2016 Documentary | Migrant Crisis in Greece: How the refugees are impacting Greek society [HD]


The European refugee crisis is not something new. The flow of migrants into the continent has been an ongoing issue for a very long time. However, in 2015 a …


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  1. Sue Le-Gate says:

    they should be given extra money, to ease the countrys burden

  2. OTAGO NZ says:

    Idiots post things like GIVE them extra money , how fucked up is that is there a money tree I dont know about. Wake the fuck up deport them or Europe is doomed.

  3. all these woman refugee sympathizers don't realize that the Muslim refugees don't respect them and would rape them because they are infidels. don't let them into your country …you will be sorry as germany and Sweden and Amsterdam and Belgium are learning as they breed into terrorists and yes rapists and won't assimilate. grow up and wake up. btw most of these are economic migrants not real refugees. if they were actually fleeing war zones then why not settle in the first place the find peace. oh its because the want to go to welfare states.

  4. So called Muslims had 40 years respite to count and verify those Initials in the Quran, but they have been rejecting those mathematical miracles in the Quran. These are the consequences of rejecting the Almighty message. The worst is on the way.

  5. 1agentflick says:

    Germany, Sweden, Norway, Switzeland, Denmark, France, Italy and Brussels thought the same….They are there to conquer, wake up people, soon your empathy will lead to your demise when you become Greecibad!
    A week ago In London..
    3 weeks ago In Brussels

  6. Jake John says:

    Destroy your country, that's what Muslims do, destroy anything the don't like or understand. Scum of the earth is what they are and don't belong in Europe………EVER!

  7. suzannah says:

    That poor ignorant Greek woman feels sorry for them. They would repay her for her sympathy by raping her and killing her.

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