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  1. people are waking up to the fraud the ellite have been part of world wide not just u s a . remember there are millions of us on only thousands of them .
    we do not need riots or violence just educated people who listing and working for the people and not the ellite .

  2. MAJ Mc says:

    Well. God bless our president Trump and God bless our USA.
    God bless and watch over our world and prayers for peace and prosperity in Jesus holy name. Amen.

  3. Betty Boo says:

    We need to keep up the momentum of this time in toppleing the nwo.. Cause if we dont we are truly doomed.. That is the masses..

  4. jamie4084 says:

    DONALD TRUMP IS A CHRIST>>>PLEASE READ>>>DJT is the Matrilineal son of Anna Christ,  ( sounds like Anti-Christ ) who was the mother of DJT's grandmother, Elisabeth Christ, who married a man named Trump. Trump and Christ had children of which Fred Trump was born, and became  the father of DJT. Elisabeth Christ Trump died on 6/6/66.  Trump is a Christ through Matrilineal bloodlines, That makes Donald Trump the Anti-Christ… Trump is a Christ but not the Christ

  5. If you like William pierce I make videos like that

  6. lol and you blinded, so is trump part of the same elite always has been what politician ever campaigned without claiming to be anti establishment.
     yet his (Trump) perspective administration is all elitist.
     it's gonna be quite amusing when like the witch Hillary followers woke up disappointed so those seeing a saviour in trump will soon join the great disappointment. there is no political saviour and trump being retarded will be the one to bring down this very wicked and corrupt nation so in that regards trump will save humanity by removing one of it's greatest obstacle to freedom peace and security the western allies and USA.

  7. yes the NWO has been exposed on a global scale with the power of the internet people are able to reaearch themselves this hideous agenda for human inslavement the draconian agenda 21 and agenda 30 AKA sustainable developement we just missed the horribke TPP i hope now i just fear for Trumps safety the last two presidents to buck the system we killed so he should be on high alert at all times

  8. Biden admitted yesterday on Twitter that the invasion of Crimea was done to help the crimean tarters.

  9. God Please Protect our President Trump.

  10. kevin rudd says:


  11. God will destroy the evil amen on the highest amen I send are lord Jesus with my prayers past your knowledge God will destroy you evil ones amen on the most highest. I do not and will not fair you evil ones or satin him self. I fair God the Omaga because I know he will destroy all that is evil on earth.

  12. rebel son says:

    lincoln was TYRANT!!!!!

  13. Mike Peacock says:

    HA HA, Trump is a billionaire elite himself, He'll fit in nicely.

    Don't you get why Trump has been selected. Create a greater civil divide in the USA so they can instigate Marshall law and more control over the sheep.

  14. Tony Browne says:

    Wake up to what's going on in our skies, devastating.

  15. V ideos de tres pesos para idiotas que votaron por un presidente de dos.

  16. Anoneeemus1 says:

    YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!USA USA USA USA USA TRUMP=SUPERMAN TRUMO=SUPERHERO CLINTON,BUSH,SOTORO =ZERO,CLINTONs R Pedophile CHILD SEX Traficers and r guilty of CHILD Rape.also see "McDonalds Child Sacrifice you tube. Human child/baby meat found in 90% of McDonalds Meat freezers across the country.Jack in the box is involved.Speak up for the kids,they have no-other voice.Hundreds of thousands disappear every year,many more than are reported to the public.
    CHEMTRAILs cause over 5 diseases and CALIFORNIAS DROUGHT.De-fund CLIMATE control (GORE WHORE) stop carbon taxes

  17. ethiopia290 says:

    you are mistaken brotha

  18. Brenda Smith says:

    Awesomeness ???????????

  19. bill Smyth says:

    Do you know why religion is anti Illuminati? because they went against everything the religious doctrine pushed upon the masses. they had to go underground after they were being persecuted by the church. The illuminati were scientist philosophers master engineers etc who tried to make everyday life easier for the people. They built schools libraries hospitals etc for the people. But they did not follow a religious doctrine. I wish people would do some homework on the illuminati

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