10 Facts About The Real Illuminati


ten Specifics About The Actual Illuminati

Dig further into the conspiracy theories and check out to find out ten genuine info about the Illuminati.

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49 Responses

  1. Shah Hayde says:

    meanwhile here in the future, 2017 .. this is bullshit

  2. MineTV Boom says:

    Illumee not ''eee,, confirmt m8s. Itz a bit scary, but 4 3 and every1!!!!

  3. Danada 999 says:

    people in our view of illuminati is that it's this man with one eye who's powerful

  4. what was that pop up saying "click here learn the truth"

  5. why is this video so inspiring like with the backround music and stuff

  6. Peter4TW says:

    bruh i've been watching illuminati videos for the past 2 hours and my mind is getting completely warped

  7. illuminati is fake and a bunch of bullshit

  8. Welcome to the Secret war right thou HISTORY- victors write history remember this is saying.

  9. Comedy Hawk says:

    Lumante is real type lumante in to YouTube duh

  10. Sheepydj says:

    Illuminati is fake

  11. Phoebe Chase says:

    thanks bruh!! this help my "studys" (plz dont ask…)

  12. What does the link at the end lead to… Im scared to find out

  13. holy crap im shaking cuz im scared that illiuminati is actually real

  14. Holy fuck, the founder of the illuminati actually is Johann Adam Weishaupt.. What the actually fuck!… #illuminatiDefinitelyConfirmed #TooStonedForThis

  15. government=Illuminati duh

  16. MMA Warfare says:

    The Bavarian illuminati were made up of atheists, desists, philosophers and free-thinkers that wanted to educate the world and perfect human nature. The reason why people thought they were an evil organisation was because they opposed the influences the Roman Catholic Church had on politics and public life. It would have been quite easy for members of the Roman Catholic Church to convince the public the illuminati were a bunch of satan worshippers who drink human blood. and let's not forget that if you did not believe in a deity during the enlightenment era, you were looked down upon.

  17. Brian Perez says:

    so I always thought they were bad. but this morning I woke up and had a thought. that maybe they are good. wasn't it the knights Templar that ran away? to start the illuminati? what if they're the one's trying to keep the peace and there's people trying to make them seem bad?

  18. why does this video make the illuminate look like an epic secret restistance group that i wanna join so bad

  19. SDB Khunahm says:

    Everything having to do with the Illuminati, the apocalypse, aliens, etc. seems to start in Bavaria, doesn''t it?

  20. the illumanati is real and is located in isreal i didnt wAnt the illumanati to be real but its every where tv music videos everywhere so yes the illumanati has the celebirties so be careful when ypu go to isreal or mostly anywhere

  21. Spooktacular says:

    Who Thinks The Illuminati Is Bad Nowadays? If You Think The Illuminati Is Evil, Then You Follow Satan's Steps
    (according to Divine Theory)

    – Spooktacular

  22. Joy Neru says:

    I believe in God and I'm a christian, but…

  23. unknown says:

    There must be OTHER secret societies too. Very rightwing ones.

  24. this video told me nothing I CAN'T READ!!! lol jk

  25. I will never join forget satin forget Illuminati forget all of them

  26. Did you guys live after watching this?

  27. so I didn't joined the "real illuminati" ?

  28. DWAYNE heart says:

    god create people…science is shit if you came from monkey why dont walk like a monkey…..fuck u illumenati

  29. none of this varifiable or true

  30. LizardIsHere says:

    ^ I'm illuminati
    / ยค

  31. Tyrel TV says:

    this video makes about as much logic as the following…

    10 reasons the illuminati exists:

    9.Prince had a heart attack
    8.My dad cheated on my mom
    7.Brickelberry is on Netflix
    6.Ice cream comes in a variety of flavors
    5.People age
    4.Kevin Hart
    2.Foresr Fires
    1.The shower shoots water

    and those are 10 logical reasons the illuminati exists

  32. I think all conspiracy theories are created by a secret society to distract us while they take over the world. JK

  33. Screw your stupid satanist bullshit.

    Illuminati & NWO (Modern) = VERY rich people who pull strings all around the
    world to make them even more money. These are the people who own the
    Media industry and are massive lobbyists so control what the population believes and has control over the government.

    The Rothschilds, for example, own the central Banks of many countries
    and will invade countries, collapse infrastructure and then take control
    of them like what happened in Iraq.

    Why will there never be world peace?


  34. Gavin Hondl says:

    what the Frick man

  35. Zacsue 47 says:

    Illumi-nat-ti 3 words lets se illuminati=eeeee=egyptian=illuminati-theres a eye too look apple the leaf like i-pad i-phone like that and just take the star jjjjjjj udyan – isreal the illuminati is-real see thats how i know the illuminati is real ttaaaddaaa

  36. FireSniper says:

    Fetty Wap always says 1738

    John Weishaupt was born in 1748

    just a difference of 10 between the two numbers!

  37. Is it just me or did the "click here learn the truth" scare anyone else?

  38. thaggartxsoo says:

    Loony army cunfirm'd

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