21 PS4 Games You Must Play in 2016


2016 on PS4 is going to be a massive year. Here’s our essential rundown of 21 PS4 games you must play in 2016. What games are you most looking forward to …


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  1. i only got into uncharted with golden abyss but its awesome

  2. fainal fantasy , uncharted 4 , hitman , just cause3 , infamous second son , gta 5 , watch dogs , the last of us , the division , fifa 16 , martal kombat x , ratchet and clank , horizon zero dawn are the best games of all times

  3. Roll Out says:

    You know what would be cool?
    Kojima releasing Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance "remastered".

  4. love ps3 says:

    this guy accent is amazing

  5. love ps3 says:

    this guy accent is amazing lol

  6. why not put exclusives on the list I can't get anywhere else

  7. Ceejay Duran says:

    Bloodborne or Witcher 3???
    I'll buy it RIGHT NOW!!!! Whichever got the MOST VOTES!!!!

  8. 李文俊 says:

    Forza Horizon 3 and Gtsport which one is the best?

  9. i had to giggle when he said "and seeing that we are in andromeda, there'll be no more probing uranus". loooool

  10. Asch Aurora says:

    PERSONA 5!!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

  11. the only games i looked forward to was No mans land and Overwatch oh wait also Watch dogs 2 and Skyrim Remastered well and the rise of iron dlc for Destiny thats the last dlc and then Destiny 2 is made in 2017 been announced yay

  12. Whats better? Cod BO3 or Cod IW?

    Or should i get rocket league? Im sorry. I don't know. Or atleast good fun games (not horror/no story like rocket league)

  13. So no mans sky is basically just minecraft with out the cubes

  14. Dave, I loved the Goodfellas and Godfather references in the mafia 3 part.

  15. I am from the future no man's sky is awesome

  16. acer games says:

    they forgot watch dogs 2

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