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There are 9 probable 2012 catastrophe eventualities predicted by the Sumerian Nibiru Prophecy, Nostradamus’ Doomsday Prophecy and other individuals. The obstacle is to find a sanctuary to be with you household when it all gets ugly. The good thing is the United states of america is blessed with an immense land place, substantially of it a large elevations, so locating a remote protected spot with the required topography is probable if you know the place to glance. Listed here are the ideal 2012 survival sanctuaries in the continental US.

The Appalachian Mountains
This place is a fantastic applicant for its immensely thick and solid granite main. Although they are not exactly what you’d simply call remote. They protect a large adequate place and are sufficiently rugged for you to be able to get some seclusion for your Family Harmless House. The downside is that a large amount of other 2012 Survivalists know about the Appalachians too, so locating your possess private survival sanctuary with be trickier and maybe pretty high-priced. If you can, you’d be a large amount improved off shifting appropriate away from the hefty inhabitants focus on the Eastern third of the continental United states of america and wanting for your 2012 survival sanctuary to the west of the Missouri River.

Getting a glance at the ‘Lights of the US’ on darksky.org will clearly show you really plainly the place the major inhabitants concentrations are by the lights at evening. It is rather crystal clear the place the vacant areas are too, and that’s the place you have to have to be wanting for your 2012 survival sanctuary.

So now let us just take a glance at the other regions really worth further investigation.

Northern Arizona
The Colorado Plateau is really large at five-eight,000 feet, and a 200 + miles  from Phoenix the place most of the inhabitants in the State is concentrated. The most important issue is glance out for below is that you have an aquifer on your land, so you can attract your drinking water from underground.
Land ranges from $200 to $five hundred for every acre for normal grade and goes up to $20 – $40K in really large quality regions, which have all the things in the 2012 survival sanctuary desire-record.

North Central Arkansas is large adequate to be protected, has lower inhabitants and a fantastic rising season. The value of residing is reduced than normal and land is economical at $five hundred – $1000 for every acre, and it would seem like you can establish rather substantially what you want devoid of needing a permit.

Elements of this state are Okay if you can get much adequate from other folks, also it can get extremely chilly.

Idaho is as shut to great as it gets. There are huge regions of forest, excellent searching and fishing, and a fantastic rising season in reduced regions of the state, but it can get really chilly at large elevations. Home isn’t high-priced.


At reduced elevations west of the Good Divide there are some promising locations your family’s 2102 survival sanctuary. Inhabitants is lower, but the rising season is limited, there is not substantially crop diversity and it’s chilly in wintertime. Locations all around Flathead Lake, Eureka and Kalispell are really worth a glance.

The inside of Oregon seems to be like a survival paradise until you think about how shut it is to the teaming tens of millions residing in California. The weather is mild and the rising season long. Eastern Oregon could even now be really worth thinking of, if you can find a spot that is either really challenging to find from the highway, or really uncomplicated to defend.

South Dakota
The south west element of the state has fantastic groundwater from the Ogala Aquifer, really lower inhabitants and microclimates can give a improved rising season.  The topography also allows you find a effectively hid hidey-gap with a fantastic view of unwelcome company.

Texas is so large that there are loads of remote rural regions the place you can get out of sight. In the hill nation the weather is mild and the rising season is long. The downside is that most of the locals are armed to the teeth and never just take kindly to strangers.

A large amount like Oregon, it has a mild weather and fantastic rising season, and regions the place inhabitants density is lower. There is the California component too though, but general definitely really worth thinking of.

Difficult winters, but really lower inhabitants. Wyoming could be a fantastic preference if you can afford to pay for to establish a really effectively equipped sanctuary with safety from extreme chilly and loads of storage. Bear in mind that a wintertime resulting from a nuclear war or space object influence could final five yrs!

This record surely presents you a few options to choose from. Even so for most of us the last preference will be dictated by value – this means we’ll have to have to glance for 2012 survival sanctuaries in close proximity to to the place we live. Even so if you are properly geared up you can really feel confident and protected even in fewer remote destinations. I’m reminded of the hit music from the 80’s with the refrain line ‘You improved keep away from Copperhead Street…’


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