13 Interesting Facts on Logic (rapper)!


Logic (rapper) – 13 Life Changing Facts http://theyoutubebuzz.com/site/13-incredible-facts-on-logic-the-rapper/ Logic has amassed a strong dedicated group of …


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  1. my weird fact is that, i literally cannot fall asleep unless my dog is in the room lmao

  2. one of my facts is that I'm white an I have a dark skin girl fetish
    I just feel more attracted to girls that r darker skinned thats all

  3. IndianBaller says:

    Young broke and infamous was his second mixtape, psychological logic was his first mixtape

  4. I know that I have the rap skill, but I haven't yet utilized this skill.

  5. When you're a real logic fan you already know all of these!

  6. I have 2 niece's that are older than me

  7. I have no life – g eazy

  8. One weird but true fact about myself is that…….well……I like them Titties ? lol

  9. J Rabbit says:

    I can't swim

  10. He's half black wth

  11. Prone Rubg says:

    i slit my wrists on the daily

  12. Weird fact about me is that when ever I get down watching a movie I'll go on google and look up the cast bibliography.

  13. Sharktopus says:

    I'm dead ass trying my hardest to get into this dude but he's kinda lame bruh :/

  14. Elmir Gutic says:

    I have a inverted dick

  15. Bobby Tarantino was put out today

  16. SpFr_Rebel says:

    I like rubiks cubes

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