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Set in and around the English city of York, this film is mainly concerned with the arrivals and departures of trains at the main line station — as seen through the …


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  1. David Frobel says:

    yep thouse were the days i remember platform tikets,,and the man banging the wheels,,

  2. Tejasnite says:

    Very historic film thank you very much a bet of traveling to the good O'L days

  3. Wonderful. Thanks for posting

  4. 50A Works says:

    seriously….how on earth could anyone dislike this video. I'd do anything to spend a day on York platform spotting in the 1950's!

  5. what a super film

    I cant belive life has changed so much I was at Newcastle Central the other day and they dont have rubbish bins ???

    I asked what do I do with rubbish I was told just put it on the floor
    I belive the reason is due to Bombs ????

    Please take me back to a time when life was simple just like this film

  6. Great film, love all the smoke grim and pollution, amazing how we have cleaned up the air since then, I remember it well.

  7. rodblaine999 says:

    regarding the post by nylons ts. ref the bins, they started to use that excuse in the early 1980's saying it was due to the ira, i think they just don't want to pay for cleaners.

  8. Des Thompson says:

    Wow! I lived in York then, a boy of 10. What a lovely film this is, and how well it shows the changes in society, style, and way of life.

  9. its a problem with big companies, the senior people never aspired to run a railway or a baker or a hardware shop or whatever it might be, they aspired to be managers. they'veno particular passion or expertise in their business beyond making money. they pay their staff minimum wage not because they have calculated that the staff in question generate sufficient prophet but rather that is the least the law will let them get away with; where the minimum lower then that is what they would pay.

  10. I very much appreciate your posting of this video. My wife and I visited York in May of 2012, and it is a treat to recognize so much of what we enjoyed in a film made 59 years before our visit. York, its people, its station and museum were highlights on our holiday. I would go back. Great to see!

  11. OXLEYCRUSHER says:

    Britain before mass immigration-perfect!take me back!

  12. Peter Peter says:

    A simpler happier life

  13. gcfcos says:

    Brilliant film. People grafted back Then and look like they never complained or answered back. They took pride in there jobs. Thanks so much for posting

  14. David Price says:

    Anyone notice how the locomotives have British Railways on the tenders but the railwaymen's peaked caps bear the legend L.N.E.R on them

  15. Alex Awsome says:

    where do you get that old video from?

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