13 Cops Brutalize 15 Yr-Old Girl – This Is Out of Control!

Susan Duclos

Late last month a 15 year-old African American girl was terrorized and brutalized by not just one police officer, but by 13 of them and the story is chilling as she explains what happens in the first video below, backed up with video and audio of the event in question with the girl screaming, telling the cops that they were hurting her.

13 Cops Brutalize 15 Yr-Old Girl – This Is Out of Control!

Via High Times:

The Fargo Police Department is being accused of excessive force and torture after brutalizing a teenage girl because an over-zealous officer suspected she was getting high on marijuana. However, while this incident is unnerving, it reached a despicable new low after more than a dozen backup officers arrived, some of which threatened the girl’s concerned family members with loaded weapons, one of which was aimed at her sister’s baby.

This young girl describes how the cops twisted her arm behind her back, so high it touched her neck, all the while she was screaming in pain and agony, calling for her sister and when the sister came out, holding a baby, they pointed a gun on her and she looked down to see a laser sight pointing right on her child. She recalls the event stating “I looked down like this and saw their red light right here on my baby’s back. They told me to get back or they’ll shoot.”

It all went downhill from  as multiple cops have the girl on the ground, abusing her and allegedly torturing her according to the High Times article.

The 15 year-old girl was arrested and locked up for three days despite the fact that no marijuana or paraphernalia was found on the girl or in the vehicle she was using to charge her phone.

With the brutality being shown in Ferguson, Missouri after 18 yr-old Michael Brown was killed by police and the town rose up in outrage, and now articles after articles and photos and videos, of reporters being arrested, tear-gassed along with unarmed protesters, people being shot with rubber bullets, and calls going out to demilitarize our police departments across the country, the case mentioned above, of police brutality seems to have slipped through the cracks.

The police brutality across the US is complete out of control, which is shown clearly in the second video below.

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