2017-2022: World War 3 with Russia and China?


I believe the dates 2017 -2022 have some important numerical significance. On top of that we have prophecies of nuclear Armageddon. It is being suggested on …


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  1. What is the true motivation of the Elites? Do we really know at this point?

    If we can go to space I believe that is the greatest motivation, to project themselves out in to space. To do that they need full control over this planet.

    If we can't go to space it's to turn themselves in to God like entities.

    Remember God is real.

  2. Joy One says:

    I don't see WW3 occurring unless these American protesters actually kick Trump out of power and he resigns. I still can't believe that there are thousands of protestors in the streets of many major cities across America protesting against Trump's presidency. This may induce Martial Law, but how this plays into WW3 makes no sense especially since Trump likes Putin. Who knows the Liberals may get what they want and Trump may resign allowing a democratic president to take usurp him and cause strife.

  3. There is a lot of speculation to WW3, but it gets the point a Russian and American leader knows it will be suicide to launch a nuclear weapon. The only threat I see is from Muslims who embrace a suicidal ideology, like the Tablighi Jamaat teachings quote: there is no happiness in this life, only in death. When comes to North Koreans, they are a joke, the nuke would fall short head first into the sea, but I question China.

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