Exposing hollywood and the satanic occult


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  1. St Cruce says:

    where are the movements? where is the resistance?

  2. Cinthia 9 says:

    Nothing was exposed.

  3. how does this " expose " anything? it's gibberish!

  4. Peter Kerr says:

    I wonder if the younger generation of modern music fans are aware of the story behind the movie and the references to the Crossroads? The only way to fame and fortune today is to sell out to corporate interests, Every famous musician or actor has to be a walking talking advertisement for coke, Pepsi, Nike, Reebok, on and on…and as long as we don't take notice we are sheep!e………we need a generation or two of our brightest most creative young people to keep the faith but climb the ladder and gain some actual power and to pay heed to what Dave Chapelle did and why, it was his Integrity which gave him the strength of character to walk away from the crossroads dealer…… When I was a kid I was in trouble with my school because I refused to wear a uniform…… I wasn't very deep because I was so young but I did want to be an individual………my art teacher had a talk with me about it and pointed out to me what the word Uniform actually means and then he pointed out that I actually was wearing a uniform and it had been designed for me and marketing and advertising companies had researched me and all the youth and my blue jeans and sneakers and shirts, jackets and everything that I was wearing was what all the kids were either wearing or wanted to because we had been convinced through movies and musicians and advertising that they were the cool clothes that we wanted to wear because we were non conformists….. supposedly…. I realized that I had been manipulated and was a walking talking advertisement for the product's that I was wearing, my new uniform……. I began to design my own clothes and have a tailor make them……. the tailor told me my waist was 32" and I said no way! I take a 28" in my jeans and he showed me the tape and it said that I was 32" and the tailor said that was a trick of the jeans company they make the same jeans pretty much as each other but you will buy the ones that you take the smaller size in…….if you take a 32" in a Wrangler and 30" in a Carhartt but 28" in Levi's then you are going to buy the Levi's…. actually the wranglers were a bit bigger, closer to the truth and Carhartt jeans were the actual size and they went out of business………and they may have been the best made of the three. Check out Edward Bernais and it will blow your mind!

  5. I Love my brother Chris Brown. may he become born again soon.

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