13 Year Old Girl Raped By Three Men Then Set On Fire- Dies


A thirteen year old girl and her older sister went for a walk to a neighboring farm, and on their way back, they were confronted by three men. The men raped the thirteen year old girl, and when she told them that she was going to tell on them, they set her on fire. Her older sister ran for help, but the younger girl was burned so badly that she later died of her wounds while in the hospital.

13 Year Old Girl Raped By Three Men Then Set On Fire- Dies

This is just another despicable case of rape in India, the world’s second most populated country, which remains third world, even in the year 2013, and where barbaric actions from eons ago are still practiced.

Rape in India is almost common place and the brutal ways in which it is performed, rape in and of itself being brutal enough, seem as  if they are made for B horror movies.

Last year, a 23 year old woman was raped on a bus by six men. One of her attackers was actually the bus driver. She was then thrown from the bus and died later from her wounds. Reports of girls as young as four years old being raped have become common in India.

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  1. GJS says:

    What the hell are the blokes in India on ?

    I agree, anyone who would do this or think it acceptable should forfeit their own life, once a person crosses that line & commits a cowardly act like this there is NO rehabilitation !

    The more populous the nation the LESS an individuals life seems to matter !

  2. 5 War Veteran says:

    Only a death sentence will make any effect when these things happen.

  3. Deb says:

    All I can say is God help their souls for doing this to children…They are barbaric..

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