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22 reasons why starting World War III in Middle East is a really bad idea. While most of the country is obsessing over Miley Cyrus, the Obama administration is …



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  1. There can be four causes of world war 3
    1. Russian attack on Ukraine
    2. Israel attack on Serbia and Iran
    3. North Korean attack on south Korea (japan on S.korea's side)
    4. Border conflicts between India with china, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

  2. You idiot Russia is a capitalist country not a communist and if china became communist again it would lose all it's money 

  3. Also you forgot that most of Africa and South America and China is in league with NATO 

  4. One minuet in and I'm already laughing

  5. Also u forgot that most countries of South America keep in touch with Russia

  6. metallavery says:

    You do realize if any one attacks south Korea or japan, America will automatically go into war?

  7. Svalbard? Communist? As in, the Norway's Svalbard?

  8. just one problem wit this scenario is that the USA has 12 times the naval power of the whole world  so RU invadeing any thing in north america is laughable 

  9. This whole thing makes no sense. At least study before putting a video together. 

  10. svalbard is a part of Norway, last time i checked Norway was not communist.

  11. That's not how this works at all have you taken any public policy or international politics classes? 

  12. Sameer Mohd says:

    what a foolish guy u r ………….buzz off of youtube

  13. Duke Sloth says:

    Reminded me of playing red alert 2. Great fun.

  14. Micky Dowse says:

    Educate yourself, before making up your own conclutions.

  15. This has nothing to do with real scenario that is going to happen,and its complete non sense,but your video was interesting bro 🙂
    Thumbs up :)

  16. why would there be war in Greenland? why would New Zeeland fight vs Russia? why would Russia, China and the rest start an empire? it doesn't make any sense! At first you NEED to get information about the countries and then look at a map where you can see the Ice on Greenland, and then you MAY do a simulation.

    this is a mean comment, but don't take it offensive please

  17. if the "RA"lose their ground by the allied nations the "RA" can't keep pushing into the americas and the "RA" will lose. if your HQ is lost you can't keep fighting without resources and soldiers=RA loses

  18. why the serbia dont join in the war ?

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