21 SAVAGE – Before They Were Famous


BEFORE 21 Savage would drop his tracks “Air It Out’, ‘Skrtt, Skrtt’, ‘Red Rag Blue Rag’, ‘One Foot’, ‘Woah’ & ‘Red Opps’ which would clock in almost 20 Million …


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  1. How many of these niggas dying

  2. Ok Ok says:

    Why you sagging

  3. Ben Houstin says:

    What's the song in the intro?

  4. "You guys blew up with thousands of requests for this video" shows 4

  5. A boogie with the hoodie

  6. Willyreid says:

    Dudes come up was dope hearing about but the music is wack

  7. rap and basketball lol

  8. my boy alfred finna pull up on you michael

  9. Dough Boy says:

    21 was a dinosaur before he was famous

  10. Eric Soto says:

    oh shit, he a crip PEW PEW PEW ?????

  11. Cody Sabala says:

    Do azizi Gibson before they were famous

  12. ElAdrianLoco says:

    Today's rappers are trash… (end of discussion)

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