10 Car Logos You Probably Never Knew The Meaning Of


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  1. tomato shi says:

    as the video said, mitsubishi in chinese (or japanese)means 三菱(three diamond shapes)
    but GM has a brend in chaina name 五菱(five diamond shapes)
    you can google 五菱 in google

  2. Khym MacBain says:

    Who can tell me why Jeeps have 7 slots?

  3. barnesz HUN says:

    this is a little bit fast for me, my brain is freezed!(I'm not speak english very well 😉 )

  4. im guessing alfa is the track and at the end guy is celebrating the win. Still didnt watch the video smh.

  5. Oh please! "Audi" is just Latin for the German "Horch" (imperative singular "listen!"), leaving you with one less ring in the Audi logo. Also, the "Bayrische Motoren-Werke", a.k.a. "BMW" did start out making aeroplane engines, making the propeller reference perfectly legit.

  6. NIYAZ NAZAR says:

    Someone told BMW means Bring More Wrenches

  7. Grafton Hale says:

    It would be nice to indicate what BMW actually stands for.  The English translation is Bavarian Motor Works and I won't attempt to spell it in the German.  Good video though, so get cracking on the 2nd one.

  8. I think and sure that this is perfect

  9. if you look closely, you can find a wild tauros in the video.

  10. Kos D says:

    TOYOTA in the modern logo, if you look carefully you will find all the letters of T O Y O T A.

  11. AgtX999 says:

    What does Volvo symbol mean? It's a male gender symbol lol

  12. Ferrari story is true i heard it at the Ferrari museum

  13. Doug Whole says:

    Rover's logo is a Viking ship because the two brothers that started the company where born in Sweden. Before their end, Rover was the oldest company in the world making cars…older than the car, older than Mercedes They started making bicycles, in fact the two same size wheels driven by a chain to the rear was their patent, basically the setup of almost every modern bicycle.

  14. watch Total Onslaught youtube video from Walter Vieth for a second opinion of the hidden meaning of these symbols

  15. seven henson says:

    poor transition to another brand. too fast

  16. dinhojunkz says:

    good content.
    edited on fast-forward mode.
    shitty bgm.

  17. Excellent explanation!

  18. Reason behind Mitsubishi logo is too deep that I could see Adele rolling

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