2012 Apocalypse – Is it really coming?


Introduction – The 2012 Apocalypse

The 2012 Apocalypse is predicted by an intersection of Religions, Science, and Prophesies. Many Great Prophets, Religious Scriptures, and Scientific evidence point to a possible apocalyptic event happening in the year 2012.

We will explore the 2012 Apocalypse theories and predictions of who or what group may behind the inner workings of The war to end all wars? What acts of nature may cause the apocalypse 2012? What are the warning signs?

And…our interpretation of Great Seers’ writings and words. We will use information from; Nostradamus, The Bible, The Mayan Civilization, The Many Books written on the topic of 2012.

Who or what will cause the 2012 Apocalypse? Super Volcanos? Pestilence and Disease? Asteroids? Comets? Antichrist? Global Warming? Nuclear War?



December 21, 2012

The 2012 Apocalypse

The Mayans viewed ‘time’ and ‘dates’ as a meshing spiritual cycles. The Mayan calendar was sacred and religious, each day had it’s own patron spirit.


The Mayan grand cycle of evolution will culminate on December 21, 2012 AD. The 2012 Apocalypse.

This time now has many names “The Time of Trial on Earth,” “Judgement Day,” “The Time of Great Purification,” “The End of this Creation,” “The Quickening,” “The End of Time as We Know It,” “The Shift of the Ages,” “The Apocalypse” and “Armageddon“.

It is foretold that the completion of the Mayan Calendar brings regeneration of Earth, offering an awakening to all with open hearts and minds. The Mayans, Hopis, Egyptians, Kabbalists, Essenes, Qero elders of Peru, Navajo, Cherokee, Apache, Iroquois confederacy, Dogon Tribe, and Aborigines all believe in an ending to this Great 2012 Apocalyptic Cycle.


As keen stargazers, the ancient Maya were familiar with astrological cycle we call the Precession of the Equinoxes. This is close to a 26,000 year cycle in which Earth passes through each of the 12 signs of the zodiac for 2000-2152 years each. Each of these astrological ages represents one month of the Cosmic Year.

The Mayans were known worldwide for their architectural, artistic, mathematical and scientific achievements. With great attention to detail they constructed stone monuments and pyramids with precise computations. Built with purpose, these dates were left to ensure that future generations would be alerted to the end point of this great 26,000 year cycle – The 2012 Apocalypse.

A cycle which corresponds also to a 26,000 year relationship of our Sun orbiting Alcyone, the central star of the 7 Sisters Pleiades constellation. According to the Maya, the “future” which lies beyond this end date is literally a new world age – a new creation – an Apocalypse.

The Mayans believed that December 21, 2012 AD is the culmination of a series of events over time that leads to towards an the ultimate spiritual awakening of the world ( The 2012 Apocalypse ). They believe the changes are underway and will continue steadily accelerating as we head towards this date.


Sunspot Cycles; Adrian Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, in their book The Mayan Prophecies, say that the end of the Great Cycle is the culmination of a series of long-term sunspot cycles which will flip the sun’s magnetic field, causing earthquakes and flooding on earth and an apocalypse in the year 2012.

The Mayan King Pacal Voltan was known for his prophecies and was known for his knowledge of numbers. Pacal Voltan speaks about the end of the world on December 21, 2012, a year which many believe is the year of the apocalypse.

Part of the 2012 mystique stems from the stars:

On the winter solstice in 2012, the sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way for the first time in about 26,000 years. This means that “whatever energy typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will indeed be disrupted on 12/21/12 at 11:11 p.m. Universal Time,” according to Lawrence Joseph.


Others believe gravitational, magnetic, and solar energies will go awry when this galactic and planetary alignment occurs, causing an array of natural disasters, including the weakening of our magnetic field, allowing solar radiation to penetrate our atmosphere and the 2012 Apocalypse.

2012 Apocalypse
The Age of Aquarius

The 2012 Apocalypse Into The Age of Aquarius ?


The ruler of Aquarius is Uranus. Its symbol represents water, a universal image which dates back into prehistory. This will also be recognized in the egyptian hieroglyph representing the same. The association in Aquarius is that of the servant of humanity pouring out the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world.


To create this age of beauty and splendor after the year 2012, one has to destroy. When we can clearly observe the zodiacal sign of Aquarius, this is the dawn of a new age. Aquarius is the house of Uranus and Saturn. Uranus is a revolutionary, terrible, catastrophic planet. Saturn, reminds us of chaos, the return to the point of original departure.

Undoubtedly the Transition from the Age of Pisces, our present age, to The Age of Aquarius will be earth shattering. Pisces, the Fish, has come to symbolize the age of Christianity.

Is The Age of Pisces symbolic of The great world Savior, Jesus Christ, coming to an end? With the arrival of the Aquarian Age, does humanity begins its “entrance into heaven” ~ the Spiritual Kingdom? Does the water bearer water the earth for growth after its destruction and baptise the survivors with love knowledge enlightenment? Cleanse the people of old ways and truth.


Will the Age of Aquarius signal the loss of belief in Christianity and a transition another belief?


Many have predicted a “Golden Age” into the early part of the New Millenium. They believe that the Age of Aquarius with all its splendor and beauty has to fully manifest beyond 2012. It is believed that humanity will go through a radical transformation after the year 2012.


The 2012 Apocalypse is the transition of the ages. A point of destruction and near annihilation which transitions into a world of spirituality never experienced on earth. World peace after a costly lesson for mankind and its creatures.

Terence and Dennis McKenna in The Invisible Landscape advance an idea derived from studies of primitive shamanism and psychoactive drugs that our universe is created between two hyper-universes. Based on extensive computer modelling, they think that humanity will experience a Resurrection into the Light during six days in the 2012 apocalypse, comparable to the appearance of life, the invention of language or the achievement of immortality will be experienced.


Jose Arguelles discovered a system of cycles based on the ancient Mayan calendar and determined that the year 2012 would be the end of the 396 year Baktun of the Transformation of Matter, the collapse of global civilization. The 2012 Apocalypse will follow with an era of information and crystal-solar technology and galactic synchronization. The age of Pisces Transitons into the age of Aquarius during this process.

The BOOK OF REVELATION and The 2012 Apocalypse.

(8:7)And the first sounded, and there followed hail and fire, mingled with blood, and they were cast upon the earth: and the third part of the earth was burnt up, and the third part of the trees was burnt up, and all green grass was burnt up.

Is this the Asteriod 433 Eros, the first discovered Near-Earth asteroid, smashing through our atmospere? Eros is one of the few NEAs with a maximum diameter greater than 10 km. It is believed to be larger than the impactor that created Chicxulub Crater in the Yucatán, which has been linked to the Apocalypse (extinction) of the dinosaurs.


On January 31, 2012, Eros is expected to pass Earth, Is this the 2012 Apocalypse??
Objects in an orbit like Eros can exist for only a few hundred million years before the orbit is perturbed by gravitational interactions. Simulations suggest that Eros may evolve into an Earth-crosser with Apocalyptic power.

And the second angel sounded, and as it were a great mountain burning with fire was cast into the sea: and the third part of the sea became blood;

And there died the third part of the creatures which were in the sea, even they that had life; and the
third part of the ships was destroyed

And the third angel sounded, and there fell from heaven a great star, burning as a torch, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of the waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter.

Wormwood crashes into the ocean or sea, causing one third of the drinking water to be poisoned. Wormwood may be a Comet, Asteroid, or Arab  Missile that hits NYC as W.W. III explodes across Europe, a War fought for food and fresh water. The 2012 Apocalypse?

(8:12)And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; that the third part of them should be darkened, and the day should not shine for the third part of it, and the night in like manner.

A very good description of the aftermath of a comet or asteroid impacting the earth causing the 2012 Apocalypse!

Prophecy of the Popes
The prophecy was attributed to Saint Malachy, the 12th-century bishop of Armagh in Ireland. According to the traditional account, in 1139, Saint Malachy was summoned to Rome by Pope Innocent II. While in Rome, Saint Malachy purportedly experienced a vision of future popes, which he recorded as a sequence of cryptic phrases. Systematically recording the names of 112 Popes into the future. This manuscript was then deposited in the Roman Archive, and thereafter forgotten about until its rediscovery in 1590.

Saint Malachy implies Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger’s chosen name would be Benedictine- Benedict XVI, which is the fulfilment the prophecy of the 111th Pope.

Prophesy dictates that our present Pope, Pope Benedict XVI is our second to last Pope, whose death will signal the 112th, Last, and Final Pope…”Peter The Roman”.  The possibilty of this happening in the year 2012 is very real. The date and chosen name of this 112th pope will signal the 2012 apocalypse.

During the final persecution of the Holy Roman Church, the seat will be occupied by Peter the Roman,
who will feed his sheep in many tribulations;
and when these things are finished, the seven-hilled city will be destroyed,
and the formidable Judge will judge his people.
The End.
According to Roman Catholic tradition, Saint Peter was installed as the first Pope by Jesus Christ. Though the adoption of that name is not canonically barred, it is considered unlikely that any future pope would ever choose the name. Thus, if the name Peter is used, it furthers the accuracy of this prophesy. The Apocalyptic ending of 2012.

King of Tyrus- Lucifer, Evil and False Prophet
After the judgment of the Prince of Tyrus, God directs the prophet Ezekiel to write a judgment about the King of Tyrus, and from the scripture is learned that this individual is Lucifer, as this was his former position before the throne of God before his fall. Satan is also eventually be judged in the 2012 Apocalypse.

Tyrus is said to be the ancient city of Tyre in Lebanon. A Shi’ia city allied with Hezbollah and Iran. The Spiritual Leader and King of Tyrus (Tyre and Southern Lebanon) is Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadl-Allah.



2012 Apocalypse
King Solomon’s Temple
Who? What? Where? King Solomon, Gog, Magog, and The 2012 Apocalypse

Solomon’s Temple also known as the First Temple, was, according to the Bible, the first temple of the ancient religion of the biblical Israelites in Jerusalem. Lack of archaeological evidence for such a temple or a Jerusalem large enough to support it has caused some modern scholars to doubt its existence.
According to the Bible, it functioned as a religious focal point for worship and the sacrifices known as the korbanot in ancient Judaism. Completed in the 10th century BCE, it was destroyed by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The reconstructed temple in Jerusalem, which stood between 516 BCE and 70 CE, was the Second Temple. It was razed again, with no evidence left behind. The Third Temple, if built, would signal to many the precursor to the apocalypse.
David conquered Jerusalem at the end of the 11th century BCE, then choose it as the center of his new government. He brought the Ark of the Covenant to the city. Jerusalem became the political and spiritual center of the ancient Hebrews. King David was instructed by God not to build the Temple, leaving the task to his son Solomon. These sacred vessels were, at the end of the Babylonian Captivity, restored to the Jews by Cyrus in 538 BCE (Ezra 1:7-11).
The Temple is believed to have been situated upon the hill which forms the site of the present-day Temple Mount, in the center of which area is the Dome of the Rock.
There are two sources of archaeological artifacts claimed by some relevant to Solomon’s temple. The first come from remains taken from refuse from an extensive construction project performed on the Temple Mount by the Islamic waqf in November of 1999.
It is not, however, clear whether these remains contain evidence of a Temple structure from this period. The second, which also does not confirm the existence of the temple, was discovered in the summer of 2007, as archeologists overseeing construction at the site reported “evidence of human activity” most likely belonging to the first temple period. In January 2008 Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar publicized the Shelomit seal; however, no evidence has yet been presented that would link the seal’s “Shelomit” with the biblical “Shelomit.”
The rock in the center of the dome is believed by Muslims to be the spot from which Prophet Muhammad ascended to God in heaven, accompanied by the angel Gabriel.
The Dome of the Rock is a notable Islamic mosque in what Muslims call the al-Aqsa Mosque Noble Sanctuary — which Jews and Christians call the Temple Mount — it remains one of the best known landmarks of Jerusalem. It was built between 687 and 691 by the 9th Caliph, Abd al-Malik. For centuries, European travelers have called it the Mosque of Umar.
In Judaism the stone is the site where Abraham fulfilled God’s test to see if he would be willing to sacrifice his son Isaac.
The Knights Templar, who believed the Dome of the Rock to be near the ruins of the Temple of Solomon, made their headquarters in the Al-Aqsa Mosque adjacent to the Dome for much of the 12th century. They called it the “Templum Domini”, and it was the location from which they took their name “Templar”. It appeared in some of the seals of the Order’s Grand Masters, and its architecture was a model for Templar churches across Europe.
Rabbi Shlomo Goren had told him “Now is the time to put 100 kilograms of explosives into the Mosque of Omar so that we may rid ourselves of it once and for all.” Which would spark an apocalyptic war.
Groups such as the Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael Faithful Movement wish to relocate the Dome to Mecca and replace it with a Third Temple. Certainly inciting an apocalyptic war, since Muslims consider the ground under the Dome to be sacred this would be a highly contentious move. Most religious Jews feel that the Temple should only be rebuilt in the messianic era, and it is their belief that it would be presumptuous of people to force God’s hand. However, some Christians would consider this a prerequisite to The 2012 Apocalypse and the Second Coming.
The Temple Mount and Eretz Yisrael (Land of Israel) Faithful Movement is an Orthodox Jewish movement based in Israel that wishes to establish a Third Jewish Temple in Jerusalem and re-institute the practice of ritual sacrifice. It was founded by former Israel Defence Forces officer and Middle Eastern Studies lecturer Gershon Salomon. Members of the movement are referred to as the Temple Mount Faithful

The Temple Mount Faithful propose the Mosque on this site be moved to the Muslim holy city of Mecca to facilitate the construction of a new Temple. The movement has been forbidden to ascend on the Temple Mount on a number of occasions out of fear they would spark war with the Muslims.
If concrete evidence is found that the Temple does exist under the Dome of The Rock, this would undoubtly spark apocalytic size fighting between Muslims and Jews as the Orthodox proceed to fulfill prophecy and rebuild the Third Temple and the Muslims protect ther sacred site to the death.

Gog and Magog” are first mentioned as a pair in the New Testament Book of Revelation, which draws on the depiction of them in the older prophetic works. They appear in verses 20:7-8:
20:7. And when the thousand years are expired, Satan shall be loosed out of his prison, And shall go out to deceive the nations which are in the four quarters of the earth, Gog and Magog, to gather them together to battle: the number of whom is as the sand of the sea.
20:8. And they went up on the breadth of the earth, and compassed the camp of the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire came down from God out of heaven, and devoured them.

Five other biblical verses refer to the descendants of Put, where they are consistently noted to be warriors. In three cases, they are described as being supporters of Egypt, along with Kush.

They will be joined by Persians from the East, Phut from the West, Kushites from the South, and others. We are told that Gog dwelt north of Israel, but there is little else to identify Gog in the passage. Gog and his allies are to attack “a land of unwalled villages” to collect booty, but before attacking Israel itself will be reduced to a “sixth” of their size (Ezekiel 39:2). Their reduced army will be destroyed in Israel, their dead buried in the Valley of Hamon-Gog for all to see and comment on (39:15-17).

Kush civilization centered in the confluence of the Blue Nile and the White Nile, and the confluence of the River Atbara and Nile in what is now the Republic of Sudan. One of the earliest civilizations to develop in the Nile River Valley, the Kushite state was formed before a period of Egyptian incursion into the area. The Kushite civilization has also been referred to as Nubia. It is also referred to as Ethiopia in ancient Greek and Roman records. According to Josephus and other classical writers, the Kushite Empire covered all of Africa, and some parts of Asia and Europe at one time or another.

Persians are from Iran

Put (or Phut) is associated with Libya/Egypt.
Tubal are from Southwestern France.
Togarmah are from Muslim Controlled Russian Provinces.
Kushites are from Northeastern Africa.
Gomer most likely representing Muslim dominated areas in Russia and China.
Meshech as people from parts of Turkey.

My best guess for Gog, is Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Palestinian Territories.

And Magog…is the Maghreb. A large section of North Africa including, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Sudan, Egypt, and Libya.

Addressing Gog and Magog, God describes how the attacks will be repelled (Ezekiel 39:1-16). The army of Gog and Magog includes people from the nations of “Gomer, Tubal, Meshech, and the house of Togarmah from the North”, all of whom are mentioned as descendants of Japheth in Genesis 10. God describes the aftermath of the battle later in the same chapter, addressing “thou, son of man”:


17. …,thus says the Lord, “Speak to every bird and every beast of the field, ‘Assemble yourselves and come,…'”
18. “You shall eat the flesh of the mighty, drink the blood of the princes of the earth, of rams and lambs, of goats and bulls, all them fatlings of Bashan”
The Name Gomer, “standing for the whole family,” as the compilers of the Jewish Encyclopedia expressed it, is also mentioned in Book of Ezekiel xxxviii. 6 as the ally of Gog, the chief of the land of Magog.


Utilizing the symbolism mentioned above…The Muslims of Africa, Europe, and Asia, will unite against Israel only to have other parts of The Judeo-Christian world unite to save Israel from it’s near destruction. 

2012 Apocalypse in Other Biblical Prophecies and Visions

Ezekiel 26:16

Then all the princes of the sea shall come down from their thrones, and lay away their robes, and put off their broidered garments: they shall clothe themselves with trembling; they shall sit upon the ground, and shall tremble at every moment, and astonished at thee.

There will be many that will be astonished in the year of 2012 at the apocalypse when Christ returns, when all the “synagogues of Satan” , and all the riches, commerce, and every part of that filthy religious order will be torn down, and will be no more.
Ezekiel 26:17

And they shall take up a lamentation for thee, and say to thee, ‘How art thou destroyed, that wast inhabited of seafaring men, the renowned city, which wast strong in the sea, she and her inhabitants, which cause their terror to be on all that haunt it!’

These “Kenites” [Phoenicians] roamed the world in the fifth century B.C., very much the same way they do today. They buy low, and sell high. They have no regard for their fellow man, as they tread through life in their world of theft, deceit, and lies. They will start wars, destroy nations, and murder many, and all for the sake of their profits.

Their day of judgment with God in the 2012 Apocalypse is coming shortly. There will be many tears shed by the world over Tyrus.
Ezekiel 26:18

Now shall the isles tremble in the day of thy fall; yea, the isles that are in the sea shall be troubled at thy departure.


Ezekiel 26:19

For thus saith the Lord God; ‘When I shall make thee a desolate city, like the cities that are not inhabited; when I shall bring up the deep upon thee, and great waters shall cover thee;

When Tyrus falls, all the coastal cities around the world felt it. When Satan, the Antichrist falls, All the people of the entire earth will know it, and fear. When this comes to pass, The 2012 apocalypse will culminate, then all evil prophets, Princes, and The Anti-Christ are destroyed.


Ezekiel 26:20

When I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit, with the people of old time, and shall set thee in the low parts of the earth, in places desolate of old, with them that go down to the pit, that thou be not inhabited; and I shall set glory in the land of the living;

Do you get it now? God is not only talking about ancient Tyrus, but the Tyrus of todays Southern Lebanon- Hezbollah and the warning of the coming apocalypse in 2012.

I shall bring thee down with them that descend into the pit.” this refers to Satan being cast into the pit at the sound of the seventh trumpet.


Ezekiel 26:14

And I will make thee like the top of a rock: thou shalt be a place to spread nets upon; thou shalt be built no more: for I the Lord have spoken it, saith the Lord God.

Daniel 9:27
When the Antichrist, the king of Tyrus, stands in the holy place in Jerusalem, and claims himself to be God. This is called the “abomination of desolation” in Daniel 9:27. Then shall Jesus Christ come to earth with His sword, and when Christ’s feet touch Mount Zion, the battle will begin.


“The Meek Shall Inherit The Earth”

Psalms 37:7

Rest in the LORD, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil.
9 For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth.
10 For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be.
11 But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

2012 Apocalypse
The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

 The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse

Will The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse be unleashed on the Earth in the Great Apocalypse of 2012? They are the forces of man’s destruction described in the Christian Bible in chapter six of the Book of Revelation. The four horsemen are traditionally named after the danger they represent: Conquest, War, Famine, and Death.


The White Horse
The rider of the white horse is very commonly interpreted to be the Antichrist figure, but such an interpretation ignores much of the imagery presented throughout the Revelation and many cross references of whom the Bible names as being given a crown. For instance, every other time the color white is used in the Revelation, it is always representative of righteousness and holiness, and whenever the author, John, depicts a malevolent force, he consistently shows it as evil (the two beasts of chapter 13, or the scarlet beast and the prostitute of chapter 17). One can easily mis-interpret the white horse as representing something that is righteous and holy. So, it could be mistaken to mean: a righteous or holy force who is able to overcome and gain victory. Also, considering the rider is given a crown, one might conclude that the rider of the white horse is on the side of good. However, it is the Antichrist in disguise, as it is said that the Antichrist would seem pure, and make himself seem righteous and working for peace while actually deceiving mankind.


The Red Horse
The rider of the second horse is generally held to represent War. The red color of his horse represents blood spilled on the battlefield. He carries a greatsword, which represents battle and fighting. The Red Horse is also said to represent the Planet Mars.

Revelation 6:4 – “And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.”
The Black Horse
The third horseman, riding the black horse, is called Famine. The black color of the third horse could be a symbol of the dead.

Revelation 6:5 – 6:6 – “And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on him had a pair of balances in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts say, A measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and see thou hurt not the oil and the wine.’”
The Pale Horse
The fourth horseman, his colour is sage (on the pale, or sickly horse, which may be the source of the notion of “pestilence” as a separate horseman) is explicitly named Death.


The Greek word interpreted here as “pale” is elsewhere in the New Testament translated as “paisley.” The horse is sometimes translated as “pale,” “pale green,” or “green.” The pale greenish color of the fourth horse could mean fear, sickness, decay, and famine. His horse is thin and weak, instead of strong and healthy.

Revelation 6:8 – “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given.


2012 Apocalypse

NOSTRADAMUS – Prophecies of The 2012 Apocalypse

The 3rd and final Anti-Christ. Nostradamus Predicted the First Two with chilling accuracy as Napoleon and Hitler.

An Emperor shall be born near Italy.
Who shall cost the Empire dear,
They shall say, with what people he keeps company
He shall be found less a Prince than a butcher.

The captive prince, conquered, is sent to Elba;
He will sail across the Gulf of Genoa to Marseilles.
By a great effort of the foreign forces he is overcome,
Though he escaped the fire, his bees yield blood by the barrel.

Napoleon was born in Corsica, near Italy, placed Bees into his Imperial Crest, and was exiled to Elba.
He shall come to tyrannize the land.
He shall raise up a hatred that had long been dormant.
The child of Germany observes no law.
Cries, and tears, fire, blood, and battle.

A captain of Germany shall come to yield himself by false hope,
So that his revolt shall cause great bloodshed.

Beasts wild with hunger will cross the rivers
The greater part of the battlefield will be against Hister.

Adolf Hitler seduced Germany with false hope and Nostradamus is only a few letters off from Hitler’s name- “Hister”.

According to Nostradamus, the first two anti-Christs were extremely evil, and history has shown this to be so; however, Nostradamus speaks of a third anti-Christ who is more hideous than all the others combined. Someone that can cause apoclyptic changes, perhaps in the year 2012. Some have said Saddam Hussein, the fprmer dictator from Iraq, is now dead and can now be eliminated from the candidates. Osama Bin Laden, George Bush,or Barrack Hussein Obama, Could they be this evil tyrant?  Others say that he has not yet appeared.  What does Nostradamus say about this third anti-Christ?  First, Nostradamus tells us he will come from Arabia.

Out of the country of Greater Arabia Shall be born a strong master of Mohammed,
He will enter Europe wearing a blue turban.
He will be the terror of mankind.
Never more horror.


Here, Nostradamus says that a man from Greater Arabia will lead his forces on an invasion through Europe.  (A Greater Arabia State is the design by pan-Arab nationalism in which a single state would exist for the Arab nation across the Middle East and Northern Africa. Attempts at founding a Greater Arabia were attempted by Egyptian President Gamal Nasser in the 1950s and 1960s and Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi’s proposal of an Arab Islamic Republic.) The Arab League has already been formed, is Greater Arabia next…before the year 2012?

The Blue or Indigo Turban is traditional garb worn in The Saharan Desert by most countries in Northern Africa.
The Peshawar Blue Turban is worn in the tribal regions of NorthWest Pakistan.

In the year 1999 and seven months
From the sky will come the great King of Terror.
He will bring back to life the King of the Mongols;
Before and after war reigns.

In the year 1999 and seven months, July, 1999: King Mohammed VI of Morocco, a pro-posed Greater Arabia State, was enthroned July 23, 1999, just hours after the death of his father. Mohammed is the 18th king in the Alaouite dynasty, which has reigned in Morocco since 1666 (The Number 666 has been said to be the mark of “The Beast“). Is this the Beast that will lead the world to near annihilation, the 2012 apocalypse?

The Number of The Beast is a concept from the Book of Revelation of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. The Number of The Beast is 666 in most manuscripts of the New Testament, it is the number of a man; and his number is six hundred, three score and six (666)  Rev 13:18. In the year 2012, The Beast will rise with apocalyptic consequences.

This man of sin will have the number 666 within his name, seal, and/or title Rev 13:18, for it is the number of a man, the greatest False Prophet. He is the one who shall call for men to build an image (a likeness, a replica) of the fallen beast of Babylon, a revival of the Holy Roman Empire Rev 13:15.  He is the one who shall have the power to make it happen!  He appears as a righteous and Godly man and is also given the power to perform miracles Rev 13:13-14 and 2 Thess 2:1-10. Will Mohammed VI rise to incite the 2012 apocalypse?

Mohammed was born in Rabat, Morocco on August 21, 1963. In his Forties, and of Middle-Eastern Descent…is King Mohammed VI (THE SIXTH) from the 1666 Alaouite dynasty, the King of Terror?

The Moroccan royal family is one of the most ancient and most powerful in the world. It also commands extraordinary loyalty from its subjects. [John Laurenson, of BBC News],

During Mohammed’s father’s 38-year reign, thousands of political opponents disappeared or “were disappeared”, to use the chilling phrase of the time, into secret desert prisons. And secret desert graves.

Not surprisingly, Hassan II commanded “hiba”, the Arabic word for fear and respect of the patriarch.

But his more constitutionally-minded and modernising son, Mohammed VI, does, too. [Mohammed VI, Time, 2000]

Genghis Khan, King of the Mongols,  united the Mongolians of the Central Asia into an all-conquering army that forged the largest land empire in history.

The vast Islamic western wing of his empire included modern-day Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union

Dr. A.Q. Khan who developed the Atomic Bomb for Pakistan and also gave it away to other Muslim countries. Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program is a source of extreme national pride, and, as its father, A.Q. Khan — who headed Pakistan’s nuclear program for some 25 years. Dr Khan holds the knowledge and has the ability to give immense power to causethe apocalypse 0f 2012.

In a startling televised confession, Abdul Qadeer Khan, admitted selling nuclear technology to Iran, Libya, and North Korea. A.Q. Khan asked for clemency, but the Pakistani government made no public announcement about whether he is to be prosecuted

Has Dr A.Q. Khan brought back to  life the The Wrath of Khan??

Nostradamus predicted a major ‘King’ of war was empowered in 1999, and Septermeber 11th has brought us into a long hard faught war on Terror, The war that will last seven and twenty years

Nostradamus says that the war will be so terrible that the world will come face to face with final annihilation.  Here, he implies that the war might involve some kind of horrible weapon, possibly nuclear.  Nostradamus tells what the first target will be.

The sky will burn at forty-five degrees.
Fire approaches the great new city.

In this phrase, Nostradamus refers to a great city in the new world of America near forty-five degrees latitude.  Experts agree this could only be New York.  Many claim that this predicted September 11th. The sky did burn at 45 degrees, and it was the great new city. But is there more catastrophies to come for New York City?


By fire he will destroy their city,
A cold and cruel heart,
Blood will pour,
Mercy to none.


Is the New City at 45 degrees yet to be destroyed? He does give us some hope by telling us how this third world war will end.  He says it will end as a result of an unexpected alliance.

When those of the Northern Pole are united,
In the East will be great fear and dread…

One day the two great leaders will be friends;
Their great powers will be seen to grow.
The New Land will be at the height of its power:
To the man of blood the number is reported.

Again, the new land was a common term used by Nostradamus to refer to what we now call The U.S.  The countries of the northern pole could be Russia, China, and the United States.  We have recently seen the breakdown of Communism in Russia,  and a slight warming to China, increasing the likelihood of Russia, China, and the U.S.  working together against the source of evil. A Trinity of Allies aligned to combat the evil powers.

Nostradamus did say significant events that could change the world would occur in 1666, 1999, 2012, and 2096. In fact, he felt if we took it upon ourselves, we could change the outcome of the event he predicted.

Time will tell if the Iraq conflict, the World Trade Center attack, or Iran’s alleged pursuit of Nuclear Weapons have begun the ticking time bomb of The 2012 Apocalypse, Armageddon, or the end of the world.

Nostradamus predicted the war with Napoleon, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the rise and the fall of Hitler, events in the British monarchy such as the abdication of Edward VIII, the assassination of Lincoln, the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy. He also predicted three reigns of terror by persons he named as antichrists.


What Nostradamus did prophesize that a great war would come, preceded by famine, drought and a series of other natural disasters. This war will last 27 years, after which there will be one thousand years of peace, or a new golden age.

2012 Apocalypse

speaks of a series of natural disasters caused by a comet that will allow the third Antichrist to disperse his troops around the globe under the guise of aid in preparation for a possible nuclear war, although in the strictest sense it is unspecific as to nuclear war or some other natural or man caused destruction. These set of actions could set off the apocalypse of 2012.

The 27 Year War-

The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

If the war ends with 2012 apocalypse, and it is a 27 year war, one must assume the war started in 1985. The following events are the likely start of a long hard war of retaliation that has spilt the blood of many.


What happened in 1985?
On February 16, 1985, Sheik Ibrahim al-Amin issued Hezbollah’s Manifesto. Shortly after, Sheikh Subhi Tufaili officially announced the formation of Hezbollah (also in 1985). According to Hezbollah’s manifesto the three objectives of the organization are:
To expel Americans, the French and their allies indefinitely from Lebanon, putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land.

To submit the phalanges to a just power and bring them all to justice for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and Christians.

To permit all the sons of our people to determine their future and to choose in all the liberty the form of government they desire. We call upon all of them to pick the option of Islamic government which alone is capable of guaranteeing justice and liberty for all. Only an Islamic regime can stop any future tentative attempts of imperialistic infiltration onto our country.

The 1985 manifesto makes it clear that Hezbollah intends to use armed force to achieve these goals and phrases its argument for this measure through the language of defensive jihad.

From the inception of Hezbollah to the present, the elimination of the State of Israel has been one of Hezbollah’s primary goals. Some translations of Hezbollah’s 1985 Arabic-language manifesto state that “our struggle will end only when this entity (Israel) is obliterated”, however neither the original publication of the manifesto, nor those found on Hezbollah’s website include the statement.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Nasrallah said “I am against any reconciliation with Israel. I do not even recognize the presence of a state that is called ‘Israel.’ ” Throughout its history, Hezbollah has made statements and actions against the United States, in part because of the United States’ support for Israel.

On March 8, 1985, a car bomb equivalent to 440 lbs. of dynamite exploded 9-45 metres from The Spiritual leader of Hezbollah, Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadl-Allah’shome in Lebanon.The blast destroyed a 7 story apartment building, a cinema and killed 80 people but Fadl-Allah escaped injury.
The assassination attempt was believed to have been the work of Israel, or of the CIA, as a response to the Hezbollah bombings of the American embassy and of American and French peacekeeping headquarters in Beirut in October, 1983.The operation was funded by the Saudis who, like the Israelis and the Americans, saw Fadlallahas a threat to their interests in Lebanon.
Fadl-Allah was born on November 16, 1935, in the Iraqi Shi’i shrine city of Najaf.

Najaf is home to the largest cemetery in the Muslim world (and possibly the largest in the entire world), containing the tombs of many prophets. Many of the devout from other lands aspire to be buried here, to be raised from the dead during the apocalypse of 2012 – Judgement Day.

Fadlallah, studied under strict religious guidelines for 21 years and was reportly invited back to Lebanon in
1966 ( 6/66 ).

In 6 / 66 Fadlallah was invited back to Lebanon? A chilling reminder that his return was ‘Marked by the sign of The Beast’. Can this be a coincidence, similar to King Mohammed VI from a 1666 Dynasty???There he is using his hard line beliefs of jihad and Judgement Day, to spiritually lead the people of Southern Lebanon and Hezbollah into what I believe will be the 2012 apocalypse.

The City of Tyre (Tyrus or Sur) is in Southern Lebanon, a stronghold of Hezbollah, and is recognized in ancient times as Tyrus. For this Fadlallah earns his symbolic title of King of Tyrus. The Book of Ezekiel claims The King of Tyrus is Satan himself. Another odd omen comes to light when Fadlallah dies on America’s birthday – July 4, 2010. The Prince that is to spark a war with Israel can now surface.

Son of man, because that Tyrus hath said against Jerusalem, ‘Aha’, she is broken that was the gates of the people: she is turned unto me: I shall be replenished, now she is laid waste: Ezekiel 26:2

In Ezekiel 26, The City of Tyre is used as Satan’s stronghold to destroy Jerusaleum in the start of the apocalypse.

MABUSThis quatrain from Nostradamus has been analyzed, interpreted, and re-interpreted, and it has been generally accepted that the Anti-Christ’s name, title, or alias is MABUS. But…Who is MABUS? The possibilities are intriguing.

Mabus will soon die, then will come,
A horrible undoing of people and animals,
At once one will see vengeance,
One hundred powers, thirst, famine, when the comet will pass.

The name ‘Mabus‘ is or is associated with The Anti-Christ, and involved in the Apocalypse. Many have interpreted this as osa’MA‘ and ‘BUS‘h or ObaMA and BUSh, Although there are some other striking names in the news…

Obama Names ‘MABUS’ as counsel for Middle East Issues

Many have interpreted the recent political situation with Iran as Apocalyptic. If we take the first two letters MAhmoud Ahmadinejad and President BUSh, we get MABUS.

If Former President Bush is one half of MABUS, this means that he planted the seeds to attack Iran . There are already plans for The U.S. to launch the largest air and sea attack against Iran in the history of the modern world. The start of WWIII, that ends in the 2012 apocalypse?


Is MABUS… osaMA Binladen and the US.

Using another accepted spelling…USaMA Binladen…all letters included in his name. His power from Alus (Allah?). Will he reappear in public wearing a Blue Turban from Peshawar to lead the world into the 2012 Apocalypse?

Is MABUS…M. ABBAS? Mahmoud Abbas is a leading politician in Fatah, a majority group in the Palestian Liberation Organization (PLO). ABBAS was also the first Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority. M. Abbas at one time denied the Holocausts existence- “The Zionist fantasy, the fantastic lie that six million Jews were killed.”

Although M. Abbas is labeled a moderate by many leaders today, remember the organization he represents and has been a member of since it’s founding (The PLO), #1 goal was the destruction of the State of Israel through armed struggle. The original PLO Charter stressed Israel’s annihilation, as well as a right of return and self-determination for Palestinian Arabs.
The PLO was considered “the richest of all terrorist organizations” with $8-$10 billion in assets and an annual income of $1.5-$2 billion from “donations, extortion, payoffs, illegal arms dealing, drug trafficking, money laundering, fraud, etc.”, according to a 1993 National Criminal Intelligence Service report. The Daily Telegraph reported in 1999 that the PLO had $50 billion in secret investments around the world.
The PLO has a multi-billion dollar war-chest to spark the 2012 apocalypse.

In May 2005, the Italian National Library in Rome made an amazing discovery. Buried in their archives was an unknown manuscript written by the famed prophet Michel de Nostradame, or Nostradamus (1503-1566). This manuscript was handed down to his son and later donated to Pope Urban VIII. It did not surface again until now, almost four hundred years later.

When the prophecies-within-prophecies are deciphered, the hidden timeline of World War III is revealed. Is the 2012 apocalypse part of his predictions? A sample of the new predictions include:


  • A conflict between the US and Iran
  • The next major terrorist attack on the US
  • Osama, Obama and “Mabus”
  • The nuclear destruction of Rome
Super Volcano
2012 Apocalypse

Natural Disasters
Predicted in the 2012 Apocalypse

A supervolcano or super volcanic eruption is a volcanic eruption which is of such great magnitude greater that it’s eruption can cause long-lasting change to weather, like the triggering of an ice age or ‘volcanic winter’. A magnitude large enough to threaten the extinction of species, and cover huge areas of the earth with lava and ash.

In addition to the apocalyptic changes in temperatures around the world, a super-volcano can blast billions and billions of metric tons of sulphuric acid into the atmosphere. This causes acid rain to fall around the world.

The Four known super-volcanoes capable of Apocalyptic eruptions are:

1) Lake Taupo, North Island, New Zealand – 26,500 years ago
2) Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia – ~75,000 years ago
3) Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming, United States – ~640,000 years ago, ~1.3 million years ago, ~2.2 million years ago
4) La Garita Caldera, Colorado, United States – Largest eruption known to man ~27.8 million years ago

Of particular interest is Lake Toba, where magma build up has risen land mass over 3 miles higher than it’s last eruption. Is this the 2012 Apocalypse?

Asteroid or Comet
The energy of an impact from 433 eros would be equivalent to 100 million megatons of TNT, 6 million times more energetic than the 1980 Mount St. Helens volcanic eruption.

The impact would eject rock from several kilometers beneath the surface of the Earth and carved out a bowl-shaped crater nearly 100 km in diameter. In addition, the shock of the impact would produce magnitude 10 earthquakes, which were greater than the magnitude of any we have ever measured in modern times. Other effects such as a tsunami approximately 50 to 100 meters high should be expected.

Near the impact crater the debris is tens to hundreds of meters thick, while it’s plume reaches as far away as 2000 km. Additional material was lofted in an expanding, vapor-rich plume that included gas from the vaporized asteroid or comet. This plume would rise far above the Earth’s atmosphere, enveloping it, and eventually depositing a thin layer of debris around the entire world. The darkness as predicted in the book of revelation.

Terrestrial and Solar Pole Reversal
Polar reversal is process by which the North and South pole reverses position. According to a new study, when polar reversal is in early stage (which is now), the tectonic plates are heavily affected by the changing electro magnetic fields and the result is change in flux characteristics affecting the gravity.

During polar reversal the equilibrium between electromagnetic forces and the gravity of the earth as well as the other parts of the solar system and the galaxy is disturbed. The net effect is unpredictable erratic behavior of the continental and oceanic plates.

It is evident now that increasing number and intensities in hurricanes, volcanoes and earthquakes all over the world are caused by the electromagnetic influence of the terrestrial polar reversal.

In the present decade the earth has experienced the largest three earthquakes in over two hundred years. The under water volcanoes and earthquakes have gone up 88% over the last three years. The continental earthquakes have gone up by 62% during the same time frame. The rate of increase of earthquakes and volcanoes against time is staggering.

Some scientists believe the ongoing polar reversal is accelerating and will eventually have reverse polarity in North and South pole. According to the simulation model, the earth’s inner core and outer core is going through some serious disturbances causing increased frequency and strength of earthquakes and volcanoes as we approach the year 2012. The 2012 apocalypse is near.

A computer model monitoring the recent seismic disturbances – earthquakes and volcanoes show extreme disturbance in the outer and inner core of the earth. The interaction of the inner core and the rest of the earth cause the electromagnetic properties of the earth.

In our modern age we have not experienced a simultaneous solar and terrestrial polar reversal. Between now and 2012, the sun will experience a polar reversal and the earth will also experience a polar reversal. This combination of events will cause disturbances in the earth’s crust and tectonic plates resulting in severe volcanoes and earthquakes.

In this decade, three most violent earthquakes happened in the last 150 years. This is accompanied by innumerable small quakes, under water volcanoes, mudslides and more. Simply put, the tectonic plates are slowly going out of equilibrium and are showing chaotic effects.

The polar reversal also causes shift in tectonic forces to accelerate. The pressures built up for many years are some what released through violent outbreaks with earthquakes and Tsunamis.
Pestilence and Disease

Global Warming



NASA landed a satellite on Eros the asteroid and have come to the conclusion that Eros will be near earth object in Earth’s path around January of 2012. When asked why they landed such a device on Eros they replied,” They wanted to see if they could in case in the future that they had to plant explosives on an asteroid to try to prevent a collision”Eros is an asteroid 26 miles in diameter. So immense that the explosives wouldn’t work to stop the bulk of the 26 mile in diameter asteroid from hitting our world. If it does it will be planet killer, The Apocalypse of 2012.The direct impact of Eros upon the earth’s surface would destroy all mankind and animals, follage. The end of times, the Apocalypse, or Doomsday.

NASA also predicts the sun will reverse it’s magnetic poles in 2012 and end it’s 11 year sunspot cycle .

2012 Apocalypse
Galactic Alignment 2012

2012 Apocalypse
Calendar of Events
2012 (MMXII) will be a leap year starting on Sunday of the Gregorian calendar

This new apocalypse date coincides with the end of the ancient Mayan long count calendar. The Mayan calendar, which spans more than 5,000 years, comes to an end on December 21, 2012.

The significance of the end of the Mayan calendar has been the subject of an increasing number of books in the last several months.

It has been featured on several programs on the History Channel. In general, there is a difference of opinion regarding the Mayan belief of what happens on 12/21/2012. Some think it is the 2012 apocalypse, the destruction of the planet Earth and human life. Others believe that we are in for an unprecedented spiritual awakening. Some predict a global financial meltdown. To others, an asteroid is the harbinger of doom.

In addition, books on the subject arrive every month at local bookstores. Journalist Lawrence Joseph forecasts widespread catastrophe in Apocalypse 2012: A Scientific Investigation Into Civilization’s End. Spiritual healer Andrew Smith predicts a restoration of a “true balance between Divine Feminine and Masculine” in The Revolution of 2012: Vol. 1, The Preparation.

Daniel Pinchbeck, in his book, 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, anticipates a “change in the nature of consciousness,” assisted by indigenous insights and psychedelic drug use.

The end of the Mayan calendar coincides with a galactic alignment, in which the Sun will align with the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

It is said that this rare event occurs once every 26,000 years and some predict it will be the 2012 apocalypse, potentially catastrophic consequences. The theory goes that on the day of the winter solstice in 2012, the Sun will be aligned with the center of the Milky Way . This alignment could mean that energy which typically streams to Earth from the center of the Milky Way will be disrupted on 12/21/12 at 11:11 p.m. Universal Time.

This galactic alignment has the potential to create a shift in the Earth’s poles, initiating the 2012 apocalypse, which would involve a sries of disastrous environmental events. There is also a good possibility that the effects will alter the magnetic polarity of the Sun.

In combination with gravitational forces from the simultaneous alignment of other planets, this result might cause massive solar flares, and could even move the axis of the Earth. The 2012 apocalypse?


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