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BLIND PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE TRUTH PLEASE! Israel Whistleblower jailed for 18 years. Which country in the Middle East has undeclared Nuclear …


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  1. Thomas Moran says:

    You people are cowards and idiots and my hope is you are consumed by these very weapons that you rail about.when we destroy are enemies around us.

  2. Thomas Moran says:

    To HELL with you stinking International Law and those so called Scum Bag Palestinians and Muslims, The land of Israel belongs ONLY to the Jews. Israel is not subject to your laws only TORAH LAW.

  3. PEREXUSREX says:

    You can't steal other peoples land and you are not better than others – you are worse and Jehovah will punish you for you wickedness . . .

  4. I'll tell all my family in Florida they ought to vote for you if you run. An American awake to the real issues? Sign me up please. You do realize the majority of our government has been conquered already though, by infiltrators, and the cancer is deep.

  5. USCFlash says:

    You stated "Three nuclear submarines are based in Haifa"
    The Israelis have no "nuclear submarines". They have dolphin class subs which are diesel electric.
    They have 4, not 3, at Haifa + 2 more ordered

    None of this is news. Everyone knows the Israelis have nukes, everyone knew what Dimona was in the 1960s long before Vanunu.
    you are 40+ years too late.
    Stop whining.
    The Israelis have nukes. 100s. Deliverable by aircraft, submarine or ICBM They are not giving them up.
    So what is your point?

  6. USCFlash says:

    "You can't steal other peoples land?"
    You are an American, yes?…so am I. You and I are both sitting on stolen native american land. You are not better that others – you are worse. You are worse because you have done the same thing you accuse Israel of, yet ignore your own sins.
    If Jehovah is going to punish people for their wickedness, you will be right there alongside the Jews.

  7. USCFlash says:

    "Most Americans are unaware of Israel's possession of 100s of nuclear weapons that have been aimed at neighboring countries for decades leaving regions in this world just a red button's push away from full blown nuclear disaster. Strong words but true words".

    Oh it is only Israel that has had the world a red button push away from nuclear disaster? Not the USA, Russia, Chinese, Brits, french, India etc, who all have missiles pointed at all those regions as well?
    Strong words, but true words. BS

  8. USCFlash says:

    Maybe the Israelis would not have felt the need for 100s of weapons had Jew haters around the world not been so intent on erasing the Jews from human history.

    What bothers people like the video maker and the video poster most, seemingly, is that Jews finally stood up and said, next time you try to erase us from the earth, if we all go, you are all coming with us.

    Tough luck. AS soon as the US, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan & N. Korea give up their nukes
    then Israel will too.

  9. lorenzo564 says:

    bullet the blue sky

  10. Sheeple News says:

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning."
    Albert Einstein

    We live in a time we must question everything. Thank for sharing your vid

  11. chaim sadeh says:

    This Journalist a Liar Antisemitic American, Who show her with the Lebanese American Antisemitic Old Lady. All what she talks is ProPalestinian, No Terror, No  Extermination Palestinian  Plans to Israel and etc. An American white trush

  12. wolf wolfson says:

    vanono his a mother fucker traitor he should of be hang

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