2016 | Garcon Model: New Arrivals | Mens Fashion


2016 Garcon Model New Arrivals. For more Mens fashion in underwear and swimwear, visit http://garconmodel.com/ Visit http://www.underwearexpert.com for …


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  1. he looks like the actor from la la land.

  2. M MM says:

    HOT!!! Love this new line!

  3. Joe Campa says:

    I want the swim shorts!

  4. Louis Riehm says:

    I'd like to be the one ordered to clean up that graffiti.

  5. jay pines says:

    you should share the instagram account of your featured model

  6. tearshirt72 says:

    Rip a tank top!! Sttyle hullk while you show your shorts!!

  7. i love his medical operation scar… its sexy hmmmmmm

  8. I like the black one

  9. X - Lair says:

    Thumbs down. I don't like any designs that have the central design element be a Brand. It's just not interesting, and feels more like a billboard than a stylish piece of clothing. Thanks for sharing it though!

  10. Will William says:

    Omg! Dat ass doe :P

  11. Wow Matt's butt is beautiful in these!

  12. Craig Tothet says:

    Fun video! Thank-you.

  13. Sat Oom says:

    check zuppo is a mexican type of male underwear.

  14. peter lee says:

    The model has a great ass.

  15. I know the spiel about the underwear is always a bit silly, but the delivery this week was particularly stilted and robotic. Relax!

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