2016 New Upcoming Movies 2016 – 9 Official Trailers [HD]


Batman v Superman_ Dawn of Justice , Deadpool , London Has Fallen , Point Break , Ride Along 2 , Suicide Squad , The Divergent Series_ Allegiant , The …


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  1. Sabri Gungor says:

    Evrybody knows superman is BETTER than batman

  2. go marketing says:

    Football game t

  3. يَالُتْ تْبّْعتْ الُفَيَلُمٌ

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  5. Hey," I'm glad to see mt savory enter ! 1!

  6. Daniel Howie says:

    Don't know if this is true, but apparently Batman only appears for like 20 minutes in Batman vs Superman

  7. Robert Fabry says:

    SPOILER LeBron is Black!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. So what keeps other countries from using weapons we find too classified to use ourselves.. like emp grenades of americium californium and nickel reflector plates.. and lasers that come out of jets passing by about Mach 8 shooting only bad guys from a disco ball of hell fire..?

  9. GoReview says:

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  10. Elasta girls voice from the incredibles ??

  11. batman vs. Superman = DeadPooL :)

  12. Batman Vs Superman was one badass movie!!! I thought it was a little ridiculous to put 2 Heroes against each other but it was great, especially after the added Wonder Woman!!!! Lots of action, batman was kinda an asshole in the first time i've ever seen!!! Also the ending was not what i expected.

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  15. mamiluisamia says:

    Nomination for Jessie Eisenberg pleeaaase

  16. mamiluisamia says:

    "an older avocado" lol

  17. Pina Letiu says:

    I love this movies sooooooo much,
    and I love Superman too.

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