10 Shocking Events That Almost Caused World War 3


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  1. Ness Bound says:

    Can we just
    Not start WW3?

  2. Why there's so stupid people in the world. I'm disgusted in this video comments. That's why this world is doomed. I can't wait when III WORLD WAR will start and Earth will destroy everyone, who's destroying her at any cost. This human race (ops, maybe more cockroaches) need to be destroyed by tsunamis, Earth quakes, tornados and etc. I can't wait that day, when Earth will show, who's the real boss here to us cockroaches.

  3. David Lawman says:

    So easy to start a WW3 is scary.

  4. NodMan says:

    I love the smell of burning B-52s in the mornen.

  5. Diarakostima says:

    I would say third wave feminist would start WWIII, but that's more in the territory of civil war.

  6. what about the movie The Interview? lol :p

  7. chris ulloa says:

    Cheeky fallout reference

  8. Shania Scott says:

    United States just don't know how to mind they business. We put our nose in everything.

  9. I liked the quote from fallout 4 HA!!!

  10. DJ66/DJ66YT says:

    Very subtle Fallout 4 reference

  11. India Pakistan war in 1971 to liberate Bangladesh with US backing the most trustworthy nation in the world Pakistan 😉 and even sending a submarine with nukes and USSR backing India has to be the closest we got to world war 3.

  12. SFM 4Life says:


  13. War never changes? That's like saying guns kill people. A gun does nothing that a human doesn't make it do. No, stupid ass people never change and that includes those of us that do not put our foot down and take power away from the would be war mongers.

  14. Mathew Paige says:

    lol one of those pictures was from call of duty mw2

  15. Artist Touch says:

    The world will never be at peace.

  16. MePugz says:

    lemmie see if turkey shootings is in here

  17. To bring views She says The fallout reference! so lame

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