2011 – The beginning of the End of America – Double Dip Recession turns into 10 year Depression


2011 – The United States begins its decent from prosperity to economic stagnation / depression in 2011 as the economic recovery stalls and a double dip recession occurs. The expiration of the Bush Tax cuts reinforces the economic decline and unemployment spikes over 10% again. 2011 is just the beginning and 2012 will be worse. Economic Collapse is likely by end of decade. Economic Collapse is likely by end of decade.GOVERNMENT MORTGAGE RELIEF and all of this is happening whilst the rich elite, movie stars and alike.. sit back and watch as America folds and the poor will starve to death, the poor being someone who work 6 days a week doing some of the hardest work you could ever imagine for a piss weak wage…… compared to a movie star whom pretends to be someone else in front of a camera for MILLIONS!! or diplomats who retire on 100,000 dollars a year, what and they wont go for more taxes on their millions!!??


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  1. brenda says:

    i simply don’t buy it. We are a unique country we have gotten through much worse than this. I guess the country was doomed to hell when Obama took office and we would be at 3 % unemployment if McCann got in. What a bunch of BS

  2. william f mcdonagh 3 says:

    thanks for serving america,your hard work will not be in vain,when push comes to shove,we will wipe the criminal traitor imperialists,with one swift stroke, they will probably flee to england or israel, soon there will be no safe place to hide from the american people

  3. clayton says:

    Lindsey Williams said on the Alex Jones show that soon the dollar will be so devalued that there will be food on the shelves. Only you won’t be able to buy them. The ‘elite’ told him this. And so far he has been right.
    He was wrong about one thing. (There won’t be food on the shelves for long). Steal if they must, people will get the food.

  4. They were eating and drinking while Rome burned.

  5. Alexander says:

    The financial disaster that the United States finds itself in today had to happen.
    During the 1950s, America was the World’s largest lender nation, today it is standing with a beggar’s bowl mooching the spare change from Japan and China.
    So what happened to cause this great switch of roles?
    First, the the equipment that manufactured items such as toys,watches, clocks, radios, televisions and cameras in the United States was shipped to Japan to take advantage of the cheap labor at that time.
    Next, the Japanese decided to invade the automotive field.
    Cleverly they made funny looking little cars and asked if they could share the showrooms of Ford, General Motors, and Chrysler…. as they presented no “threat”, they were given the okay. Once they got their foot in the door, the sky was the limit.
    The manufacture of the “funny” looking Japanese cars came to a screeching halt.
    Instead, American style cars were then made supported by all the other industries in Japan, such as those who made the toys, watches, clocks, televisions etcetera.
    A shout went up from the Union “bosses” here, saying, “If you sell here, then build here.”
    No problem, the Japanese started building here…. but NOT manufacturing here.
    There is not one Japanese vehicle made in the United States, the parts are all made in Japan and simply shipped and ASSEMBLED here.
    There is not one Japanese steel mill, foundry, engine, transmission, or stamping plant in the U.S.A., all of those high paying automotive jobs are safe in Japan, leaving rubes and little old ladies in assembly plants thinking that the are actually making vehicles.
    For the past twenty years, it’ has been China’s turn to take what was left of America’s wealth.
    Try and find ANYTHING that has a label, or stamped saying, made in the United States of America.
    But then, why go on a fool’s errand?
    The United States has been sold out.
    Content yourselves with the lavish salaries paid at McDonald’s and Wendy’s

  6. I define the current financial and economic crisis as a double dip INFLATIONARY recession. It has been scientifically engineered by the world of high finance, which is the international illuminati bankers. Without major political, economic, financial , monetary, and banking reforms the economy will will turn into a 10 year depression. It will take another FDR to dig us out of this hole. The U.S. Congress is grid locked and in the hip pockets of special interest. The only method to effectively bring about change is to declare an economic emergency by executive orders and directives. The final solution is to abolish the privately held central banks, which are neither Federal nor do they have any reserves, because all the money is created from debt. Restore monetary authority to the National Treasuries to create and extinguish honest debt free money based on a two tiered system of precious metals and labor treasury certificates for work performed, goods produced, and services rendered. The money that the government would create would by debt free. Privately held state banks would be established that are State and Federally chartered and are subject to the authority of the National Banksand the regulations of the National Treasuriesy Departments. Instead of private banks loaning the government the money, the government would loan the money out at the discount rate, by charging a 1% per annum to the privately held banks which it in turn would loan the money out to their customers at 2% per annum. Compound interest and a service charge over 10% would be for forbiden. It would be considered usury. I like the model of Islamic Banking.

  7. arlen says:

    Does anyone understand that the reason things are this way is because we the people have allowed the rich to run everything and they are running it to help themselfs and nobody else. They control things by manipulating and bribing we the people to do all the dirty work for them. Not a one of them is in the front lines or in the trenches actually doing anything. Wake Up and stop buying thier insane lies. Everything we have been taught and believe is wrong. A BIG LIE!

  8. The U.S. and the world is headed for greatest depression that has ever occured in history. It is not a phenomena, but is scientifically created by elite politicians, bankers, and industrialist. A trick of high finance and predatory monopoly capitalism. The middle class are being systematically eliminated. The elite have administered a series of economic shocks that have crippled the economy. The finance hyenas and their coharts which consist of inside traders on the International Stock Exchanges and Comodity Exchanges are taking advantage of the energy crisis and profiting off of other peoples miseries. When the U.S. Congress passed the bill to deregulate the banks, they let the fox into the hen house. The double dip inflationary recession is destroying the dollar and all the other major currencies. The speculative bubble will eventially burst, cuasing a monetary collapse where financial base of the economic system falls apart, followed by an economic collapse where the foundations of employment and production come to a grinding hault. This will be the final death stroke to the economy.

  9. Shawn says:

    Ironic the color yellow… piss journalism… history books will paint the true picture. Horse crap like this video will be included in arcives as journalism made to scare the population. Enough of the fear tactics… offer results. I just pray the cattle realize there in line before America runs out of time.

  10. Robin Hood says:

    As a retired military,vet of WWII, Korea & Vietnam, I have long felt that our country was being sold out to the money grabbers, polititicians, etc. I started school in 1931, I have seen of liberties slowly desappear, ie: taxes, selt belts, no smoking any where, etd. Degraddiing of our school system, loss of workers rights, un-ending unemployment, govenors elected with their power has gone to their heads with unelected powers placed upon the public, your narative only skims the surface of our problems, nor is it telling all that political parties are trying to shove down the publics throats, nor minority groups that have forgotten that we run on the facts that the majority makes the laws not the mority, the Tea Party, who can not see past their pocket books. I hurt daily, as I see our problems not bing solved, of all my fellow comrades dead in graves all over this world who gave their all, for their country. Can their sacrafices have been in vain. Writing this answer to your requested comments brings tears to my eyes, causes my heart heart to acke, it is becoming a daily pain I suffer for my country, nor can I find relief for my feelings, of hurt. RH,30 yrs mil,20 yrs Dept Army, retired Comm/Intell Officer, serving my country some 45 or more years.

  11. james says:

    the illuminati and skull and bones run this country. i am glad i am old so i do not have to watch what these people have in mind

  12. nipper says:

    Accountability should start with the Bush’s – Take ownership of one’s mistales, and major error’s of poor judgement !!!! Do not blame other’s for peoples past mistakes, i.e. Bush as well as Clinton.. and Bush Senior… Do we forget how much money Bush junior spent on the Afganistan and Iraq wars on our credit cards. Bon noche…

    • johnnyv says:

      Oh please get off the “Bush’s Fault” bandwagon and wake up. These things started way before any of these presidents were around. They are just the ones holding the hot potato last.

  13. johna anle says:

    what is the united states in now ? i love you !

  14. gean says:

    Based on what youve said Mr. Author it seems to serve as an eye opener for us people who dont live in America cause based on what we heard from other people who lived in america its very different but i dont have the guts to say that you are right and theyre wrong or theyre right and your wrong.But one things for sure it will help us foreigners in our decision.

    As i read several articles containing recession i realized that recession has one major goal in one country’s economy its to “put down ones economy and to test one economy’s survival instinct”.Its just like an AIDS that will slowly attack your nervous system.At first you wont notice it.Slowly it will kill you,the first victim of it are the small people who plays a big role in the economy these people were the one who eagerly pays taxes,works regularly and go out regularly.Slowly these people will suffer shortage that will stop them to do their regular routine and when these symptoms occur in one’s economy then that’s it you can say that your already in a big recession.Whether the gov’t admit it or not at first govt will not pay attention cause they will think that its just a simple problem cause simple people are just the one affected by it BUT come to think of it these small people are the one who plays a big role in one economy’s country and they are one countries considered as “NERVOUS SYSTEM”.Rich people must admit that w/out these people theyre also nothing!.Recession is a treat in one countries reign!.An equalizer!You may also consider it as the moving God!It also help one country to unite its people and realize their mistakes! and the best thing to cure it is to be humble to admit it and unity of the people and gov’t.

    And correct me if im wrong Recession’s Motto “What come’s up,Must comes down!” lol

  15. Jim Haynes says:

    Well, according to this article and many more like it, I’m beginning to get the hint that things are a bit different then what I hear out of Obama’s mouth. If indeed the economy doesn’t change for the better in 2011 then all bets are off as to the future of our once great nation.

    Political sell outs and traitors from INSIDE our nation have incrementally decimated our economic base for the past fifty years. The word prosperity hasn’t been mentioned by any of the politicians and you will not here it come up in the future. Our present lack luster administration has directed our nation into a third world status by deceit and control through an onslaught of executive orders and bogus freedom killing bills. There exists a dismal outlook for our future generations that will have to live under martial law and potential food rationing. We have amassed a debt whose interest we can’t begin to pay off, our future is in the hands of God for “We the People” will not react to the tyrannical environment we now live in.

    • gean says:

      I really like what youve said “our future is in the hands of God for “We the People” will not react to the tyrannical environment we now live in.”.

      Its very true coz no matter what you do or say if its God’s will theres nothing you can do about it and the least thing you can do is to pray.

      • arlen says:

        YOU have hit on the core of the problem. People so self absorbed and counting on big daddy in the sky to fix things for us so we don’t have to put ouresfls out doing it.


    ONE OF OUR ONLY LORD GOD CREATOR, dawn will bring the most beautiful day in the Prophetic Rapture Rapture in heaven of her children by supernatural events.

    What the Creator is the Creator back, the sons of God will return to the Father.

    The Way of the Ascension in Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit for Humanity in God by the Messiah’s Divinity JESUS Cristus, either.

    What has been will be again, at the end of our time, the Rise of a New Earth in a New Heaven for a New Humanity Re – Voluzio – Nata.

    MAKE IT BACK IN ONE SPIRIT the God of love and truth ‘.

    Humanity is ready in its subsequent re Loop – generate – action, is perpetuating the New Humanity Purified, forward to a new life in a New Heaven and New Earth purified.

    God bless every single soul in all its peoples and the earth, IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER, THE SON AND THE HOLY SPIRIT RISE TO THE MOST HOLY VIRGIN MARY MOTHER OF GOD. The Holy Spirit descends on us and will remain there forever.

    THE divine messenger ‘is on all of us, anticipating your return, Lord we beseech Thee, mea culpa mea culpa mea culpa great, blessed be His name forever, IS THE KINGDOM OF GOD ON EARTH IS HIS KINGDOM.

    Final Battle of spirits is already taking place, the Kingdom of God will triumph ‘in the kingdom of demons, fear not brothers in God, divine messenger WITH’ JESUS ‘Christ the Lord in our hearts we have no reason to be afraid, LORD JESUS Cristus SAVIOR AND OUR SOLE MAKER keeps us in his care and protection.

    By The Ascension of the Lord is in Heaven for the Children of God.

    Let us prepare to host the events, begin the songs and dances of Liberation from fears and anxieties Human, A New RI – Home of Humanity by the Heavenly Jerusalem in heaven Purified and reinserted in Terris, is, to put in place.

    Glory to the Heavenly Jerusalem in the Heavens and New Human experience in Terris.

    THE LORD door to save his children. God in us, God among us UNIVERSE IN GOD.
    The kingdom of God on Earth, His Kingdom come.

    JURM Ben ISman


    The Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of God and Jesus Christ are our protection from evil.

    It ‘s time in the Ascension of the Human Body Mind Soul and Spirit to the Heavenly Jerusalem in Heaven.


    JESUS ‘CHRIST, protect us and free from evil.

    L ‘Ascension in Jerusalem in Heaven Heavenly Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit by the Lord save us from annihilation only to be once purified and regenerated, new jobs through Discensione by Christ on the surface of our beloved regenerated in a New Earth New Heaven Submissions.

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    With Infinite Love and Humility will make this our messages.
    Will be done ‘THE LORD!

    L ‘Ascension into Heaven in Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit will save us from annihilation and then be re-entered the Earth once purify and revitalize, us, we will be using the Discensione again by JESUS’ CHRIST ON NEW POSTS THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH AND PURIFIED REGENERATED AND POSTED A NEW HEAVEN.

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    JURM Ben ISman

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  17. Nokriinfo says:

    It should go down, because US made his presence all over the world, that’s why it took losses from his own cheating. US go to Zero with economic crises.

  18. I define this depression as an inflationary depression. America is going to through a period of hyper-inflation and than the bubble is going to burst. I compare it to an economic black hole where the wealth is being concentrated into the hands of the few. The elite politicians, bankers and industrialist are exapropriating the assets of the middle class through currency devaluation and taxation. The next financial and economic crisis will be property tax foreclosures. With the local governments running huge deficits, they will have no other choice but to raise taxes too service the debt to the bondholders. All these tax foreclosed properties will be put on the auction block down at the court house and sold to the highest bidder further driving down the price of realestate. In the end the bolders will be lucky if they get 10 cents on the dollar.

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