2016 World Championship: Group Stage Day 3 – Player Experience Stream


Support Matchup: aphromoo vs. Likkrit Jungle Matchup: Peanut vs. Trick Mid Matchup: Maple vs. Jensen Mid Lane Stream: Faker Jungle Matchup: Trashy vs.


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  1. Comentare aquí porque tengo el link ya que me quede dormido viendo el mundial :D

  2. Jajaja que bueno que me quede dormido viendo el mundial :D

  3. Stop with those Eldredge/Tulip tie knots already, it's an Esport event not a wedding – what's next ? – Tailcoats ? Go look smart and sharp but stop veering into the ridiculous – the fact that Krepo became a blowhard after he discovered what gyms are for doesn't mean all of you have to.

  4. today who is playing?

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