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This is a video collaboration of numerous leaders speaking about the NWO.
Agendas are becoming pushed and programs are becoming place into movement and sadly they are not in the most effective pursuits of typical people … Get correct with the legitimate king of kings for the reason that points are swiftly switching whether we want it to or not!


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  1. I'm sorry but when I hear fuckers on the news talk about Trump and NWO i just cringe, I'm no trump supporter, but when the media is doing this it means someone knows people are waking up. Rothschild is losing control, they will create another depression to gain it back at the right time. Too many people, much more than the last great depression, hence the camps. Everything is on their websites https://www.rothschild.com/en/global-advisory/sector-based-knowledge/

  2. Rockefeller said in his memoirs he was guilty(in a way they seems he isn't) I think Rockefeller Family was trying to slide in some blame toward them to hide the family that was wealthy 100 years before Rockefeller became known internationally. You will never meet someone with the last name Rothschild or Rockefeller spelled like that because they keep the family close so they keep the money in the family.

  3. sanbruno1775 says:


  4. And only the ones at the top will survive

  5. Ponybelloni says:

    New World Order is the triumph of global Fascism (the Will of Rome)¬†and is ironically what Adolf Hitler had in mind….and he's the bad guy!!

  6. Dorian Grey says:

    But how this is not brainwashing? Anything to back up information?

  7. That is some brainwashing up in here! Wow! What is the first show, dear?

  8. 1: 03-1: 24! yeppers!!!!

  9. Mike Becker says:

    A scheme to complete enslavement. Piece's of trash' to put most modestly…..!!

  10. No Bs says:

    the Barney Miller part was the craziest

  11. Fred Cameron says:

    Indict the G.W. Bush Sr. and Jr. for treason, and any other present, and future presidential cabinet members, suspected to be sympathetic to any idea of the NWO!

  12. i am pretty sure the mandella project planted that wkrp bit to discredit the conspiracy theory against the nwo. saying that it was just an idea from a tv show.

  13. Maxx C says:

    Thank you so much. I have wanted to see a video made like this for almost a year now… I wish this wasn't the truth but it is. Great Video…

  14. Yeah great video! ODD tv just put up a compilation video of all the footage of them throwing he fake moon landing in our face! Thanks for making this!

  15. Philipp U. says:

    EVIL … but they lost!

  16. Modiferito says:

    Great compilation video, enjoyed watching. Haven't seen most of those clips, it's good your putting this out there. Also really enjoyed your last video on aliens and the Vatican. I've been looking into a topic I can't find much on, you might be interested in. A gigantic band of energy started hitting earth on 12/19/2016 and started causing increased earthquakes. Youtubers Dutchsinse and BPEarth talk about it.

  17. devil killer says:

    ha they never seen the revolution comming idiots

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