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An unknown traveling object crashed on a ranch northwest of Roswell, New Mexico, sometime all through the to start with week of July 1947.

BrazelRancher W.W. “Mack” Brazel stated afterwards he uncovered particles from the crash as he and the son of Floyd and Loretta Proctor rode their horses out to test on sheep soon after a intense thunderstorm the night prior to. Brazel stated that as they rode together, he began to detect strange items of what seemed to be metal particles scattered in excess of a massive region. On more inspection, he stated, he noticed a shallow trench various hundred toes extended experienced been gouged into the floor.

Brazel stated he was struck by the strange attributes of the particles and, soon after dragging massive items of it to a lose, he took some of it in excess of to present the Proctors.

Mrs. Proctor, who afterwards moved from the ranch to a dwelling nearer to city, stated she remembers Brazel exhibiting up with the weird substance.

The Proctors informed Brazel he could possibly be keeping wreckage from an alien spacecraft — a number of UFO sightings experienced been documented in the United States that summer months — or a federal government project, and that he should really report the incident to Chaves County Sheriff George Wilcox.

Maj Jesse MarcelA working day or two afterwards, Brazel drove into Roswell, the county seat, and documented the incident to Wilcox, who documented it to Maj. Jesse Marcel, intelligence officer for the 509th Bomb Team, stationed at Roswell Army Air Area.

In their book, A History of UFO Crashes, UFO researchers Don Schmitt and Kevin Randle say their investigate displays army radar experienced been monitoring an unknown traveling object in the skies in excess of southern New Mexico for 4 days. On the night of July 4, 1947, radar indicated the object experienced gone down about thirty-forty miles northwest of Roswell.

The book claims eyewitness William Woody, who lived east of Roswell, stated he remembered getting outdoors with his father the night of July 4, 1947, when he noticed a excellent object plunge to the floor.

The particles internet site was closed for various days although the wreckage was cleared, and Schmitt and Randle say that when Woody and his father tried to track down the region of the crash they experienced noticed, Woody stated they had been stopped by army staff who requested them out of the region.


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  1. I've become President of the United States and I've got all the secrets and I will tell you folks, Aliens were really at Roswell!

  2. Why does most Documentary videos have terrible quality?

  3. SledgeHammer says:

    what's with all the fucking ads?????

  4. aliens are demons. we gotta repent and be baptized in Jesus' name

  5. Ruby Welch says:

    shut up. your the fool .get a life

  6. edgar pierre says:

    i dont think this moron put enough commercials, put a few more idiot

  7. Honey Ramos says:

    So basically, this is just a doc where every real, actual scientist states that every claim for this to be in any way interesting, is, in fact, a lie

  8. if it is true why they keep hiding it?? why they keep it a secret?

  9. YoSoyGus1 says:

    Why all the ad? The content isn't even yours asshole

  10. fake as hell he just wanted to make a book and sell it to people oh too many adverts

  11. Lots and lots of "may have " and " might"…..

  12. American technology hubris…?

  13. Macinbop says:

    I'm 9000% sure this is fake

  14. Cronicman127 says:

    Operation sky hook gone wrong. Case closed

  15. Crobular I says:

    Alien technologies, my ass. Hard work by humans.

  16. Way too many commercials to enjoy the video

  17. Kyle Miller says:

    It says 4 bodies. There were actually 5 of them. Three on the outside of the craft, one visible in the split of the craft, and one in the cockpit.

  18. All this technology may become a problem… I mean these were made by aliens for aliens… Maybe that's the reason aliens did not come back to retrieve these… They might have wanted to see us destroy each other…

  19. justin johns says:

    and as for all these former military people making these death bed confessions about knowing about alien life: if you were lying Damn near in a coma and fucked up on morphine it probably would make you think you used to see aliens too

  20. justin johns says:

    and I agree…..if I was the person that invented some of this shit I'd be kinda bitter about dumbasses trying to dismiss me by
    saying Martians gave it to us

  21. justin johns says:

    ufos are a good smoke screen for the govt. after all, if you think it's aliens in saucers you see then you won't realise it's our govt flying military attack aircraft around our cities. but go ahead,……keep thinking it E.T. The US govt would love u to keep thinkin that

  22. Emily Hutjes says:

    Read Phillis Schlemmer's "The only Planet of Choice".

  23. NIKKI REAGAN says:

    Molder ? Skully where you at

  24. MilitanT07 says:

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  25. who said lsd. Don't think those 40's men are any different. New Mexico people understand the Mescaline journey of Daun wan.
    The mushroom elevator goes pretty high. Hey, weed makes this hot ass desert tolerable. Learn from Gods creation's . Lets call Science, Captain Hindsight . Electricity is not science it is a power source that surrounds all life. It is the glue(whatever)Science is confusing with dark matter. You can package evil in any way, compress the focus of reception to a target . That is why we are man and chose not to challenge the Father only honor, respect, love and understanding knowledge right before your eyes.

  26. Okay I lived in Roswell, Why is the fact The US had Titan missiles ( I have been in the abandoned silos) I am pretty sure a couple of drunk aliens were screwing around killing stuff and looked down to see a titan missile up there assand we blew those idiots out of the sky. Sorry your Knowledge is not from god alien Knowledge harms man. No creature but man is capable of understanding Gods love and a purpose. All creatures reproduce from a mother. Alien Tech is for the good of alien not man.

  27. History channel is funded by the Rockefeller foundation,like National Geographic…..mmm…the subtle propaganda machine.?

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  29. johnrino says:

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  30. Thumbnail was a ho-229 that was taken from germany by the U.S when we were searchimg germanys factorys.

  31. Testimony is either believed or not, (The old /new testaments, and the quran for example ) What we have to remember is  these are incidents experienced by other people, interpreted by them and communicated to the rest of us.

  32. Cloning technologies from aliens and then crediting random humans does not make them inbventors

  33. TulangTele says:

    alien has no nose and mouth.

  34. lol this is so cheesy it's good

  35. yo I'm from ros well I always look in the sky in 2015 I saw a UFO

  36. The government already had these crafts. They were just testing them out but crashed. There were tooo many witnesses and so they made them lie about seeing aliens or weather balloons. It drew a lot of attention and fear of exposure to other countries, they covered up a secret with 2 different stories hide the truth. Around that time Hitler had the bell. Its all just a part of the space race and advancing development. Have you ever seen triangular crafts in the sky? Not stealth bombers but advanced developed space crafts? They free fall then fly at great speeds slowly rotating. The government is already traveling through space and probably other far away planets. People are to distracted with stupid shit that they don't even notice. Staring at phones, buying shit, work long, sports, hours, video games, music, getting fukt up, cars, starbucks, hoes etc. The more the masses are distracted the less questions they will ask. Eventually won't care.

  37. Kuduku says:

    the story is fake as fuck
    they even created an alien museum full of crap
    the universe is infinite, it's arrogant think we are alone

  38. I stopped watching after the story about the aliens were just sitting in a crate, I doubt they would just throw them in a wood crate and leave one guard to watch over them

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