2014 WW3 Update :Russian Media Warns Of World War 3 Over U.S. Resolution 758,


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  1. John harris says:

    ok this is what gets me people blame this country and that country and it all boils down to our governments..always have always will..when we as a human race realize we all bleed red and not green..then we can have a fruitful life and have parties where everyones neighbor is invited..this will never happen the bigger ups doesnt want us human beings to think for ourselves..we all are led to believe one thing or another..we are humans its our world we need to take it back..

  2. Ah you Canucks, North America's tophat. Just to clarify because you asked, SU25's are ground support aircraft. So far, only interceptors like the SU27 Flanker or the MiG 29/25/31 have been intercepted as well as a fear Bears and refueling aircraft. I love your accent man, keep up the education of the masses!  By the way: I wouldn't worry about Canada's military safety. I'm pretty sure your bi-planes can outturn a Russian Fulcrum. 

  3. You're making two big mistakes in your video: a) by putting Putin and NATO at the same level of insanity. Putin is merely responding to NATO moves, b) Rebels are defending their provinces, and government forces of the Ukraine are going of on a killing spree and starving people to death. Major mistakes you make with those comments. But yes, why is Canada at war with Rossia?

  4. toddhawley says:

    Recently, 70 B61 Nukes were moved into Turkey by the US. I do not know if this is adding to the stockpile or just a relocation.

    I would put the entire year of 2015 on Yellow bordering Red.

    After it starts, the leaders may go underground. (Maryland/Chantilly/Denver(NorthCom))

    The Soviet targets will likely be NY city, Washington DC, the oil refineries in the South Gulf area.  The intent will not be civilian, but strategic with short range coastal locations.

    There is also an accelerated extraction of oil and gas resources in place vacuuming the layers and being relocated.

    It's very sad, avoidable, and greedy.

  5. America has started all wars, controlled media brainwashed minds into hating the innocent. In order to stay at the top america has divided nations and conquered to invading and stealing resources through lies.

  6. Pepe LePew says:


  7. ahw come on lets make peace not war, without peace we can't have freedom.

  8. the terrorists from al qaeda, isis, iemen, iraq are terrorists, indeed. But the real terrorists are on the control of the planet. Fuck them, let's all wake up to flush all that shit. 

  9. These elitest people forget's one thing… If Everybody nukes each other… Their will be nowhere to stay… Nowhere to hide…

    Bacally, they're getting rid of us yeah… And will to an certain extend get us all into war ect…

    But the mistake all leaders thoughout history has comitted is that… Well… They're extreamly inteligent in the way that they know how to confuse and to get us all into playing their game…

    Yet… They're extreamly un-intelegent in their way of thinking…. For example a lot of them believes they'd can't build themselves together with robots and live forever….

    Well… The crazy stuff they've got going on is… well, crazy… To a point where i gave up on thinking about what kinds of experiments they've got going on…

    Dugway… Area 51… Ect… Proberly coverup's for other secret underground bases…

    It'll lead you back to WWII…

    I mean, While The Allies and the USSR were struggeling with… Propella planes and bombs…

    Nazi-Germany already had developed a Nuclear bomb, a Jet-Engine… Radarguided Cruse Missles… and a lot more… Before the 1960's

    Porsche developed the worlds most advanced car in the 1960's that still are advanced to a degree, it took others until the 80's to develop a car that were as advanced…

    They've were the first to develop a rocket that could go into orbit…

    With a man… Yet… They'd diddn't get him down…

    This were between 1939 and 1969…

    Think about it…

    Some believe this were due to a discovery of a Crashed UFO…

  10. in the end of the day we will face the same ednfing anyway, this is what about fuck the dollar all stuff on planet being made by humanbeing as well as dollar so the bettle for it is and was made by man so don't tell what is all about…

  11. Pussy Liquor says:

    It is such a pity that a possible war could start just because of a cunt like the Kenyan half breed and the jewish bankers and the slime Saudis think it is cool  to play big boys . I doubt any sane common people want such a disaster  to happen . There is little point in punishing western countries for the sake of the Kenyan monkey and the jewish anti white haters .

  12. john smith says:

    There was a guy on RTs Cross Talk program that stated that there are Ukrainian Nazi s in Alberta.Steven Harper comes from Alberta. George Bush s Father was Hitlers Banker. Nazi s took over the government in Kiev. The United States brought a lot of Nazi s over to the US and Canada after WW2.

  13. grzegogreg says:

    Ukraina–Military age 18
    Available for
    military service 11,149,646, age 16–49 (2015 est.[6])
    Fit for
    military service 6,970,035, age 16–49 (2015 est.[6])
    Reaching military
    age annually 200,000 (2015 est.[6])
    Active personnel 250,800 (8.2015)
    Reserve personnel 720,000 (12.2014)
    Deployed personnel 50,000[5]
    Kanada—Military age 17–60 years old[N 1]
    Conscription No
    Available for
    military service 8,072,010 males, age 17–60[4],
    7,813,462 females, age 17–60[4]
    Fit for
    military service 6,646,281 males, age 17–60[4],
    6,417,924 females, age 17–60[4]
    Active personnel 68,250 (31 March 11)[2] (ranked 56th)
    Reserve personnel
    27,000 (paid primary)
    5,000 (Rangers)
    19,000 (supplementary) (31 March 11)[2]
    Total Personnel = 119,000
    Deployed personnel 700[3]

  14. Mark Soucy says:

    but this Canadian does not want to be at war with Russia , don't get me wrong if they are on my door step that is different , but i am sure they don't want it any more than we do.

  15. World War 3 will happen. Baha’u’llah (1817 – 1892) declared that first the nations of the world will arm themselves with infernal engines of war, and when fully armed will attack each other like bloodthirsty beasts. As a result, there will be enormous bloodshed throughout the world. Then the wise from all nations will gather together to investigate the cause of such bloodshed. They will come to the conclusion that prejudices were the cause, a major form being religious prejudice. They will therefore try to eliminate religion so as to eliminate prejudice. Later they will realize that man cannot live without religion. Then they will study the teachings of all religions to see which of the religions conforms to the prevailing conditions of the time. It is then that the Cause of God (The Baha’i Faith) will become universal.

  16. 5georbr says:

    Canada is in N.A.T.O.  you are not alone. Nukes are not going to fly who ever uses them faces the world being against them.

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