20,000 Year-Old Aluminum ‘Vimana’ Aircraft Landing Gear Discovered


Terrence Aym

Some scholars are convinced an ancient, advanced civilization existed where the nation of India is today. They claim the prehistoric city-state had advanced technology including high-energy weapons, jet-like aircraft, and even the atomic bomb. Now a stunning artifact has been identified by some researchers as the part of an aircraft landing assembly dated as old as 20,000 years made from a metal that wasn’t discovered until the early 1800s.

For many years certain researchers in India and Asia have tried to convince Western skeptics that the so-called religious texts of the Vedas are really descriptive history. Lending credence to their claims are various artifacts found over the years and detailed descriptions of the vimana aircraft engineering and construction.

The incredible discovery during the 1990s of the remains of an ancient city in northern India that was still highly radioactive sent some archaeologists scrambling to the site.

And then, a very strange artifact, the Wedge of Aiud,first unearthed in 1973, was given another look: a machined piece of metal made of an aluminum alloy. Originally thought to be about 400 years old, new tests have determined it’s from 18,000 B.C.E., from the during the Pleistocene Era, nearly 20,000 years before aluminum’s discovery in modern times.

Odder still, some experts believe the artifact may be part of an aircraft landing gearpossibly from one of the ancient Indian vimana flying machines described in the Veda texts.

The lost super city-states

Evidence that has accumulated during the past few centuries adds credence to the idea that super city-states arose sometime towards the end of the last Ice Age. The best evidence for the location of some of the citiesthat may have spanned the globe—lies in northern India and southern Pakistan, and a desolate stretch of the Mongolian Gobi desert northwest of China.

Those advanced cultures are said to have possessed a very high technology, equal in some respects to that of the 21st Century.

Ancient texts refer to towering buildings, various types of aircraft, a high level of science and engineering, and even a weapon that today’s physicists believe was first used in the closing days of World War Two: the atomic bomb.

It may be that the advanced cultures wiped themselves out by engaging in a limited nuclear war. Evidence gleaned over the past few decades does point in that direction.

Perhaps after a series of devastating attacks, the remaining network of advanced cultures collapsed succumbing to the ravages of economic depression, displacement, and disease.

If so, the vestiges of one or more of those cultures may have served to fuel the legend of the great city of Atlantis that appears in Plato’s 360 B.C.E. Dialogues, Timaeus and Critias.

After the collapse, the remainder of Mankind fell into barbarism and knowledge of the fantastic technology devolved into myth. This viewpoint is supported by the fact that some of the earliest cave paintings reveal a greater level of sophistication than those that were created hundreds of years later.

The human race regressed and the once great glories of the super-cities occulted by the swirling mists of time.

Illustration of a vimana by David H. Childress

The ancient flying machines

According to the revered Indian Vedas Sanskrit writings, vimanas were flying machines. The word vimana is still used today in the modern Indian language to refer to aircraft.

While most vimanas were used for transportation through the atmosphere, some were described as being used to travel into space while others were a form of limited submarine.

Just like modern aircraft, the vimanas had various configurations and sizes depending on what they were designed to accomplish. Some had two engines, like the agnihotra-vimana; others, like the gaja-vimana, had more. In all there may have been as many as a dozen different types of vimanas all designed for different purposes. Most of them flew.

Atomic attack…11,000 years ago

Traces of an ancient atomic war between advanced and powerful city-states still linger in northern India-Pakistan and parts of the great Mongolian Gobi Desert. Scientists have known for many years about the expanse of vitrified sand that covers a region of the Gobi. The fused sand, greenish in color, can only be created by exposure to intense heat. Geologists theorize that the sand became vitrified by exposure to volcanic action; astronomers claim a large meteor might have done it; physicists wonder if it was caused by an atomic explosion.

Those three incidents are the only things that could account for the region of vitrified sand that lies in the lonely stretches of the arid land.

But volcanic origins are out as no volcanoes exist in the region.

No evidence exists of a crater or meteoric residue that would be found if a rock from space slammed into the desert scarring the terrain and searing the sand.

The process of elimination leaves only an atomic blast to account for the strange condition of the sanda glassified region where nothing grows.

Supporting the atomic theory is the fact that some of the area has a higher level of background radiation than similar terrain outside the affected area. It’s almost as if something once stood in that deserted region and was vaporized by a blast like the explosions that destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Another find that supports the existence of a technologicaly advanced city-state about 20,000 years ago was the stunning discovery of the remains of an ancient city in the northwestern state of Rajasthan, India. The site was found when construction began for a new housing development.

What astonished archaeologists eventually determined was the remains of charred and partially melted buildings and radioactive skeletons were covered by a thick layer of ashlater confirmed to be radioactive. The ash covered a three-mile square area.

Other research shows that several major city states existed and at least two or more were at war with each other. While much attention has been focused on the northern Indian city, little has been spent investigating the remains of the ancient atomic blast in the Gobi.

The ancient region is thought by some Indian university professors to be a forerunner of the more modern Matsya, another ancient state of the Vedic civilization. The Matsyan culture is believed to be associated with an earlier state called Jaipur.

Another Indian text, the Mahabharata, considered by some scholars to be present more fact than myth, contain passages that describe in detail the atomic attack on the city that the construction crew accidentally uncovered:

A single projectile charged with all the power in the UniverseAn incandescent column of smoke and flame as bright as 10,000 suns, rose in all its splendor…It was an unknown weapon, an iron thunderbolt, a gigantic messenger of death which reduced to ashes an entire race.

The corpses were so burned as to be unrecognizable. Their hair and nails fell out, pottery broke without any apparent cause, and the birds turned white.

After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected. To escape from this fire, the soldiers threw themselves into the river.

The atomic conflagration described was every bit as horrific and deadly as the attack on the Japanese cities in August, 1945.

Although the text suggest delivery of a nuclear weapon by a missile, ancient Indian writings also describein amazing detail—the flying machines called vimanas. The texts outline the vimana’s flight characteristics, construction, powerplant ( a jet-rocket hybrid powered by plasma mercury engines), and engineering specifications.

The mysterious Wedge of Aiud may have come from a vimana.

Enigma of the 11,000 year-old Vimana landing gear: the aluminum ‘Wedge of Aiud’

Near the picturesque banks of the Mures River located a little more than a mile east of the small city of Aiud, Romania, a bizarre artifact was unearthed dubbed the Wedge of Aiud.

Researcher Boczor Iosif investigated the find and reported that the wedge was discovered beneath 35 feet of sand. Two mastodon bones were reportedly also dug up near the wedge.

A report by Lars Fischinger states that he and an associate, Dr. Niederkorn, analyzed the wedge at the Institute for Research and Design. They determined the artifact was a metal alloy composed of 12 different metals. Their report lists aluminum making up about 89 percent of the object, the rest they listed as: “6.2% copper / silicon 2.84% / 1.81% zinc / 0.41% lead / tin 0.33% / 0.2% zirconium / 0.11% cadmium / 0.0024% / nickel / 0 , 0023% cobalt / bismuth 0.0003% / 0.0002% silver and traces of Galium.

The test results puzzled the two researchers as aluminum wasn’t discovered until the early 1800s. Fischinger notes that commercial production of aluminum requires smelting the ore at temperatures up to 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Initially, the object was though to be about 400 years old. That changed dramatically when they carefully analyzed the amount of oxidation covering the wedge. They readjusted the age backwards by thousands of years.

It’s now estimated the Wedge of Aiud may date back to 18,000 B.C.E. That date coincides with the age of the vimanas.

After the test results were analyzed, the wedge was sent to the Museum of History in Transylvania, Romania where it sat on a shelf, undisturbed, for two decades.

Florian Gheorghita, holding the Wedge of Aiud

Finally, in 1995, another Romanian researcher, Florian Gheorghita, came across the artifact in the museum basement. The wedge was tested again. This time in two different laboratories: the Archeological Institute of Cluj-Napoca and an independent Swiss lab. The tests confirmed the results arrived at by Fischinger and Niederkorn.

Gheorghita wrote in the publication Ancient Skies that he asked an aircraft engineer to study the artifact. The engineer noted the configuration and the hole drilled in the wedge and stated that a pattern of abrasions and scratches on the metal led him to believe it was part of an aircraft landing gear.

A sketch was made to illustrate the configuration.

Sketch by Florian Gheorghita of the artifact in use

Sketch by Florian Gheorghita of the artifact itself

Since the ancient city-states had advanced transportationperhaps even space vehicles—it was easy to transnaviagte the world just as modern aircraft do today.

The engineering and metallurgical evidence strongly supports the theory that the mysterious Wedge of Aiud is a pice of a landing gear that fell off a vimana some 11,000 years ago and lay unretrieved for millennia until the sandy banks of the Mures River swallowed it up.

Maybe someday the earth will reveal more of its secrets, hopefully an entire vimanaintact.

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  1. tommy says:

    wow no posting sense 4-12.as we see that complete Asian area crazy man about getting WMD’s.althou these weapon that are talked about in the forum are thousands of years old I would come to say our modern weapon are far more powerful than even they could have imagined with the hydrogen wmd being produced.so in all thinking this is repeat of world history asia(iran/nk) and in time they will get one,getting it,but not the way they want.now these vimana machine are easy to built,remember iron filing around a magnet? this is the same but with mercury instead of iron,magnetic forces causes the mercury to spin on its own and there you have energy source.

  2. Brad weiss says:

    Theres a novel on amazon about this topic called
    Starship of Qumran makes you wonder.

  3. David Main says:

    It is made of aluminum and was manufactured in Priest River, Idaho. It was milled in Lamana High School, that is when I first seen it. No surprise that time travel goes on unhindered by minds that cannot grasp the idea. The actual first Vimanas are crafted by the demon king in a timeline that has yet to happen. There is no knowledge of the future in the past. Vimana’s exist in the past while we are in the future because the past exists in the future. Then again what do I know.

  4. Napolean says:

    So um, I have to say, if the piece is as small as it appears in the photo of a man holding it, that it would either have to be the landing gear of a model aircraft of some sort or some other thing. Because, there just is no way that that tiny piece could support the weight of even a small aircraft like the size of a cessna…. It just wouldn’t happen. interesting metallurgy though.

    Weren’t people a lot shorter though? At one point in time birds were actually predators that would kill humans by swooping down and using their claws to impale their skulls.

  5. Napolean says:

    > The incredible discovery during the 1990s of the remains of an ancient city in northern India that was still *highly radioactive* sent some archaeologists *scrambling* to the site.

    I see what you did there.

  6. cyclones says:

    simply logical…. religion and religious views can be wrong but… atoms and molecules never lies, if scientists have found the traces of nuclear elements, A mere blogger can not deny this fact and should not doubt the magnifient scientific calculations…

    befor typing your comments and putting your belifs pleas check your academic background (are you a chemist, geologist, geophysicist, archeologist, anthrop[oloigist ect ) never mix personel perception, because no one is ready to take it…….

    • Pat Henry says:

      Your implication is that professional scientists have no “personal perception”, but are, conversely, purely objective. This is not an uncommon perspective, and it is not only false, but also quite silly. Scientists are people, too, and are subject to pride, greed, lying and other human failings. As evidence, Google “SCIENTIFIC FRAUD” to discover that it is at an all-time high and of epidemic proportions. Many would presume that the majority of retractions of scientific papers would be simple, honest mistakes, but that would be wrong. Scientific documentation reveals that it is dishonesty.
      In addition to fraud, any scientific assertion that is not observable or reproduceable is only scientific conjecture, which many people confuse with scientific fact. They place much faith in what scientists assert happen “millions/billions” of years ago (Evolution, Age of the Earth, etc.), but these don’t qualify as true science. To show that scientific conjecture is not worthy to place too much faith in, Google “SCIENTISTS PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT” to see millions of responses indicating that they no longer believe what they told you last year or so.

  7. Rajan says:

    barking at us all the fucking time in every aspect of life …..i don’t want to sound prude, but i have notice that a lot of people use the ‘F’ word sort of out of frustration…is this an acceptable mode of communication nowadays in english…somehow the ‘F ‘ word makes things so vulgar and violent….perhaps one should refrain from using expletives ..there are other choice words to use to express frustrations.

  8. I Know Trust Me. says:

    You all read this and take it as fact.. we all read books at school and take it as fact.. how do we know what is fact and what is now if we have two sides barking at us all the fucking time in every aspect of life, Any how i doubt there was any “Super Civilizations” going around at this time as it took us a long time to get to where we are today… and considering modern man has only been around for 50,000 years (In africa alone) Think about how long it would take moving settling down then for future generations to move on until you reach the Gobi desert.. then you have to think about build time then you have the religious nuts holding back progress there’s just not enough time for all this shit to have happened, However texts from MANY different civilizations point in the direction that they where visited by aliens and i believe this to be true.. you all have your own opinions but i can say that there is more sense in aliens visiting our ancestors or huge highly advanced ancient civilizations then there is in 2 people sitting in a wonderful garden eating apples with snakes then populating the word.. themselves it just dosent happen..

  9. Melissa Eves says:

    Well this makes for very interesting times indeed. When are we able to see a Vimana in action?

  10. Deannajean Fact says:


  11. Larry Kugelman says:

    A Vimana was found in a cave in Afghanistan, fully intact and operational, 6 months ago by the U.S. military.

  12. Ericsson Alan says:

    The evidence that we have been visited in the past is there for everyone to see. The ancient Indian texts remain as the most convincing proof to the existence of ETs. It's such a shame that many turn a blind eye to its historical truth.

  13. nishnat biswas says:

    I dont deny the existence of sophisticated cities….. but
    1. An advanced civilization will never go to an extent of fighting a nuclear war…..In fact, wars will become less and less common.
    2. An advanced civilization will never be reduced to barbarism. The ancient civilizations have been destroyed and turned to barbarism, but these were advanced compared to others. They were not exactly advanced. Here, the author is talking about a civilization of 21st century standard.

    • hillbilleter says:

      If mere functional plumbing has had to be reinvented several times over 2-3,000 years, what else has been lost because of the destruction of advanced civilizations? We’ve most likely lost more than plumbing over the past few thousand years, and that’s only what archaeologists have told us about.

    • Jim C. says:

      That’s bullshit and just wishful thinking. Humans remain human no matter how advanced their technology is, and until we reach a point where we can somehow reprogram our brains it will remain so.

  14. Jack R says:

    Man you guys read some tripe. Go pick up a real archaeology book and do some real learning. This is all just madness – there is zero evidence of nuclear weapons 11,000 BC lol. The fact you even read the article with some belief is unbelievable. No evidence presented other than a piece of crude metal work

  15. Ralph Brooks says:

    Moonbats. All sides. It’s probably a hold down from someone’s pickup tonneau cover that fell off when they were hauling shovels to the site.

  16. DW says:

    So um, I have to say, if the piece is as small as it appears in the photo of a man holding it, that it would either have to be the landing gear of a model aircraft of some sort or some other thing. Because, there just is no way that that tiny piece could support the weight of even a small aircraft like the size of a cessna…. It just wouldn’t happen. interesting metallurgy though.

    My thought is aluminum doesn’t actually last that long(not even just sitting on a shelf in air), unless the soil was devoid of mercury and other reactive elements that aluminum simply cannot be that old. Contrary to popular belief aluminum does corrode quite quickly. I worked for mercedes restoring cars and we would often go into old warehouses looking for the rare 300sl aluminum brake drum and find them… then discover that they were already so badly corroded that they were fit only for the scrap yard and that was only 50yrs after that part was made, AND it was sitting in a climate controlled building with deliberately low moisture and filtered air. I really doubt the conclusions these researchers reached. I have no doubt that this technology existed but everything about this artifact screams, MODERN industrial society.

  17. Edward henson says:

    I would just like to say you are all wrong, regarding the annunaki and of course reptilian aliens and associated agendas. The proof is coming soon. You probably won’t be able to comprehend the magnitude of what has been discovered. The problem is (And I have done a lot of research) You all think in human terms, of what is possible, and never think outside of this. It’s no use me trying to enlighten you here, but my friends are working on bringing you the truth.

  18. jgranger says:

    Just because mainstream science didn’t discover a way to isolate and make use of aluminum until the 1800’s, doesn’t mean that some bronze age or earlier group didn’t figure it out first.
    Perhaps had no real use for it or found it too difficult to work with compared to more readily available materials. Aluminum seems a pretty lousy alternative for the uses that ancient cultures had for refined metals.
    Our Ancestors were a whole heck of a lot smarter than we give them credit for

  19. I understand that quite a few people need something to believe in that will give them hope, feelings of belonging to something bigger than themselves, feeling of awe, etc., which is why there are so many cults and neo-religions. In reality it will be a long time before any advanced space-traveling races make formal contact with “us” because “we” are not the advanced race that owns this planet. Our Repto Sapian cousins are the race of record that owns Earth as far as other advanced space races are concerned. THE REPTO SAPIENS have introduced themselves to the other races and impressed on them that Earth is not to be visited, colonized, or contacted except through Repto Sapien representatives. As an example of what happens to alien races who move in here without authorization, there is frightening evidence you can still see today from ancient India and Asia.

    A few thousand years ago when the Repto Sapiens were not vigilant for a while, another alien race came to Earth and set up shop here, even interacting with the local humans. The Indians carved statues of them and painted temple murals of them thinking they were gods. The Indians wrote about them and when the Repto Sapiens came back and found the invaders here, the Indians wrote about what happened. The Repto Sapien’s craft attacked and blew the craft of the invaders out of the sky, then used nuclear weapons to obliterate their ground bases. The following article tells what was written by the ancient Indians.

    Ancient Nuclear Weapons

    By Colin Mulligan

    Is it really possible that the Ancient Indians had the capacity to
    deploy devastating nuclear weapons against their enemies? Moreover is it
    really possible, as many Ufologists claim, that awesomely powerful
    nuclear weapons were actually given to the ancient Indian warriors by
    extraterrestrials, highly advanced spacemen from other planets? Well
    passages from ancient Indian national epics certainly Appear to be
    evidence of such astonishing claims.

    It is in ancient Indian epic poems such as such The Mahabarata and The
    Ramayana that we can read what appear to be references to an otherwise
    relatively primitive people having the capacity to wield highly
    destructive nuclear weapons. Not surprisingly it is as a direct
    consequence of such compelling passages that many Ufologists like Erich
    Von Daniken and W. R. Drake (See for I.E. According to The Evidence –
    Souvenir, 1977 and Gods &Spacemen In The Ancient East – Sphere, 1976 ),
    have argued that the highly advanced capacity to use (and misuse)
    nuclear weaponry must have being handed down to these ancient people by
    the Gods or, in other words, highly-advanced extra-terrestrial spacemen.
    How else, these proponents of ancient astronauts say, could such an
    ancient people manage to develop the extremely advanced technological
    status necessary to make such complex and destructive weaponry that
    could “scorch the universe” and make “inauspicious winds” blow?
    Surely even the crude but ultimately terribly destructive nuclear device
    dropped on Hiroshima demanded an highly advanced science to develop and
    deliver it, they say. Reading through the various passages of The
    Ramayana and The Mahabarata with an eye to references of destructive
    nuclear type weapons certainly does lend itself to believing such
    claims, too. The evidence does appear to be highly compelling. For
    instance on p.383 of the Drona Parva we come across the following lines
    which certainly could be construed as evidence of the loathsome effects
    of detonating a nuclear weapon of some sorts…


    Encompassed by them (bowmen) Bhisma smiting the while and uttering
    a leonine roar, took up and hurled at them with great force a fierce
    mace of destruction of hostile ranks. The mace of adamantine strength,
    hurled like Indra’s thunder by Indra himself, crushed, O King, thy
    soldiers in battle. And it seemed to fill the whole earth with a loud
    noise. And blazing forth in splendour, that fierce mace inspired thy
    sons with fear. Beholding that mace of impetuous course and endowed with
    lightening flashes coursing towards them, thy warriors fled away
    uttering frightful cries. And at the unbelievable sound of that fiery
    mace, many men fell down where they stood and many car (vimana or flying
    vehicle) warriors also fell down from their cars.

    As Drake says on p.49 of Gods And Spacemen In The Ancient East (Sphere,
    1976), we are startled here by these lines which bear an Uncanny
    resemblance to future wars, when our earth’s capitals may be blasted
    with bombs of anti-matter launched from space-satellites .

    According to Indian tradition The Mahabarata, a fabulously rich verse
    epic, was first collected together by Vyasa, probably an incarnation of
    the God Vishnu. It was first recited by one Vaicampayana and, at least
    in its present form, is reckoned to date from around the 4th century BC
    to around the 4th century AD. Like The Ramayana, which is reckoned to
    have emerged at around the time when The Mahabarata was taking its final
    shape, The Mahabarata is made up of fables, parables, essays, poetry and
    prose from the earliest of times. Interestingly, too, as some proof of
    its importance and relevance to many people today still, in July 1985 it
    was produced by the renowned Peter Brook in Avignon (See: p.113, Sacred
    Writings Of World Religions, Chambers, 1992).

    Though eclectic in style, throughout The Mahabarata runs the story of
    the long war between the Kauravas and the Pandavas. Interestingly, too,
    for our purposes here, during the epic we are told of a terrible battle
    during which Asvatthaman, cornered by Pandavas in a forest, launches a
    terrible weapon which is said to be capable of destroying an entire
    world. Astonishingly, even though the all powerful Krishna deflects the
    missile from reaching its goal, Asvatthaman still manages to direct it
    instead at the Pandava women, the children they are carrying, and will
    carry in later years. On p.677 of the Drona Parvawe we can read more
    about the devastating effects of Asvatthaman wielding his awesome
    Agneya weapon:

    “The sun seemed to turn around. The universe scorched with heats
    seemed to be in a ever. The elephants and other creatures of the land
    scorched by the energy of weapon, ran in fright, breathing heavily and
    desirous of protection against that terrible force.”

    Also in the very same passage: “A thick gloom suddenly shrouded the
    host. All points of the compass also were enveloped by that darkness.
    Rakshashas and Vicocha crowding together uttered fierce cries.
    Inauspicious winds began to blow.

    All in all such descriptive passages amount to compelling and
    frightening stuff. As Drake says on p.49 of Gods And Spacemen In The
    Ancient East (Sphere, 1976): n Arjuna and his companions (our warrior
    heroes in The Mahabarata) appear(ed) to possess an arsenal of diverse,
    sophisticated nuclear weapons, equal to, perhaps surpassing, the
    missiles of the Americans and Russians today. Von Daniken also seems
    to agree. It is difficult not to think of Hiroshima, he says, when
    reading passages like the following from The Mahabarata and cited on P.
    164 of his book According To The Evidence (Souvenir, 1977):

    “The heavens cried out, the earth bellowed an answer, lightening
    flashed forth, fire flamed upwards, it rained down death. The brightness
    vanished, the fire was extinguished. Everyone who was struck by the
    lightening was turned to ashes. And again from the same source: It
    was a ghastly sight to see. The corpses of the fallen were so mutilated
    they no longer looked like human beings. Never before have we seen such
    an awful weapon, and never before have we heard of such a weapon.”

    Although, of course, these days we have seen and heard about such awful
    weapons and, moreover, the terrifying effects that such awful weapons
    cause when detonated. For didn’t the media relay the horror of
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki to awesomely horrific effect?

    Reading through the above passages it would obviously be foolhardy to
    simply dismiss outright the idea that the ancient Indian warriors did
    possess some terrible weapons, possibly even of a nuclear type. But
    perhaps it could be considered an equal oversimplification to admit that
    the ancient Indian warriors did undoubtedly possess such weapons also.
    The argument still stubbornly remains as to whether such ancient
    writings are actually based in fact or simply meant to be interpreted
    symbolically. All of which means, of course, that the highly contestable
    question of whether the ancient Indians were really given such awesome
    nuclear weapons by spacemen, ancient astronauts from other planets, must
    remain so. It seems, at this point, that we either do or do not believe.
    It appears to all boil down to a simple matter of faith.

    Perhaps though, this said, there is actually something else, a little
    more substantial even, that we are able to take away from our brief
    sojourn through the ancient Indian epics . Namely a (reinforced?) belief
    that peace must always be mankind’s ultimate goal. For certainly,
    whether rooted in truth or merely symbolic, the explicitly shocking
    descriptions of death and destruction to be found in, say, The
    Mahabarata are undeniably terrifying and, as such, give grave
    forewarning to all nations of the world of the importance of steering a
    path of non-violence.

    To this particular end, when we hear today about India’s newly
    (newly?) acquired nuclear capabilities or, say, American President
    George Bush’s proposed “Son Of Star Wars” Nuclear Missile Defence
    Program, we should certainly be very much on the alert. Should we
    admit that the ancient Indian epics can be interpreted as poetic
    lessons, we can consider ourselves duly warned against expanding rather
    than depleting the world’s nuclear stockpiles. Clearly, if nothing
    else, it can be interpreted that as Bhisma sought a general
    reconciliation at the end of The Mahabarata, so must we be resolved on
    reconciliation in all our global relations today, too.

    source: http://www.ufoevidence.org/documents/doc1937.htm

    Fused sand and skeletons at nuclear detonation sites in India:

  20. UFOs are not all flown by true extraterrestrials, the majority of them are owned and operated by our advanced Repto Sapien cousins, who share the Earth with us as their ancestral home world. They are historically cited in about 80 places in the Bible, being described as a SERPENT THAT WALKS UPRIGHT ON TWO LEGS AND IS AS TALL AS A CAMEL (8 FEET TALL). There are statues and temple paintings of them in nearly every ancient society. This has nothing to do with “religious beliefs.” It is a proven historical and archaeological fact. That’s why I wrote a book showing all of the real world evidence.

    Publisher’s site to order my book in paperback or Ebook


    WARNING reveals a frightening alien agenda, a long-term program of social domination and periodic controlled genocide. Mankind is now in great danger. We have a terrible problem to overcome. Resolution requires international solidarity, then forcible negotiation with the aliens.

    Some artwork from my book. Click on each image for larger view:


    Website: http://antigraywarning.webs.com/

    Art Greenfield

  21. Ron Russell says:

    The man in the picture holding the wedge is Michael Hesseman from Germany, not the researcher from Romania you cite.

  22. Masonicon says:

    do you know the atomic bomb are actually fire elemental bombs and the vimana are built with Anunnaki technology

    • Science man says:

      Why do you have to have an Anunnaki angle? The Indians did have advanced civilization baced by their scriptures. You guys can never accept this fact.

  23. Duncan Roads says:

    The person holding that wedge in the picture is Michael Hesseman of Germany, not Florian Gheorghita of Romania.

  24. This is a very interesting story but I want to draw your attention to the photograph and caption which reads: Romanian researcher, Florian Gheorghita.

    I know the person in the photograph very well and that is NOT his name. This is a German researcher by the name of Michael Hesemann http://www.ufoevidence.org/researchers/detail93.htm

  25. jordan says:

    part of an antediluvian craft probably

  26. Who's Brainless Here? says:

    You were raised to believe lies. You will soon see. The creators are A LOT like us.

  27. Klink says:

    Could also be a base for a ceremonial piece of some sort. More important is a erroneous dating attributed to it. Other dating methods for the entire earth would place the object at no more than 5k yo. They can’t date such a metal.
    Also, this region claimed to be radio active looks like a ruse to keep people out of the region. It’s sealed off and you can’t go in there. What’s there would shatter current evotard theories.

  28. Here we go again any little thing to disbelieve Christ luciferians at it again and his brainless minions

    • Jon says:

      Well I’m sure you consider a lot of Christians to be Luciferians since plenty of them believe that the Earth is older than 6500 years. BTW, the Bible never mentioned how old the Earth is. It was a misinterpretation by James Ussher.

    • Filip says:

      How does this discredit Christ and his work in any way what so ever? Do you have proof that these claims made by several different groups and races are false? please stop being so hateful and close minded it’s making you blind brother

    • v says:

      right, because stuff written in the vedas doesn’t predate that at all…most of what you are reading here is actually written in the vedas…whether you believe it or not is up to you etc…but it has nothing to do with the illuminati luciferian free mason stuff…. =/ vedas are older than that shit!

    • Daemon says:

      This actually has nothing to do with your Jesus. Go away.

    • greg says:

      you can’t hide from the truth for much longer mr fundamentalist christian

    • Science man says:

      Why? You are finding out that Christ is NOT real God; he was just like any other human being but a very good one. You guys cannot face facts; scientific facts. Of course, you are the one who believes that you came from Adam and Eve, which means we all in incest!

  29. Cris says:

    rebuild it please….and let me fly to the stars…..earth is not a good place…it sounds like frustration, guns, death!

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