Check out 5 weird World War 1 weapons! I doubt we’ll see these things in Battlefield 1, but still, stuff was WEIRD back then! 😀 ▻ SUBSCRIBE: …


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  1. 2:33 holy crap that flamethrower tho

  2. Ned Slapper says:

    The dazzle camo did work quite well the Great War channel did a video on it. He showed a picture with and without and it and with it made it very hard to make out the outline of the ship

  3. Yannik H. says:

    ZDF HD xD Westie you're the Best :D

  4. Assassins Creed WW1

  5. P4ttahawk says:

    Man. I got the weirdest luck. Because back in january, I began to study ww1. Little did I know it would help me this much!

  6. DARTY132 says:

    This guy!! Will be at million subscribers very soon! ??

  7. jam jar grenade strait outa rust lol

  8. during ww1 the germans made a air tycoon cannon by shooting whirlwinds of air high enough to knock enemy planes down

  9. max louki says:

    I think that it is almost 100years ago the WWI ended that's why Dice is bringing this game out. I think there was a large amount of improvement of weapons and vehicles WWI was also the Gas war I hope they will put the battle for Ieper(Belgium) there was a lot of the mustard gas. this game is pure for fun and those who like Old school shooting this game will be a pure shill game as well. Westie your videos are awesome

  10. ANZACS- Lest We Forget ;(

  11. the improvised grenade would be possible to add in.. but it would work like every other grenade and each faction should have their own grenade. they would all be the same in game though

  12. Jeff B-c says:

    what about the goliath? it's a little radio controlled tank used by the Germans, that would be filled up with explosives and driven into enemy trenches?

  13. The King TV says:

    I was waiting for the jam jar grenade to be brought up by someone

  14. I wish he could be my teacher in school C:

  15. MrJackWorse says:

    damn, those ship camos look neat!

  16. Dude, thanks so much! I am doing project on wonders of ww1 and I am using yours and Jackfrags videos to help me!

  17. Can you imagine using a flare on a night map? That would be so cool. You would be like "I am sniping and don't have infrared, can u pop a flare" and then voila!

  18. 0:47 Assassin's creed confirmed guys, now World War 1 era.

  19. Raven Wood says:

    Warship camo's double confirmed. Want me some multicolour zigzags

  20. Xashan says:

    Here's one for you, the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) was part of the US Army's arsenal but was not be deployed overseas to Europe to keep the technology from falling into enemy hands. Keep the vids coming and I will be watching.PS- Congrats on 200,000 subs!!!

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