【4K】Special !! Ultra-HD 4Hour!! 357Aircraft in Schiphol 2015 the Amazing Airport Spotting スキポール空港


In ultra-high image quality of the video, please enjoy the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. ~index~ 2:41 Polderbaan -Takeoff&Landing 1:26:26 Taxi-way V -Taxing …


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  1. Cleo says:

    Fantastic! Super quality. Your videos are first class! I hope you enjoyed Amsterdam.

  2. bin zhang says:

    that is great video

  3. Vektorer says:

    Another brilliant work from The Master of this genre. Truly artistic. The only thing missing is the aroma of burned Jet-A.  Thank you, again, for allowing all of us to enjoy your craftsmanship.

  4. peter lim says:

    good on u, very nice shot,domo arigato

  5. Great video as always! Which camera do you use? :)

  6. Aziz Garut says:

    I'm very glad to reseive from you

  7. René W.A. says:

    Wonderfull video about planes. At 30.35 I see an Irish plane (Air Lingus) registration EI-DVJ. Prefix EI means Irish.  So far so good. At 1.54.00 I see an Italian one (Alitalia)  with registration EI-EIA. I always thought Italy is I-**.

    Who can explain why Italy and Ireland has the same prefix

  8. Good video tsurikichitetsu! Super thank you!

  9. AWSOME! witch Camera do you use?

  10. radiosutch says:

    Why don't you name the camera used ?

  11. nice planes and a nice video

  12. Sal Duarte says:

    I absolutely love it it amazing incredible place, I love this spotting planes to watch takeoff and landing..

  13. wagner souza says:

    You are from the amazing Narita and now you are in Schiphol!! You are a lucky man..Your videos are fantastic!..Congratulations and thank you to bring us airliner's fans..

  14. wagner souza says:

    You have the art of show how beautiful is the commercial aviation..congratulations once again.

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