(1080p50) Plane Spotting at Melbourne Airport ● Rainy Arrivals – B777, A330 & More!


With the dodgy ‘winters’ weather heavily showing its presence lately at Melbourne, a nice, fairly sunny morning can turn into a rainy day real quick. In this case …


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  1. Great vid my friend, nice traffic, 1:15 nice tail :D

  2. Syed Hoque says:

    Loved the Thai 777! :)

  3. Really nice video as always mate!! Enjoyed watching!! LIKED

  4. Legend! The Air China, just before touchdown. WOW great footage! Liked :)

  5. Great compilation! Would love to visit Melbourne one day =)

  6. Very nice spotting! Excellent footage.

  7. Fantastic as ALWAYS !!!

  8. which road did you use beacuse i m going to do melbourne spoting soon.

  9. Stunning video mate! A huge like! The weather definitely wasn't ideal that day but it offered you some great rainy landing opportunities. The Thai 777 wet approach was very nice to see. The Homestead Park scene at the end was great too.

  10. atlubeck says:

    Brilliant video and filming! Huge like from me!

  11. Superb Video, Looks like a beautiful place. The weather really provided some amazing shots!

  12. Superb video mate 🙂 That Thai 77W looked very dirty!

  13. Really great compilation mate! I enjoyed and liked it!

  14. Very nice footage in these overcast conditions, good one!

  15. Absolutely spectacular and incredible mate. You definitely nailed all those landings and I loved how you got them when it was very cloudy and foggy. Top notch mate. One question if you don't mind me asking, how do you know when the planes are coming from uniting lane instead of operations road? Thanks mate cheers, big like! :)

  16. Spectacular compilation!! Amazing traffic; both wide- and narrow-bodies! Stunning – Well done mate! :)

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