14,000 Year Old UFO? – The Baltic Sea Anomaly


Is the Baltic Sea Anomaly a fourteen,000 12 months old alien spacecraft that crash landed?
In what looks to arrive straight out of a starwars film, a thing like a crashed millenium falcon has been spotted at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

The impression very first appeared on the sonar of Ocean X, a private treasure hunting company, a pair of yrs in the past.

You can see its odd and artificially round condition. It appears to be a thing like a UFO.

Also be aware the streak marks powering it. Glimpse at the way they are shaped….it appears to be like regardless of what this matter was crashed and skidded together the floor prior to coming to a cease

The staff that uncovered this object noted that when their boat was immediately above it some of their electrical products stopped working. When they sailed away , the products begun working once more.

The dive staff that explored the sunken object also spelled out how the object appeared to have measures main into an egg shaped entrance.
Elements of both the object or rock that had shaped all over it ended up dated to be all over fourteen,000 yrs old.

However, some experts say this could totally be a all-natural geologic rock development.

But, to me at least, the way it stands out on a sonar scan, the measures and entrance the divers be aware, and the obvious skid marks that path the object…a all-natural geologic rock development looks like an not likely culprit.

Just what is this object laying at the bottom of the baltic sea? Could it be an alien spacecraft that crashed extensive in the past?


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  1. moonspir says:

    This is obviously
    not a natural object due to the many design curvatures of the main
    body and dug out landing area but due to the age and the amount of
    sediment deposited on the item its not possible to say what its
    reason for being there other than its not natural. Look at the
    front of the object and notice the perfectly round shape of the would
    be cockpit and the upraised circular area just behind it and the
    square upraised area to the north. These appear to be sensor arrays
    as seen in military craft but bottom line not some work of nature
    I agree the area that looks like stairs doesn't seem to make sense
    but we don't know the circumstances that would have influenced the
    situation from so long ago but Id say this from an old saying that
    still stands the test of time –—- if it looks like a
    duck-quacks like a duck—and walks like a duck then its probably a

  2. Anyone else see the skeleton at 2:15?

  3. Home Homer says:

    With it giving off EMP its more UFO it has its on alarm to protect it self by pulsing a EMP surge

  4. Ox comics xO says:

    the ufo looks like the ship han Solo has from starwars

  5. Lord Eli says:

    This is Bob Dole's hybernation chamber

  6. This is the underwater Hitler's bunker from the time of World War 2

  7. Tim Denard says:

    I had a ufo crash in my underwear and it also left skid marks! amazing!!

  8. Ribstein says:

    why are we looking at this video in school!

  9. crazy wolf says:

    This is where they got the idea for the star wars millennium falcon to begin with, theres lots of things that the elites know that we don't.

  10. Hoco4ek says:

    Well, It's not an ufo… It's an uSo!

    (Unidentified Sunk Object, kek)

  11. Clock post net sfrst sister motion wall tightly

  12. OMG ! A Millenium Falcon? They gotta get Harrison Ford out of there!

  13. teaslas sattlight conects to this

  14. psplayer says:

    its the fucking milenium falken

  15. Plz help. I'm in the alien ship. They're doing experiments on me. Have to go.

  16. ITZXD 1 says:

    Thats maybe 1400 years old ago not 14000 cause there's no way that could happend !!14000!?!?!?! and I think the world is already dead if 14 000

  17. ITZXD 1 says:

    wait wait 14 000 years old? weird! really and we haven't even reach 14 000 years

  18. Everything about this on youtube videos is controlled by the swedish authorities since the first sonar picture 2011. It´s classified you must know. The authorities want this story to be a mystery and the divers from Helsinki have to comply with that.
    But, and this but is essential because behind it are findings that will scare people too much! I fully understand that it´s classified. You must know that the real, whole sonar picture can be found only on GOOGLE if you search : PICTURES OF A THIRD, SECRET BALTIC ANOMALY. If you search on and behind the pictures you can finally find a discussion which tells you there is some sort of mining and melting metallic industry in full work parallell to the two anomalies who probably are the rests of a previous industry 14500 years old which exploded or was bombed which made it radio active. Now the radiation is tolerable and the work has began again. One can not say when it began yet. It´s very dangerous to get close again and the divers were obviously warned by the workers down there who had protectiv equipment. It was very hot and radiation and some sort of black powder was laying on the industrial site who is about 300×80 meters .

  19. inyobill says:

    No scale, no location, no date, all BS.

  20. KING FOXY says:

    what if this really a alien ship this could be but ask your maybe this is how human got to earth . it just a theory OK plus I'm 12 so don't judge

  21. I think it's a nazi thing for disabling the American submarines

  22. É só uma pedra no fundo do mar! Nem tudo que parece é!

  23. maybe it's just rock……….

  24. SkyJUSTIN6 says:

    google earth underwater ufo with 650km crash strip Lat 58°34'900°S Long 30°4'50.96°E

  25. I think its a Millenium Falcon because it looks like one

  26. Coordinates? This region has interesting glacier-caused neotectonics, with uplifts and sinkages measuring 100s of meters.

  27. WHAT A PIECE OF JUNK.Thats a star wars reference

  28. lets dig it out ,all mysteries would be solved

  29. It is a stone edifice which has been inundated from a cataclysm (deluge) before recorded history. Eectrical Equipment or Cpmpasses cease to work properly for the same reasons as stonehenge and other such edifices

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