2018: World War III


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  1. The point that our friend, Mr. Aurini is missing is that civilization rise and civilizations fall. The rise and decline of emperies (no matter how great they are) has been a current theme in the pages of human kind. Nothing last forever, for every action we make will result in the appropriate consequences. Regardless of how urgent you present your message, everything haves an end. The sooner people accept that the better.     

  2. SleepyDoodle says:

    wow am I the only one that thinks  2018 exactly 100 years after the final year of world war 1. being predicted to be that start of ww3 if creepy.

  3. Cole Vaughn says:

    The United States Government deserves this decline, but the people don't. And once the US collapses, the Chinese will try their hand at imperialism, not sit idle and think about how fucked they are for resources. Russia also has quite a bit of natural gas. Fuel is not the problem here, food is. The US is the bread basket of the world, and their farms won't exactly be running at full capacity after the decline. Whatever powers don't decline in the immediate collapse, will be stumbling over each other to tear apart the US for resources, and draw it up into pieces for colonization. Same goes for Europe, but they aren't exactly resource rich. The West will be plundered by its counterparts. 

  4. jlord37 says:

    Funny you should bring up old " honest Abe" You know, the mass murderer and suppressor of free speech. There's a reason that he's known to be one of Chairman Imam Barry's role model. 

  5. jlord37 says:

    So what's the takeaway message from this video. Who will we be fighting in this upcoming war? Will it be more like a civil war?

  6. Todez Engel says:

    Nice sources there mate, burden of proof lies on the person making the claim in the affirmative.

  7. someday we will be extinct by our ownselves. we are the worst species ever made. and sometimes i think to myself that i dont believe in humanity but what place am i in to say that

  8. gn0me _ says:

    the jacobins did nothing wrong

  9. gn0me _ says:

    >it was muh west that dreamt of space travel, fuggin commie jews


  10. Klash Karelt says:

    Can you say something significant. You throw around a bunch of big words. It is really funny for 5 -10 minutes. Jus as the clown come out stumbling on their too large shoes.

  11. Klash Karelt says:

    It does not even make any sense what you say. It is not even congruent. Why would you make a joke of your self. Case in point your statements about the communism. They ae unclear but full of big words among grandiose sips of drink and inhalations of smoke from your cigarette. You do not have your facts right. Sorry but the sight of you seems to bring up my dinner in my throat. Thanks for posting your videos. It helps me if I am hungry and want to loose my appetite.

  12. Paul Hoffman says:

    It's going to be a *bad dark age because most Westerners dont know how to farm or hunt anymore. So when the groceries run out you can imagine what's going to happen.

  13. jeans423 says:

    maybe putin will make everything better at least in russia .

  14. Damian Curie says:

    dont agree … what i think is EU will fall america looses its control over europe and china decides to make its move russia ia already pissed and has no problems joining china and ofcourse all that shit stiring in the middle east im pretty dam sure isis will have a field day.

  15. baianoise says:

    I really would like to see an episode where Mr. Aurini wears a cosplay of flash Gordon's Ming!

  16. The 2016 election proves what he says to be true

  17. Somebody give this man a trilby!

  18. Troy Moore says:

    He's right but the big big war yet to come the end of the world will be in 2020

  19. wonder what will happen first. Hillary sends us to war with Russia or will trump lead a revolution of the middle class white against socialism. probably both.

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