12followershia responses to AkeemHaleem about ” Shia Hypocrite “ImamHosseinIsMyBlood”



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  1. Jolly Roger says:

    the obscenity used in your language, your lack of knowledge about what you are talking about, changing the topic whenev er i expose you. Poor excuse for a muslim!

  2. LAITH316 says:

    when did i change the subject go on tell me you are the poor excuse you dont even know me yet you tell me what i know and what i dont know you are an idiot and if you like we can have a more detaiuled discusion on msn or over the phone if you like maybe meet up and discuss it face to face if you live near liverpool what do you say a propper discussion or we keep doing this pathetic youtube discussion

  3. Jolly Roger says:

    anyone who goes to say any sect of islam is wrong, when he/she cannot even study the quran or hadiths in arabic is a fake. And now you want to meet me in liverpool to have a argument? I suggest you convert back to whatever garbage religion you were before you changed to my pure religion of islam.

  4. LAITH316 says:

    when did i say a sect was wrong ? i stated that some of what they believe is wrong and what kind of muslim tells somone to convert back to the religion b4 islam ah i will tell you a false muslim you are a kafir you are an idiot you are a tit i oferd you the chance to come face to face and discuss it but you refused so you are also a cowerd

  5. LAITH316 says:

    and who the hell told you that islam was yours its every bodies not yours not mine ours

  6. Ahki, it's not becoming of a Muslim to use such language..

  7. pakibuilder says:

    why do shias perform mutah ?

  8. kruger97 says:

    Good video. Haleem is a misguided Salafi that only reverted a year or two ago, and as of recent has fell under the influence of the "just Muslim" fakers that dress up Wahhabi and Salafi doctrine as pure Islam.

  9. rawrimaprick says:

    i've never even heard of those "sunni references". plus, if even the two sahihs (muslim and bukhari) have fakes in em, why would this… unheard of hadith be more popular to support your case?

    shia's can't hold on to the Qur'an without your own doctrines backing you up.

  10. rawrimaprick says:

    Arabic Muslims? Abe Lincoln did, honey. Not you.

  11. Jolly Roger says:

    abe lincoln,,,,,,loooooooooooool. award for the most retarded comment of the century

  12. rawrimaprick says:

    you said "I think this nigger should go back to being a slave, it is us arabic muslims who freed his coon family and set him free."

    I'm assuming you're talking about slavery in America, because akeem's slave ancestors were slaves in america. either that or you're just as retarded as me.

    and yes, abe lincoln abolished slavery in america. not your "arabic muslims". cunt.

  13. Jolly Roger says:

    you assumed wrong seeing as were discussing religion……..cunt

  14. rawrimaprick says:

    @powerpunch2 I was replying to your claim that your arabic muslims freed american slaves. You specifically said that, so you're the goddam retard. And your retardation is only intensified because u don't remember what u said. lmao. cunt.

  15. so what u are basicly saying is those who follow ali are better then those of prophet muhammed(saw)

    yes the alhul-bayt are pure but the prophet left us the quran and the sunnah

    and what is it about the shia saying ali should be caliphate he was the khalifa so stop cursing the sahaba

  16. Great Great Great No Words 4 Ur Thanks Need More keep It Up May Allah Bless U

  17. jimmyhlatun says:

    Prophet never stated that he left us Quran and Sunnah!! He says he left us Quran and Ahlebait. Check it out in ur Sahih Muslim.
    And Yes!, Shiah says that Imam Ali shud be the Frist Calipha after the Prophet and do you have a problem with that??? That was what the 12followershiah was trying to prove it but you all are so ignorant that u just refuse to read and understand it carefully.

  18. Faiz Alam says:

    @jimmyhlatun asalamalekum brother can you please tell me where exactly it is written that the prophet (SAW) says i leave the quran and ahlulbait… because some say the prophet (SAW) had left us with the quran and the sunnah

  19. icemeanbaby says:

    asalaikum brother heres the hadith, I am about to answer the call (of death). Verily, I leave behind two precious things (thaqalayn) amongst you: the Book of Allah and my Ahl al-Bayt. Verily, the two will never separate until they come back to me by the side of the Pond.” chek Sahih Muslim ( english) book 031, nummers 5920-3 it spread it out!

  20. ASALAM….Awesome Brother may u be in the IMAM's Army i seriously pray for that ….. No words just great stuff may god bless u … OUR People need people like u to awaken them as they have gone to sleep…. YA ALI(as) IS the righteous and the leader may he give u the benefits for ur beautiful work w/salam

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