10 Safest Spots During World War 3


Welcome to Top10Archive! World War I was ironically called “The war to end all wars”, but was proven wrong when World War II began September 1st, 1939.


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  1. Kathy Odom says:

    Poop on these places. I'm heading for Teller County!!!

  2. good list except Antarctica ummm its not safe (.)

  3. Very interesting! Thanks much! :D

  4. world war 3 would most likely be a nuclear war… which would most likely cause a nuclear winter… so you're probably best off somewhere around the equator, maybe the Sahara, i mean its completely worthless as a military target and would therefor probably not be irradiated and if the nuclear winter isnt too cold it could turn into quite habitable land

    but good luck surviving in Antarctica when it gets even colder

  5. ImGlewZZ says:

    what about sweden?

  6. Neha Mehta says:

    but what about sweden

  7. Regional Australia anyone? (Not talking about the outback)
    South-East Tasmania, cool temperate rain forest
    Central Highlands, Victoria
    Daintree, North Queensland

  8. well even in a case of treaty but in world wars 3 everyone do to their victory and there is no mercy

  9. Romel Negut says:

    Interesting list.About the misspelling of Fiji,Sean took the words out of my mouth.

  10. Fire Sonic says:

    11. rural america

  11. Ireland is not counted as the country is divided and also were next to Britain.

  12. iNoBrain says:

    Watching this in Iceland be like: ?

  13. Laura Peters says:

    There will be no safe place when WWIII happens. Even if people moved to Antartica they would ruin it somehow!

  14. love the beauty of new zealand.. wish i can go there for holiday

  15. Sio Latu says:

    yes I'm from New zealand

  16. andre says:

    let the experts answer when will the world 3? before the elections or after?

  17. Nice Guess says:

    next vif most dangerous places durning ww3

  18. McLee :) says:

    Why did you make this video? World war 3 ain't happening anytime soon… Ok, maybe if Hillary wins…

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