2016 02 21 John Haller’s Prophecy Update “Information Overload”


The acceleration of world events, and the clear movement away from the Word of God has become alarming, even to those who study the warnings contained …


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  1. SoCalExile says:

    Amazing how what many considered tinfoil premillennialist stuff 20-30 years ago is serious news these days.

  2. Superb job as always dear Brother John Haller…I love ya Brother! Jesus grace be increased to you this day…and every day. Rock on!

  3. hawaii50th says:

    You can add heretic, and false prophet as well, speaking of the pope.

  4. Iran military leader to 18 billion dollars to Putin and ask him to make them a military might.

  5. U have it wrong. America is supporting ISIS not Kurds for Turkey. Christians r not protected and being enihilated by u.s. and Turkey. U.S. will back Turkey against Russia and America will fall for it. Russia is against Sodomy and pornograghy. Building new chuches. Who do u think God will protect? NOT, AMERICA when we are allowing Christians to b murdered and Sodomite. Wake up people and pray for the evil to b out of America`s Administration.

  6. Thanks John. Right on target. May God bless you and all of our members in Christ around the world.

  7. RE Popes comment to Trump, What makes me most angry is the Vatican/pope is the richest religious entity claiming to be Christians in the whole world yet they won't go help/pick up those Christians being persecuted in hostile ISIS areas and other Christian hating areas. So who is he (pope) to say anyone is or isn't being a Christian??? GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Robert V says:

    John, I don't know about London but I talked to a taxi cab driver in Toronto a while back about why the taxi cab drivers were so upset about Uber. The reason they are upset is not because they want to squelch competition. The city of Toronto charges a taxi cab driver $100,000.00 to get a license plate to allow them to become a cab driver. Anybody with a smart phone and a car, on the other hand, can legally become an Uber driver. If you ask the cab drivers, they would say "let us compete fairly with Uber and don't charge us 100K for a license. The government is screwing these cab drivers, they aren't trying to screw Uber.

  9. Irene Abbott says:

    Awesome update! Too much going on for sure. I do think that Apple sticking to their privacy policy is a good idea though. My cynical self makes me think that if H gets elected, the first thing that will happen is a new rule of law getting the religious zealots out of the way. I can't think of a better way to find us all. I may have been reading too many Left Behind books, but considering how fast things seem to be unfolding, that doesn't seem outlandish to me.

  10. Lane L says:

    It has not been in the news much, to my surprise, but Saudi Arabia has announced a coalition of 350,000 troops among the UAE.  They have threatened a move into Syria, to take on ISIS and remove Asad.  This may have impact in Turkey and prompt further actions by Russia and Iran.

  11. Hatch Jerod says:

    "So long Ben Franklin. Politicians want to coerce you to spend."

    "It was the same as happened in the days of Lot: they were eating, they were drinking, they were buying, they were selling, they were planting, they were building;" Like 17:28

  12. Justice Scalia was murdered, plain and simple. I know people on the inside. His son was called away right before he went to lie down. He was left alone. Even though Justice dismissed the US Marshalls who swear an oath to guard him, they should NOT have left. PERIOD. Every miliary person knows that. A pillow was over his head. There IS such thing as a heart attack drug that is not traceable. The female judge who declared him dead OVER THE PHONE(!!!!) has serious marks against her on other cases – LOOK IT UP. Justice's body was DRIVEN 1.5 hrs away — not flown, even though it had private runway and plane/heli accommodation. NO autopsy? This is NOT rocket science. Justice was voting and had voted against global warming which is worth BILLIONS to those who have the money and power to push that agenda. You can kiss our United States Constitution and America as we knew it goodbye. Believe it, don't believe it, your choice, free will, but we know what happened. He was taken out. This stuff really DOES happen. LBJ really DID have President Kennedy murdered.
     We're more than ready to go home now, Mr. DeMille.

  13. Thank you for your updates John as we wait for the Bridegroom

  14. John said the earth is flat at 1:52 Haha. :-)

  15. ChiliMcFly1 says:

    If we taught all our children Torah this world would be a perfect world. Praise God and his mercy, for he is the God of the living not the dead. Just look at the fulfillments of Israel.

  16. Bonnie Fogg says:

    Maranatha, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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