2011 World War 3 Simulation (Part One)


The world is an unstable place . When war broke out in the Middle East no one was ready , even Iran . But it was a life or death mission . This episode exposes the …


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  1. The world can't unite because there is no 1 right way to govern the world. We are far to divided in culture and geography.

  2. I think america want to take over The world

  3. could this be the start of it.A strike on Syria might just be the trigger,It would mean N/Korea, Iran would be in the sights of USA as well as Syria, might as well do the job now as later.

  4. Yamen Hawit says:

    I think Russia will get involved much sooner than that.

  5. G36C4FUN says:

    Yes, true story.I think, if the war began, israel shoot nukes. I hate Israel

  6. Its well over a year since i first viewed this video and on still waiting for part two please sir MAKE PART TWO ALREADY!!!!!!!!!

  7. the fact that thers no part 2 better not be some subliminal way to make people think and engage in the hole what if and all that cause i would rather just be told with epic background music

  8. Who is Iran trading with while they decide to try and conquer the world?

  9. Desmond Hume says:

    i appriciate your effort. as many have said irans first attack is realistic but the easy advance is unlikely. but we should keep making this kind of vids to alert people why we need to keep peace everywhere in the world. thanks a lot.

  10. I would so watch this film

  11. yarin981 says:

    If we have nukes, we will use them only as a last resort.
    If not, then we simply don't have.

  12. TheMegasalt says:

    This war lost me at Russia join Iran, it is impossible Russia join Iran.

  13. ziberman1 says:

    Apply cold water to the burned area.

  14. ziberman1 says:

    Nop, not really, Mother Russia is very unpredictable, even for me it's seems very likely.

  15. Eliad Tair says:

    israel does not need any allies to attack iran

  16. MrXtreme961 says:

    Hey, please continue the series, I really liked how you made this video! Thanks! :))


  18. Very good, the best I've seen on YouTube but I believe that the US would not let Israel launch a nuclear strike and that the US wouldn't have so many casualties in 2 month, I could be wrong overall very good

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