to be a perfect mix of anger at injustice and human decency, a man who can be trusted but not controlled.

This is also a man with a very international voice, someone quickly recognizable as a consensus builder.  This is the man we need today.

Imran Khan has met with the families of the dead in Pakistan.  Cynics cite this as a political “photo op.”  What it does is establish his standing, with the families, families that have been pressured, threatened and even attacked.  The young wife of one of the dead killed herself in protest because of these threats.

Has the pressure on the families, confirmed threats and now unconfirmed reports of an attempt to murder one of the family members, been orchestrated by a criminal organization with direct ties to Raymond Davis?  When Americans think about the Central Intelligence Agency, do they think of an organization that hires armed thugs to victimize family members of crime victims.

If we accept that Davis was legitimately CIA, then we accept that those acts done to support him, acts that can only be described as “gangsterism” are CIA also?  Are we describing a terrorist organization instead?


Dr. Aafia was sentenced, last year, to 87 years in prison for attempting to kill Americans holding her prisoner in Afghanistan.  Aafia, wife of a Boston anesthesiologist, mother of two (kidnapped with her and believed dead) has a doctorate in micro-biology from MIT.  While visiting Pakistan with her children, she was taken off the street with her children and thrown into a van.  Five years later, she turned up in Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan in a CIA secret prison, 85 pounds, wheel chair bound, her children dead, held and tortured for years for what was believed her part in Iraq’s attempts to buy yellowcake uranium in Niger.

However, it had been discovered that the story of the yellowcake uranium had been a fabrication.  Aafia had been held and tortured in attempts to restore the reputation of Dick Cheney, “Scooter” Libby and Karl Rove, who had been involved in “outing” CIA agent Valerie Plame.  Plame’s husband, Joe Wilson, had proven the “yellowcake” fantasy to be just that and the Bush administration was lashing out in humiliation.

Dr. Aafia refused to confess to this fantasy and was tortured and raped for 5 years.

Eventually, Aafia was charged with a crime and brought to the United States for trial.  Her trial was one of the most shameful events in American history, utterly ludicrous.

Millions in Pakistan, from the highest military and intelligence leaders, long time friends and allies of the United States, to the poorest of the poor have united to see her freed.  Americans, as they become aware of her fate, are joining in.

She stand convicted, a political convenience for the Bush administration, an abuse of every moral law.

Unless she is freed and allowed to search for her children, if they are still alive, there will be no way out for Raymond Davis who will be hanged, that is certain, hanged or Pakistan will fall and the Taliban may well control a nuclear arsenal.

Was this the game in the first place, putting nuclear weapons in the hands of the Taliban?  Pakistan, a nation whose nuclear arsenal has been more secure than America’s as we learned in 2007 when warheads disappeared from Minot Air Force Base and were recovered on their way to “parts unknown” in the belly of an errant B-52, has long been accused.  There is evidence that military contractors like Davis have, in the past, planned attacks on Pakistan’s nuclear weapons storage facilities, dressed as “Taliban.”  Were they attempting to steal nuclear weapons?  For what purpose?


Dr. Aafia deserves freedom.  She is held for one reason only, the vanity and debasement of Dick Cheney.

Raymond Davis may well be guilty of murder, spying and even terrorism or guilty of nothing at all.  A legal process, as we are now proceeding, will decide this, one likely to be much fairer than the one that Dr. Aafia was subjected to in the United States.

Davis is very likely to be convicted and sentenced to death.

We can’t bring any of the dead back to life.  There are more than the few we are dealing with here today.  The dead have mounted up since 2001, first 3000 Americans on 9/11 and now millions, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, grieving families in homes around the world, America, Canada, Germany, Britain, Poland and throughout the Middle East.  More are dying today in Libya.

All of these deaths are related.

If Pakistan explodes like Egypt, like Tunisia, like Libya, it does more than put nuclear weapons in play.  A cascade effect, spreading across Central Asia and the Caspian basin, as predicted by Brzezinski, could become a reality with startling consequences.

Quelling the anger the people of Pakistan currently harbor against the United States over the Davis affair is critical to stability in the region.

The only way out is for there to be a trade, Dr. Aafia for Raymond Davis.  There is only one person with the credibility to sell this deal to the people of Pakistan, a deal that may well require “sweetening” with more than the return of Aafia.

The trust between America and Pakistan has to be restored as well, a trust that, though Pakistan is the injured party in this instance, needs to be reestablished in America as well.

There is no person on the scene today but Imran Khan with the credibility and moral authority.

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  1. Don Juan says:

    To Amir Murtaza.

    Grow Up!!
    Get educated.
    and Get a life….

    Don Juan

  2. Ahmed Shah says:

    Terrorist Raymond Davis is protected in jail, whilst innpcent Dr Afia has been brutalised,
    Someone should make a film about her bravery, and expose the US on global scale.

  3. Shaheen Malik says:

    According to Islamic Sharia law anyone who accuses someone without proof, commits ‘Buhtan’, and Buhtan is a punishable crime. Most of the accusations on Imran khan in these comments are just speculation.
    Imran Khan is no politician so he can not lie like them and hide truth.The greatness of this person is that he has admitted to his faults and mistakes and Allah says the person who admits his mistakes and asks Allah for forgiveness, Allah forgives him. Imran has done that and I’m sure, Allah, as HE promised will forgive him. So who are we to accuse him for his past.
    Imran is an honest person and at this time he is the only one any Pakistani can trust, out of thousands of these low life human beings (who are actually worse than animals) who have been running Pakistan for last 63 years. Whenever I look at them I feel like puking, I feel disgusted and change the TV channel as fast as possible, because they create nothing in me but hate and disgust for them. In this jungle full of animal like leaders I see only one human being who is capable of leading Pakistan out of this mess and its ‘Imran Khan’. May Allah give Pakistan a truly honest and capable leader. Ameen.

  4. Amir Murtaza says:


    Dear Imran Khan Lovers, Look at his eyes and ask doctor is he a regular drinker?

    I just want to draw ur attention toward few things, rest decision is urs.

    Hazarat Muhammad(SAW) had received first WOOHEE at the age of 40. He was the beloved prophet of Allah. If Allah wanted he could have grant WOOHEE at the age of 20 or 30.

    But as according to science and the reason of Allah sending WOOHEE at the age of 40 was that:
    40 years is the age where a man reaches his maturity stage.
    If he does not become mature by 40 then will never grow up and become mature man according to science and Allah HIKMAH.

    Now come to Imran Khan:
    I have few questions:
    1) Whom he decided to married in the age of 40?
    2) If he thinks he did a right decision then why divorce?
    3) He said Jamima became Muslim, is she Muslim? Look at her latest picture at net.
    4) How he fulfill his sexual requirement till the age of 40?
    As nowadays a man and a women required sex by the age of 16.
    That is why Islam says: if a person get BALUGH and had commit adultery it will be a fault of the parents. Meaning they should be married before such act.

    Let suppose he becomes leader of Pakistan and later died.
    5) Who will be his successors?
    6) A person from party which is not possible OR his English children?
    7) What u feel, when u heard news about ex-wife of ur leader found in nude cloths with holly wood stars?
    8) Does our honor or dignity permit that?

    Yes all our past and present leaders are corrupt but remember one thing, Nainat-Ullah Shah a great WALLEE said in his poetry that this nation will commit great mistake by choosing Bhutto as their leader and Allah will make them suffer for that sin and take out history and we are suffering till 1970.
    Please do not make such mistake again and make urself and ur generation suffer for next 40 years. AS WE DO NOT HAVE MUCH TIME.

    Allah Hafiz.

  5. Pepe says:

    I think the term March or Mark may be more accurate as opposed to Duchy.

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