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A Strangers Guide to the Flat Earth | A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the answers to 21 of the most frequently asked questions about …


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  1. I think flat earthers should try a career in comedy
    coz they're freakin hilarious

  2. Mack trolley says:

    Say, "its photosopped but it has to be", one more time.. i dare ya, i double dare ya, motherfucker.. say it one more god damn time!

  3. Terry Winter says:

    The flat earth sun model would not work if there is 24 hour daylight at the south pole, and there are hundreds of people who go to the south pole or Antarctica every year on cruise ships and expedition ships and take videos, here is just one taken with a timelapse gopro, watch this, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LcUBpiW3HM4 and it shows that it is still light when it is night time, and someone in the comments section said they had been on this same expedition, this is one of the reasons that some people go there to see 24 hour daylight, and wouldn't there be videos showing there is no 24 hour daylight even if it was timelapse and night time ?

  4. Jame Tha'New says:

    Seeing that the kikes are behind this too, I don't doubt it one bit. Nice work.

  5. Brodie Wild says:

    This got more and more frustrating the more I watched it.

  6. DJohannes M says:

    #12 – you flat earthers know that buoyancy is an effect of gravity, right? There is no point for something that is heavier or denser to drop if gravity doesn't exist.

  7. Rachel Star says:

    Skip to 36.00 I find that theory of ice being the barrier between different planets very interesting. How amazing would it be to fly on a plane to a new planet ??

  8. Rachel Star says:

    36.40 brings you to the last question , What does it mean if the earth is flat

  9. y o says:

    and what does it matter what shape were living on shill?

  10. bobby92ii says:

    earth is not flat ?response is 500 years of new technologies

  11. Dersum says:

    BUT YOU ARE ALL STUPID!! Hah, totally le proved them wrong.

  12. salomon109 says:

    Wow, what a great video. Convincing but creepy. Thanks, What is your name?

  13. The two people talking at 16:29 look like they are in front of a green screen.

  14. So does it mean that GPS does not work in remote areas ? But it does. How does an airplane fly over an ocean using GPS ?

  15. You will never see curvature when looking to the horizon, otherwise the horizon would not connect to itself when looking around. WHAT THE FUCK are those people doing when they can not understand the most simple basic thing when looking around you.

  16. where did the Japanese come from in pearl harbor?

  17. gordanzzzz says:

    25,471 Subs !!! Wee are going to need to go to Mars sooner Idiocracy is taking over the earth

  18. GameRoxy says:

    Stupid world we are in

  19. Les M says:

    Odd need to believe in Jesus Christ. Thats the only missing. In you. On the last part why the lie? That's thr reason to hide Jesus Christ to most of us. Its alll diversion not to believe in God.

  20. GameRoxy says:

    Americans are the dumbest people i've seen so far due to their obese with food and so fucking fat (expect the scientists and like 25% of the whole population)

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