17 Moments Of Violence That Brought Out Incredible Human Compassion


Despite our differences, we’re all human beings. These powerful images have restored all my faith in the world.

Man playing piano for police [Kiev, Ukraine, 2013]

17 Moments Of Violence That Brought Out Incredible Human Compassion

Last year in December, Ukrainians participated in their largest popular protest since 2004. The 2013 protests were shrouded with violence from both sides, including 200 protesters who commandeered a digger and attacked the presidential palace. The protests and riots followed the Government’s decision to side with Russia rather than the European Union.

An anti-government protester offers a rose to a soldier [Bangkok, Thailand, 2013]


A girl delivers sandwiches to protesters amongst the chaos [Ukraine, 2013]


Flower power during the Vietnam War Protests [Arlington, Virginia, 1967]


Riot police and protesters shed tears together [Sofia, Bulgaria, 2013]


In Bulgaria, students and other protesters converged on parliament in November due to poverty and corruption. The protests against the socialist-backed Government, named the ‘Red Mafia’ saw several injured.

Egyptian woman kisses a policeman during the revolution against the Mubarak Government [Egypt, 2011]


In the midst of the Arab Spring, weeks of protests and violence began in an attempt to overthrow the Mubarak Government. More than 2 million protesters occupied Tahrir square and clashes with police and Mubarak supporters resulted in 846 deaths. In February, the army refused to fire on protesters with live rounds and Mubarak was forced to resign.

An injured woman is helped by her boyfriend after disappointed hockey fans turn violent [Vancouver, Canada, 2011]


In 2011, hockey fans took to the streets of Vancouver after the Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals. Over 140 were injured and $5 million worth of damage done.

A student protesting education reform leans in to kiss a riot officer [Bogotá, Colombia, 2011]


Whilst the 2011 protests against student reform were mostly peaceful, violence broke out when small groups of people threw rocks at police. After this initial violence, police used tear gas and water against the 30,000 protesters.

Christians protecting Muslims as they pray during the revolution [Cairo, Egypt, 2011]


German riot officers take off their helmets and escort Occupy protesters [Frankfurt, Germany, 2011]


Protesters help a dog affected by tear gas [Istanbul, Turkey, 2013]


A brave priest organises a human shield between protestors and police [Kiev, Ukraine, 2013]


Officer Joselito Sevilla is comforted after being berated by a protester [Manila, Philippines, 2013]


Woman defends a wounded protester from a military bulldozer [Egypt, 2013]


Protesters dressed as clowns entertain guards at a G20 meeting [Toronto, Canada, 2010]


A student protesting education reform hugs a policeman [Bogotá, Colombia, 2011]


Child touches his reflection during a KKK demonstration [Georgia, USA, 1992]


The young child in KKK attire became famous when this image hit the presses because of the way that it showed the innocence of children. Although the child is only known by his first name, Josh, the photographer and trooper met in 2012, 20 years after the image was taken.

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