10 Ancient Pictures of UFOs & Aliens


10 unbelievable historic representations of UFOs and aliens, by way of ages and all all over the world… Is it probable that humanity is remaining watched considering that the beginning?

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Audio credits: “Taken on a Hallows Eve”, by Dhruva Aliman.

Picture credits: Mowanjum Art Centre, Lily Karadada, Sala d’Ercole in Palazzo Vecchio, Catalina Borta. FITZWILLIAM MUSEUM, CAMBRIDGE.

Nachdencklich-Dreyfaches Wunder-Zeichen (Hamburg, Germany – 1697)

Tassili n’Ajjer cave paintings (Sahara, Algeria – ten,000 BCE)

Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorum Chronicon (Arabia – 1479)

“Summer’s Triumph” (Bruges, Belgium – 1538)
http://www.historic-origins.net/unexplained-phenomena/unknown-traveling-objects-sky-summer months-s-tapestry-001118

“The Baptism of Christ” (Netherlands – 1710)

Ume-No-Chiri (Hitachi Province, Japan – 1844)
http://jburogu-godzillaradio.blogspot.fr/2012/01/legend-of-utsuro-bune-ufo-in-edo-period of time.html
http://pinktentacle.com/2006/09/edo-period of time-ufo/
Utsuro Bune – The Hollow Ship

“Madonna and Boy or girl with the Infant Saint John” (Italy – all over 1490)
http://www.theancientaliens.com/#!alien-artwork-madonna-and-boy or girl/c1wn8

Wandjina Art (Australia – at the very least four,000 BCE)

“The Wonder of the Snow” (Rome, Italy – all over 1430)

The Sighisoara wall painting (Sighisoara, Romania – 1523)
http://europeupclose.com/report/an-historic-stroll-by way of-draculas-house-sighisoara-romania/
http://www.openminds.television set/probable-ufo-found out-aged-wall-painting-romania/28362
http://www.ibtimes.co.in/ufo-like-objects-found out-historic-romanian-wall-paintings-602761


29 Responses

  1. Nasro 2000 says:

    Aliens cant be Real.
    well there can be real but not smart to create an UFO
    cause there is no creature smarter than Human

  2. Tommy Brain says:

    Not Aliens, evidence of time travel

  3. It is more than evident that ALL religions have a common origin based on the interpretation of nature by the human beings and the prodigies that happened around them and that at times they could not explain them using only what they knew until then. Only to discover, at what time one of them played one of the prodigies and put "name" and this evolved into the word "god" … or something like that. It suffices that each one, far from all civilization (in my country it is easy) in the middle of a desert; Lying on his back, observing the sky in all its splendor and forgetting all the gods, try to interpret the image as part of himself and his mind, slowly come the idea that it is absolutely impossible that we are alone in this (even) Unfathomable Universe

    Es mas que evidente que TODAS las religiones tienen un origen comun basado en la interpretacion de la naturaleza por los seres humanos y los prodigios que sucedian a su alrededor y que en ocasiones no podian explicarlos valiendose solo de lo que conocian hasta entonces. Solo habria que descubrir, en que momento uno de ellos interpreto uno de los prodigios y le puso "nombre" y este evoluciono hasta convertirse en la palabra: "dios"… o algo parecido. Basta con que cada uno, alejado de toda civilizacion (en mi Pais es facil) en medio de un desierto; acostado de espaldas, observe el cielo en todo su esplendor y olvidandose de todos los dioses, trate de interpretar la imagen como parte de si mismo y a su mente, lentamente, acudira la idea de que es absolutamente imposible que estemos solos en este (aun) insondable Universo
    Saludos del otro extremo…del Planeta (Chile)

  4. I have the image of a petroglyph of an "astronaut" 4mts long drawn on the surface of a rock that can only be seen from the air; Next to the one looks smaller but appears to be inside a "nave" in a "horizontal cut" design. If you are interested tell me how you sent them (they are more than 10 images). Must be 2000 years old

  5. ACID says:

    How could you miss the Egyptian tablet?

  6. ACID says:

    How could you miss the Egyptian tablet?

  7. floyd pitt says:

    'The Crucifixion' from 1350 is the best one.

  8. Walter Bunn says:

    Great Video. The repetition of Flying saucers is actually what first got me interested in Ancient Alien theories. I've heard the skeptical refutation of a link between the renaissance painting and Ancient Alien theories, but I found the refutation lacking when neolithic cave paintings were depicting similar things, and I didn't have non-european materials of the same time frame to compare to.

    I am still somewhat skeptical, but i think i err more on the side of a believer at this point. If Aliens exist, they've been visiting our planet much longer than the late 1940's.

  9. Wanjina. You forgot a zero. 40,000

  10. Humans are def engineered product of aliens.

  11. KevQhht Arra says:

    nice vid, and without question alien visited and still do, we ourselves are aliens going back to

  12. TheNewKG says:

    these are some of the best YouTube videos I've ever watched, keep up your work

  13. Khalil Mason says:

    I had a night terror in which a figure resembling one of those Wanjina blokes made it clear to me that it was god. I could really go without having to face another one of those things again. Dead, alive, or dreaming: I'd rather cease to exist in all timelines.

  14. Moosevik says:

    If there were giant xbox's in the sky during the 17th century then microsoft obviously copyrighted it and made it worse

  15. Maybe UFO sightings were very common back in the days that people took it as it were normal or part of the regular landscape. I dunno.

  16. guys,is simple.BILL GATES IS AN ALIEN!

  17. jeff coxies says:

    Here's a thought, what if God is an alien race, meaning a polytheistic religion may have more in line thoughts odd what could be real. Like think about it, we could not have been here a while ago and then we were, we could have been dropped off like Adam and Eve and only then continued to grow larger as a race, and the reason why we see alien space craft is they are watching and waiting until we are advanced enough as a race to finally come speak with us and maybe go.back to their planet. Just a

  18. Hello,guys,to this list I can add something from the ancient Egypt – figures (who?) with backpacks and tubes, people wearing helmets with tubes(it's only necessary to look at the back of glass-case in a museum).Figures with one or two tubes. Similar figures are in Mesopotamia, Bactria, etc.
    One more thing-instead of a few images I had black spots.Images before and after(the same day,the same smartfone,the same museum)- wonderful pictures, and those subjects with nothing, empty, black.How explain this?
    History hides a lot of interesting things.

  19. wepajnc says:

    aliens doesnt exit, unless they crossed the border

  20. Tez Yuthok says:

    And the govt says……….weather ballons

  21. SaltKing98 says:

    This why this is the best top 10 channel clear and reliable information with pure quality each time, i love this channel!

  22. Zenon A says:

    I laughed so hard at the Xbox logo sign! Good advert Microsoft!

  23. Eve Nam says:

    Most of these are just "illumination symbols" representing divine power or religious entity. Why do people all seem to be under the impression that UFO are low-flying, low speed, crash-able objects that are easily seen by eye / wreckage being easily found on earth????? If Alien actually invent method to travel to earth, the device will either have to reach or exceed light speed, or have to involve going through the singularity. None of fuckin which involves a big fat saucer goofing at a speed of an airplane.

  24. chandra says:

    Can't it be like that if we are aliens and our ancestors have came to earth from somewhere else and settled here.

  25. Keep the videos coming. Very interesting. For someone to say that Aliens haven't been around this world for hundreds of years is just stupid. Thousands of pieces of evidence across the world, both in drawings and writing.

  26. Xbox logo sign?.. Really? Lmaoo

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