2008 Daytime Emmy Awards Red Carpet Arrivals Kodak Theater


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  1. Well, you saved the best for last……Antonio Sabato, Jr. I'm, absolutely, in love with him!!! I dream of him every night!! Thank You!!

  2. Well, you saved the best for last…………Antonio Sabato, Jr. I am, absolutely, in love with him. I dream of him every night! Too, bad he doesn't seem to date we ordinary women instead of, just, celebrities! Thanks for the video!!!

  3. Congratulations to everyone!!!

    I want to say a special thanks and prayer
    for HBO in making the winner "Recount"


    To contact Albert or Mary Elizabeth (Tipper) of I Jeff Fisher pop us an email at ALGOREJEFFFISHER LIVE com et GOREFISHER2008 at gmail com

  4. BCraingirl says:

    I guess I'm not with it, but I didn't know anyone in the beginning of this clip.

  5. Liviu1984 says:

    i heart this

    how cute. just like me. m1

  6. kcgirlgeek says:

    Well…I hate to break it to you, but…Portia de Rossi is not in this video.

  7. Alecssei says:

    well, this was a waste of time … The who's who of last year's nobodies!

  8. OS253 says:

    I hate hot weather!

  9. ShesThe1yup says:

    some of them look like their on drugs, anyway I love Adrienne Frantz and Jaquie Mac oh and Alison Sweeney's cool too

  10. 4spitfire says:

    00:10 ummm i didnt realise soap actorz were A listerz….what of stars like brad pitt/ will smith/ britney spears then??

  11. I don't know half the people in this video

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