☠ World War III ☠


Create your videos with effects also: http://taps.io/fxmeshow Big Thanks to my girlfriend Giulia for her beautiful voice and to help with the my lyrics .


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  1. Erik Nordell says:

    You sure do look like a soldier like a badass one. and you sure are awesome"!!

  2. maksqwe1 says:

    when is the next video gonna be up? can't wait c;!

  3. Óscar Bueno says:

    I liked this new song and video. The aplication Fxguru is very interesting and amazing for edit videos.
    Thanks David. Regards.

  4. Iiviu Pasat says:

    Y a etuliser l'aplication fx guru j le sai parce que je lai

  5. you are fucking awsome XD, you make me always laugh at each videos of you. You are musician and comedian ;)

  6. Daniel Frost says:

    This song is really awesome!!!
    I like it so much)
    I'm following you from your early videos, you grow up a lot!)

  7. No no no, David. This SpaceStation crashed on position 50°13'26.9"N 17°11'46.0"E. ;-)

  8. Another great offering from David MeShow!  Thanks, buddy! Keep it going!

  9. JC Q says:

    4:24 KaaaaaaaaaMeeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaMeeeeeeeeeeeHAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

  10. FishleKan TV says:

    j'ai la même application que toi qui t'a servi a faire les effets spéciaux de ton clip sur mon smartphone elle est cool 🙂 sinon super titre comme d'habitude :)

  11. i always share ur videos with my friends they always like them

  12. moigui14 says:

    ça fait des années que je te suis. Je t'ai connu avec tes "best improvisation ever", t'as toujours été une source d'inspiration pour moi et je respecte beaucoup ton travail. Tu as beaucoup évolué depuis, mais c'est toujours aussi bon ! Good game, dude.

  13. Wow, that was awesome, because of you, i choose french as my second language, but im terrible at iť, hope you dont mind.

  14. FxGuro? The efects

  15. belle chanson. Plein d'émotions belles.

  16. Radixxs says:

    David, I feel like this is some of your strongest songwriting yet! Everything is mixed perfectly, the vocals sound amazing, and the melodies are insanely catchy.

  17. Be Good says:

    Nice video and audio. Thanks for sharing

  18. I love your music, I've been listen since 2007. Have you ever thought of making a slightly darker/blue toned song?

  19. ChrisViral says:

    this is a really beautiful song! :)

  20. wanbahia3 says:

    you are the king men

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