10 Unsolved Mysteries Of World War II


10 Unsolved Mysteries Of World War II

UFOs, buried treasure, and missing people are just some of the many unresolved mysteries of World War Two.

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  1. Death metals says:

    Subash Chandra Bose is a true Indian legend he was even greater than Gandhi.

  2. TheLegend 27 says:

    2045? Thank you for giving me a reason to live

  3. Psiros says:

    I miss this version of AllTime10s.

  4. echtegamers says:

    And Now 10 facts about world war III. Oh wait…

  5. revolutionpm says:

    ATT's. This is an example of when 'pooping out another vid' takes priority over quality turds.
    This one was a Duzzy.

  6. deep blue says:

    subhas chandra bose was the real leader of india….. meaning …netaji.

  7. deep blue says:

    subhas chandra bose was the person who crafted the freedom movement in india… not gandhi

  8. sealed cause it didnt happen.

  9. Tyler Smith says:

    ::: Comment Section Spoiler Alert ::: There are "highly trained" "professional" "World war II Historians and scholars" fighting down below me! Do not be fooled! They think they are historians and know exactly what happen in WWII and will argue if you say other wise! Keep your opinions to yourself or they wanna be historians will surround you! 🙂

  10. …. nothing, just nothing useful here….:/

  11. what's the name of the background music ?

  12. What with Sikorskim?

  13. Thx for the drum cover I need practice though

  14. the number 1 mystery should be 1.Disappearance of Adolf Hitler!!

  15. do you know the foo fighters are also a rock band

  16. So High says:

    Forget mystery, illusion and fantasy. Those are for weak people who can't face the truth and reality. Can you? Google TruthContest and read "The Present"

  17. Actually they have recently discovered that Hitler in fact did NOT DIE IN THE BUNKER. He instead had fled to Spain and is now currently being searched for in South America.

  18. krower11 says:

    and that hitler wa<s never found is ….not a mistery …..

  19. tim bardtke says:

    My grandfater was a b-17 air crew eight airforce.

  20. tim bardtke says:

    My grandfater was a b-17 air crew eight airforce

  21. Amber room is found in Russia it was on discovery channel.

  22. what about the nazi train in poland or ''the bell''

  23. call of duty: world at war ??

  24. Germany should have won

  25. Ash says:

    Will you name some of the sources??

  26. Ferdia Hunt says:

    Finally someone who put the Glenn Miller disapperence in a video great videoa Alltime 10s keep it up!

  27. Banana Boat says:

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  28. So unnecessary and so many lives lost – And so many unresolved mysteries

  29. jordan abcd says:

    Stop using words they are gay

  30. MrCrniVrag says:

    Glenn Miller died in an accident. He was flying over the channel by bad weather. His pilot screwed up and flew right into a corridor over the channel where bombers dropped any leftover bombs when returning to England. His plane was hit and went down. No mistery….

  31. All right! The next World War is all yours! Gladly give it all to ya!  We are damned if we do and damned if we don't anyway. Next time, the United States will just stay out of it and we will all see how well you do on your own!

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