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  1. Tony M says:

    Bart can take a punch, that's apparent .now there are those who say we went to the MOON in the early 60's(been there done that) )and covered it up ,in order to hide the great technologies we really have.Lear! that's his name .check out his name here.

  2. Tony M says:

    did he paint those? they're not bad.

  3. Zem Zem says:

    One of the astronauts Buzz claimed "we were just passengers going on a flight"

    Ummmm correct me if I'm wrong – the astronauts are supposed to pilot this LEM and control the thrust, engine controls, oxygen, air temp,

    So if they were just passengers who flew the LEM?

    All a bunch of bullshit.

  4. Thomas Evans says:

    Buzz punches like a 6 year old jesuit girl.

  5. WAXED? What does he mean? Is he saying that the CIA will kill people for doubting the story?

  6. Swearing on the bible only works if you're NOT an atheist.

  7. Were these men hypnotised into believing that they went to the moon?

  8. The toothpaste is OUT of the tube.

  9. kevin james says:

    thanks for the great work. the astronots should be brought up on charges. i heard neil armstrong once received 25k per plate

  10. Sedonascape says:

    The only place they landed is on top of their own shit.

  11. RikPatrik 7 says:

    Wow. Compulsive liars. "If we went through the Van Allen Radiation Belt, then we didn't feel it" ha! Total bullshit

  12. The moon is a REALLLLY long way away and it takes a REALLLLLY large amount of fuel to get there. Hence we haven't had a good reason to go back.
    Rocket fuel and spaceships for that journey are not renewable!!!!!
    I don't mind you asking why, but don't try to tell people why when you have no idea

  13. Terascon says:

    Very strange how totally humorless and extremely aggressive all this old astronauts reacted to this rather harmless request. What was the problem for them to swear on the Bible?

  14. slimy journalism, unethical ? how about lying about going to the moon ?
    I'd say that's a much bigger LIE….

  15. Buzzes own words , talk to NASA were just passengers.

  16. Holly wood born in on fraud fiction lies imagine ation bull shit. And. Madana diva. Clooney. Clown d. Nero. Brutus. Cher. Noble. Want the world to b. Leave them fffkkkk. Mm over. Capich ))))

  17. At 25:08 you can see that the guy is telling the truth. He walked to the fucking moon god damn it…

  18. BRYLANT5700 says:

    WOW!!!! what a classy scientists, well if they did walked on the Moon they would have no problems to say it with hand on the Bible so we can see how they feed public with lies and so much bullshit. What a load of crap people are. So evil and corrupted.

  19. Ida cow says:

    well deserved kick in the ass to this fucktard

  20. SUNGEAR59 says:

    I would of hit the small minded arsehole as soon as he started his unprofessional rant ! Regardless of that guys views he had No right to call him that and deserved what he got !

  21. B Ware says:

    This is so embarrassing – this interviewer has no manners and a real Moron. Idiot !! Respect to those Astronauts.

  22. NASA has lost all the original footage supposedly taken on the moon, all the blueprints for the vehicles, all the telemetry. Oops, it must have gotten thrown in the garbage by mistake.

  23. Brookster Q says:

    Just let these old guys die and then stomp on there graves

  24. Would that be the ever-changing Wille Nelson Mandela Effect King James Bible, or the Get the Funk out of my Face Rick James Bible? Now that's treason. I just watched this again with a friend to share my angst – Happy Valentines!

  25. What a jerk. Swear on the Bible? These men may or may not even remember where the bathroom is. It makes me uncomfortable because of their age, the old guys could have a heart attack or whatever. If they didn't go, their lives have been plagued by doubters – if they did go to the moon, their lives have been plagued by doubters.

  26. Zem Zem says:

    The truth is if I went to the moon – walked on the moon and made it back Alive I definitely would have reacted much different than the Apollo 11 crew did. The eyes never lie. They couldn't even get their story straight.

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