11~28~15 NYC… Come learn your TRUE History Indigenous Americans info in Description Box below



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  1. Qam Yasharalah, All Tribes, All Teach. ..

  2. HalleluYah bless this in the Most High come to the west coast next Los Angeles we out here SHALOM

  3. zell demps says:

    I can't wait for this 

  4. sweet music to the truth.

  5. Best preaching, I have ever heard.

  6. Is there an email I can contact you by?

  7. Bob Fresno says:

    Gocc is roman catholic church disinfo agents

  8. Is it not the duty of the people to wake up the lost sheep and gentiles? Why charge what should be given for free?

  9. need the dvd of the lesson. I would like to buy it..

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