1/2 Prof. Michael Keefer on “Media Lies to Hot War” US-Israeli Threats Against Iran -10Feb2012



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  1. suzieq0452 says:

    @Monkeycee31 LMAO You ZIONISTS in IsraHELL ARE NOT JEWS and YOUR Hagee EVANGELICAL SPAWNS of SATAN COUSINS are NOT CHRISTian.Also the Turkeys in Turkey and the SCUM in the "Arab League" are NOT Muslims. Here in CANADA the MAJORITY of CANADIANS are NOT ZIONISTS and that INCLUDES " The JEWS". So go PEDDLE Your IsraHELL FIRST Propaganda to the Hagee Evangelicals in AmeriKAKA. Harpo's CON CULT and the PRESSitutes in the MSM haven't DUMBED CANADIANS DOWN to the LEVEL of the REDNECK RepubliCON.

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