2016 New Upcoming Movie Trailers – 14 Official New Movie Trailers


2016 New Upcoming Movie Trailers – 14 Official New Movie Trailers including – Mr. Church, The Devil’s Dolls, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, Tell Me How I …


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  1. LukeOfTroy says:

    Resident Evil: This looks like the worst movie I'll ever watch twice.

  2. big tits says:

    im guessing this might make me cry

  3. i wanna see resident evil the final chapter I love that series

  4. all these moves are nothing but junk

  5. MrPlutooooo says:

    The trailers started out so good! Then the downfall begins.

  6. chris powell says:

    W A T C H F0R F R E E•?((¯°·..• ŔĔŚĨĎĔŃŤ ĔVĨĹ 6: ŤĤĔ ŦĨŃĂĹ ČĤĂРŤĔŔ •..·°¯))؟•
    L E A K E D

  7. The good neighbor is like disturbia…

  8. Come on Brad pitt not another Nazi movie

  9. tell me how I die

    who else couldn't take it seriously because it looked like one of Ryan's parodies?

  10. XCowboyz says:

    I thought that movie where Ryan Higa was in, was just one of his parody. I thought I was gonna see "TEEHEE" at the end.

  11. Jack unitato says:

    jeez took them ages to film RE , better be good e.e

  12. Why is the airplane smoking in raccoon city in one of the first scenes, considering the place is basically deserted and that wouldve happened a LONG time before she drove her bike into it.

  13. Martin Q says:


  14. RYAN HIGA <3 hope to see you in more movies after this one xD

  15. Koskalak says:

    new movies are really craps.

  16. Ran Wolf says:

    what was the point of Whesker giving Alice her powers back in the last movie if he was just going to betray her in the new one?

  17. Find your personality in each Tshirt, best of 2016 movie fan's collection,yahoooooo

  18. Geofrey geof says:

    Resident ev…. is baaaaaack!

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