03 – The Arrival of Baby Harry – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Soundtrack



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  1. Ok, Track 03 @1:03 – StarWars, Luke's theme?? Am I crazy??

  2. tehbanana says:

    when it all began…

  3. the intro to the DVD

  4. Good luck, Harry Potter ?

  5. me loves harry!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Harry and voldemort at same time: harry: expeliarmos! voldemort: avada kadavra!

  7. Ahhhh, got the chills!

  8. Just picturing Dumbledore the whole time… #always

  9. Patrick dhXD says:

    Who else is just listening this music, closed there eyes and let there fantasy and imagination go wild ? I love this music thank you john williams !

  10. sam says:

    When it all began

  11. Nishit Doshi says:

    3:43 The chills "Good Luck! Harry Potter"

  12. the feels are real xD

  13. Marihuala says:

    3:53 – This part is so orgasmic! <3

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