#2 British Muslims In Denial – Donald Trump Gets It Right


(Iblis/Stan) said, “O my Lord! because thou hast put me in the wrong, I will make wrong fair-seeming to them on the earth, and I will put them all in the wrong” …


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  1. Friends, Our country is about 14 Trillion GDP economy and we owe 19 Trillions and will reach our debts to 21 Trillion by end of 2017. Main engine of our economy is consumption. I mean 70% of American GDP from consumption. People like you and me are the one driving this economy by earning a pay check or running a small business. We have been shedding our jobs and business opportunities to foreign countries in the name of globalization. Now, who we are hurting? hurting opportunities of our own people. Of course, people driving this crime and handful of beneficiaries profiting out of them. However, our nation get poorer day by day. Once we all get poor, these handful of people responsible of this crime will move to foreign countries and live luxurious life.
    The biggest danger is far out of being poorer. Once job opportunities are not available in technology, sciences, and commerce; our younger generation get discouraged in following academic advancement in such sectors as they would be in debt with few hundred thousands of dollars, and not having jobs to pay off loans. As a result, students get discouraged to pursue advanced degrees and academic institution will not have funds to conduct advanced degree courses. On the other hand, foreigners will have more jobs in their countries and they have more job opportunities and more students follow advanced degrees. If this continues, more and more future innovations can happen in foreign lands and we will lag behind further. Also, foreigners can work cheaper as their entire degree program might cost less than $10K for four years. These foreign workers pay off their student loans in a year or two by working for wage rates that are much lower than our graduates demand. The story of not having US graduates to fill jobs is a flat lie. The problem is that US students cannot agree to work that low as they have thousands of student loan debts to pay off and they are not in a situation to agree to such a low pay rates.
    If we discourage foreign cheap produce flow into US, we might experience temporary inflation due to rise in prices of cheaper goods. However, in no time, we will come out of it as we will going to have quality American good again in the market and more people have opportunities for jobs and small businesses. We will be able to afford to buy quality products for reasonable prices that would make our producers rich and our workers get paid. This will bring back prosperity to our country and future generations. This is what Donald Trump telling us "Make America Great Again".
    Please, do not miss this chance to save our pride and Donald is the only one can and has courage to do that.
    If you have a doubt, think this way…
    We have been giving chances for candidates come from political establishment for decades and all took them to this hell. He is the only outsider preaching us from the very first day. It is worth to take the chance with Donald this time and I am confident that he will make "America Great Again" for you and future generations to come.´╗┐

  2. Turbo Jones says:

    Trump Trump Trump´╗┐

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